73 cows review
He inherited, and runs, a small UK cattle farm, and his job means killing his friends. Still I cannot really be in blind support of this film. It was also really nice to see these cows on the outside at the end. 73 Cows won the BAFTA in 2019 for British Short Film. Shot on a c500, the film utilizes slo-mo frequently to evoke the rhythm and simplicity of the farm life, but also to jive with Jay’s soft-spoken and melancholy nature. A beef farmer struggles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter, and so sets about doing something extraordinary. He inherited, and runs, a small UK cattle farm, and his job means killing his friends. Blistering heat in the desert of Sudan. 73 Cows is a documentary about one such man, but his story breaks through this malaise because of the exquisite pain his particular job causes—Jay is dying a spiritual death, and the torment is remarkably, nakedly, etched on his face in every frame of the film. A beef farmer battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. With Jay Wilde, Katja Wilde. 73 Cows is a documentation of their process, but more so a profile of Jay and Katja. Directed by Alex Lockwood. | Gaining traction online already from animal-rights interest groups, Lockwood is currently working on a new documentary, this time about Lizzie Carr, as she paddle boards the length of the Hudson River in order to raise awareness of plastic pollution. Agree or disagree with the ethics of of animal husbandry, what else but courage do you call it when folks risk everything and defy societal norms to do what they feel is right? The pair decided to do something about it however and transition their farm from beef to organic produce. It may seem hyperbolic to bandy about a word such as “courage”, but despite the attention that made Jay and Katja minor celebrities in the UK papers, they are actually notorious in some circles. A pregnant mother and her two young children are on the search for water and safety from the ruthless Janjaweed militia. When the brother is too weak... See full summary ». Oh well, economical reason for sure. Jay is torn by the logistical complexity of the farm’s change, and keenly feels the weight of obligation to his dead father from whom he inherited the farm. You just cannot keep going with killing animals. Looking for some great streaming picks? A vegetarian beef farmer—that’s a funny contradiction. FAQ From Coraline to ParaNorman check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. For young people in Iran, it can seem that everything is forbidden. that is basically it. This is my uncle & aunt and their story is incredible, inspiring and thought provoking. What we have here is the story of a cattle farmer, who owns many cows and makes a living off their milk and meat. He knows he must make a change. User Ratings A powerful, moving story that was captured and told beautifully. (2018). Title: He and his friend Jacob ... See full summary ». Also the explanation that he did not know what else to do which is given more than once honestly, is not satisfying at all. Still all in all, an okay documentary short and I recommend checking it out, even if I don't think it will really change people's minds the way it attempts to and also desperately wants to convince us it does. So he stopped. It of course wasn’t so funny to Jay Wilde, whose very being was disintegrating in moral agony. Everything else is interviews with him and his wife where we find out a bit about the background, for example that he inherited the farm from his father and how they got letters of encouragement after taking this drastic life-changing (well at least job-changing) step.


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