aeroscreen vs halo
However, the halo / bikini / underpants is still pretty ugly. Vergelijk het Aeroscreen en de Halo. The closed canopy is too dangerous. Scott Dixon clinched his sixth IndyCar championship in a thrilling final race of the season at St Petersburg, which was won by Dixon's main title rival Josef Newgarden We would like your feedback, please fill in our survey. The suspension arm could not have pierced his helmet with it there. @melthom I’m not for one moment underestimating the seriousness of Massa’s crash but I think it’s important not to overlook the fact that not only did he survive it but his injuries were such that following a recovery he was able to return to racing. Go watch Indy Car with the bumpers over the rear wheels! 1603584000 All comments are moderated. I’d like to see both of these better combined with the driver side head rests. Extruding noses and awkward halos really detract from the visual sensory experience. The structures are intended to protect drivers from being hit by debris during races. Will there be a tear-off system to clear it? Required fields are marked *. Also, that screen will mean aero is much more influenced (cooling and engine-air both) – with Red Bulls history, I’d be wary of what plans they have with that, and how much better they can integrate it than others if it would be implemented already in 2017. The idea of a screen is so that the driver can get out or get assistance. 1603631962 I think that with the combination of water repulsing coating and tear offs on the screen, its likely to stay as it is (much like some of the reflecting tear offs on the helmet visors do) Tristan. The halo obstructs vision right in front, but the aeroscreen obstructs vision to the sides. Drivers need to be able to judge their position relative to a car that’s alongside them during overtakes, and we already have plenty of complaints about how hard this is to judge. Le processus dune équipe de F1 est assez impressionnant: tout ce quils ont couvert, toutes les améliorations souhaitées par IndyCar. Now I know I’m not crazy. F1, Norris: Stroll "doesn't seem to learn" following crash IndyCar, Newgarden wins in St Petersburg as Dixon claims title @dhartriesel: Both are just intermediate solutions until a full enclosure of the cockpit is implemented for formula cars in the future. Despite his consistently strong showings, a precedent from 2018 suggests holding onto his seat may not be a straightforward matter, The controversial 'party modes', outlawed by the FIA this season, represent the peak of a development curve which began many years ago - but it was right to put an end to it, says PAT SYMONDS, Kimi Raikkonen was predictably underwhelmed when he became F1's most experienced driver at the Eifel Grand Prix, but in an exclusive and revealing interview with Autosport, that could be part of the secret of his success. F1, Butcher handed reprimand for Ingram clash back in the day, but it’s even more interesting to see modern Luddites out in force today. I don’t think the screen looks any better than halo. Dixon, qui en est à sa 19e année de course automobile Indy, a été intrinsèque au travail de la série NTT IndyCar Series visant à améliorer la protection du poste de pilotage. I've left F1 and I'll leave indycar as well in the next year. 1603411200 In fact, the device was originally intended for F1 before the FIA chose to go with the Halo. I prefer the screen but not as much as I thought over the Halo, the Halo came 1st and looked horrific but as the months go by and the shock of it subsides it’s not that bad. It’s still a world of difference in my opinion, the aeroscreen is quite elegant compared to the bulky thong. Your email address will not be published. I’d argue that the aeroscreen is the biggest step anyone has made towards making F1 cars look futuristic. @freelittlebirds Senna would have survived his crash if he had the Aeroscreen. Experience it Live I would prefer it with less glare so you could see the driver better. The Aeroscreen is the only option in my eyes. IndyCar’s DXC Technology 600 at Texas – facts and... IndyCar St. Pete: Newgarden wins race, Dixon takes sixth... McLaughlin crashes out on IndyCar Series debut. They just need to put a bit more driver branding on the cars a la MotoGP to make up for the lack of helmet exposure. Je pense que Josef [Newgarden] est le seul autre gars à lavoir conduit, à Indianapolis. How real is the Honda MotoGP threat at Aragon? I do think that screen looks more slick, and offers better protection against smaller objects. F1, In his own words: The secret to Raikkonen's F1 longevity Agree that we can see the driver a LOT better with the Halo. I wonder which solution is better and cheaper for Indycar and all the junior series, where the walls are closer and the driving’s much worse than F1. However a support directly in front of the driver adds some blockage to their vision. "Esthétiquement, tout le monde va avoir son avis, mais sur le plan de la sécurité, cest un grand pas en avant.". Or a safety tether through the spring. A minimum size and specified placement for the car number would be good, instead of the tiny numbers where nobody can see them that a lot of teams have now. That alone should be a good enough reason. As the name suggests the Aeroscreen, unlike the Halo, features a windscreen. 1603623733 I guess the screen will be a whole lot better in regards to actually reducing drag vs the current cars, while the Halo probably adds to drag. IndyCar, Newgarden wins in St Petersburg as Dixon claims title Looks like the F1 TV cameras will need polarizing filters to combat reflections, at least when the cars are at the right angle to the sun. @Deej_44: Easily the halo. The halo is just plain ugly and at some point I'm certain there will be a blind spot incident. Seems much less of an issue with the halo. The windscreen, however, doesn’t look like it would stop bigger objects as well. 1603651247 windscreen) looks like it belongs on an actual car; maybe it will get adopted for use on road cars? Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Circuit de Catalunya, 2016. favomodo (@favomodo) 29th April 2016, 11:02, Bullfrog (@bullfrog) 29th April 2016, 23:46, I haven’t seen Lewis Hamilton at all this season….


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