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Victor Hugo (based on: the original stage musical "Les Misérables", from the novel by), Even if you don't like musicals, you really should see this one, Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Anderson Cooper Confrontation After Fake Oscars Fall Claims, ‘Wicked’ Director Stephen Daldry Exits Movie Adaptation, Dominic West to Have a Royal Affair in Final Two Seasons of The Crown. That was the one. I love him in the film. Wilkinson plays the Bishop of Digne, while Ruffelle plays a prostitute. Clips of Jackman, Hathaway, Seyfried, Redmayne and Barks singing were received very positively, especially the teaser trailer's presentation of "I Dreamed a Dream" by Hathaway. The live singing, which was heavily promoted in marketing for the film, received a more divided response. [109] Christopher Orr of The Atlantic wrote that "Hathaway gives it everything she has, beginning in quiet sorrow before building to a woebegone climax: she gasps, she weeps, she coughs. General Lamarque, the only government official sympathetic to the poor, dies, and revolutionists called the Friends of the ABC plot against the monarchy. When you're doing it to playback, to the millisecond you have to copy what you do. I dug in a little deeper and we did the second take and it wasn't there and I just thought, "Oh, God." "[98] On Metacritic, the film achieved an average score of 63 out of 100 based on 41 reviews, signifying "generally favorable reviews". (The sequence with the song) 'I Dreamed a Dream' had more of a medium shot tracking slowly to a close-up. It wasn't my favorite scene to shoot just because there was so much pressure of expectation. [61][62][63] At the end of the month, Mackintosh made a special appearance during the curtain call of the Oliver! Chang praised the performances of Jackman, Hathaway, Barks, Tveit and Seyfried (i.e., every leading cast member except Crowe and Redmayne) but said that the film's editing "seems reluctant to slow down and let the viewer simply take in the performances. [49] Production on the film officially began in June that year, with Cameron Mackintosh and Working Title Films co-producing. Several actors in the West End production of the musical appear as members of the student society, including George Blagden as Grantaire;[37] Killian Donnelly as Combeferre; Fra Fee as Courfeyrac; Alistair Brammer as Jean Prouvaire; Hugh Skinner as Joly;[38] Gabriel Vick as Feuilly;[39] Iwan Lewis as Bahorel; and Stuart Neal as Bossuet. 158 min [113] Travers felt that "A dynamite Hathaway shatters every heart when she sings how 'life has killed the dream I dreamed.' [52], In September 2011, Jackman was cast as Jean Valjean and Russell Crowe was cast as Javert. Javert poses as an ally to spy on the rebels, but the street urchin Gavroche exposes him as a policeman. Additionally, it received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture (the first musical nominated since 2002's winner Chicago) and Best Actor for Jackman, and won three, for Best Sound Mixing, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Supporting Actress for Hathaway.[12]. [45], In 1992, producer Cameron Mackintosh announced that the film would be co-produced by TriStar Pictures.   |  I had gone to Tom and said I was starting to feel nervous about a week before. Before Hathaway was cast, Amy Adams, Jessica Biel, Tammy Blanchard, Kristin Kreuk, Marion Cotillard, Kate Winslet and Rebecca Hall were also considered for the part. Everything in the film, songs included, is cranked to 11, the melodrama of it all soaring. The director also expanded on the performers singing live on set, which he felt would eliminate the need to recapture "locked" performances and allow more creative freedom. TVfanatic His paroled status prevents him from finding work or accommodation, but he is sheltered by the kindly Bishop of Digne. We were never tied to using close-ups over and over. She says she had to muster up major courage to perform her character's most iconic song in the movie musical version of the endlessly popular stage show "Les Misérables." Dominic West to Have a Royal Affair in Final Two Seasons of The Crown. [10] Release date for the United Kingdom was 11 January 2013. That song went to a whole new level. The decision changes their lives forever. Javert arrests her when she attacks an abusive customer, but Valjean rescues her and takes her to the hospital. Anne Hathaway On Starving For 'Les Mis': 'I Just Had To Stop Eating' By now if you've heard anything about the soon-to-be released film adaptation of "Les Miserables," you've heard about the 25 pounds Anne Hathaway quickly lost to play Fantine , a prostitute dying of tuberculosis. Marius and Cosette are reunited but Valjean, concerned his presence would threaten their happiness, makes plans to leave and reveals his story to Marius, who promises to remain silent. "The Attack on Rue Plumet" and "Little People" were especially shortened. He also said that he wanted the film audiences to make it "fresh as the actual show". [14] Nicholson wrote the draft within six weeks time. ", $27,281,735 Several major pieces—primarily "Who Am I? [56] With these efforts, Jackman was able to successfully look unrecognizable as Jean Valjean in the opening scene. Hathaway earned supporting actress nominations for both major awards, likely increasing her chances for an Oscar nod. [citation needed] George Blagden was cast as Grantaire. (Incidentally, Hathaway's own mother played the part of Fantine years earlier on Broadway. He and Cosette meet and confess their love; Éponine, also in love with Marius, is heartbroken. Variety Hugh Jackman stated that filming in this way allows him more creative freedom with the material and that he "only has to worry about acting it." Anne Hathaway Weight Loss: Actress Talks Intense Diet For 'Les Mis' (PHOTO) Anne Hathaway graces the cover of Vogue magazine's December issue and opens up about the intense diet she endured in order to play Fantine, a prostitute who is dying of tuberculosis, in ""Les Misérables," which will hit theaters later this year. "[103] Lou Lumenick, critic for New York Post, wrote that the film is "worth seeing for Hathaway alone". Put aside all that bulls--- and just do your job." [93], Les Misérables earned $148.8 million in North America and $293 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $441.8 million. The film received generally favourable[11] reviews, with many critics praising the direction, production values, musical numbers and the cast performances, with Jackman, Hathaway, Bonham Carter, Redmayne, Seyfried and Samantha Barks being the most often singled out for praise, while Crowe's performance was criticised. [64], Originally, an unknown was sought for the role of Cosette, with an open casting call in New York City in December 2011. And, it was all done in one take -- as were a lot of the songs performed in the film. So it's odd that this kind of showboating maximalism should be ultimately reduced to a few fisheye'd faces, mugging for their close-up, as the people sing off-key and broken. You mustn't think about it like that. Damn the imperfections, it's perfectly marvelous. [31] Bertie Carvel has a cameo as Bamatabois, a dandy who sexually harasses Fantine. Crowe's performance was less well received. [31][41], A highlights soundtrack album was released via Universal Republic 21 December 2012. I started the third take and I just said, "No, no. The film contains every song from the original stage musical with the exception of "I Saw Him Once" and "Dog Eats Dog", although many songs have been partially or extensively cut.


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