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Given its name, you’ll find the town of Deadwood surprisingly lively. Be sure to explore the wineries and tasting rooms as well as the funky shops that line Main Street. Stephen Drake / Flickr. Situated near the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific, Astoria is a port city distinguished for being the first permanent U.S. settlement on the west coast. The town is also known for its vibrant arts scene and wonderfully fresh Southern-style seafood. It's known as a hub for winter sports, and was most notably the host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. Summersville Lake is perfect for boating and swimming and plenty of biking and walking trails are laced around the water's edge too. Today, it's possible to visit and be educated about the homes of enslaved workers and learn about the conditions of those who lived here until as recently as the 1970s. They included Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok and other notorious gunslingers, many of whom you’ll find buried in Mount Moriah Cemetery. All the classic elements are there: amusement and water parks, a 2.5-mile (4-km) boardwalk complete with its shabby-chic ocean gallery and fast food outlets, and a thick ribbon of soft yellow sand. Our great nation is known for its amazing highway system, its beautiful scenery, and its wonderful people. You can take tours of a handful of these mansions, including Chateau-sur-Mer and The Elms. Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, © Todd Wright courtesy of Virginia Tourism, Now check out America's most glamorous glamping sites, Read on as we reveal the stunning spots to relax in your motorhome this summer, Now discover America's most charming seaside towns. Some are classics and some are lesser-known gems, but all deliver on the promise of hospitality and true charm. Hanalei is a beautiful small town in Hawaii known for its picture-perfect beaches and paradisiacal botanical gardens. Be sure to check out Mystic Seaport, a popular recreated 19th-century seafaring village, and you definitely can’t pass up the opportunity to hang out with beluga whales and dolphins at Mystic Aquarium. Read on as we reveal the stunning spots to relax in your motorhome this summer. The whole entire city is on the National Register of Historic Places. Even Hollywood agrees—see where more than two dozen movies were filmed throughout the town on a movie and history tour , then relax with a bowl of the town’s signature frogmore stew or a stroll along the Waterfront Park . Between the elegant banyan trees, the beachy pastel architecture, and its title as the sailfish capital of the world, Stuart has a lot to offer residents as well as visitors. The cobblestone streets, uber-scenic downtown, historic buildings and stunning harbor make this a small town for the record books. Now check out America's most glamorous glamping sites. If you crave the peace and quiet of a small beach town, click to the NEXT page to see which beautiful southern town made the list! Their diversity and natural beauty are further enhanced by the range of charming beach towns and small cities that have developed there over the centuries. Located the scenic Flint Hills, this tranquil town is only home to 874 permanent residents. Some visitors to the state are subject to restrictions – see Visit Maine before you set out. Although home to 25,000 people, there’s always a sense of the rural pervading the streets of Key West, with chickens roaming freely through the streets and occasionally being shooed away from stores selling cigars and rum. A number of historic landmarks make you feel like you’re walking through a 19th-century Appalachian village, while scenic viewpoints and easy access to hiking trails (including the Appalachian Trail) ensure you never get bored. Buddhism and boards are the main draw of Paia, with the in-town Dharma center and the excellent nearby beaches of Baldwin and Hookipa. Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? Given the small city's incredible backdrop, it's not surprising that hiking, snowshoeing, mountain-biking and sailing are all popular here. Despite usually holding the annual Sundance Film Festival, and being a host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City in Utah is a surprisingly quaint and laid-back place. Some offer cruises, others can be found at the Mystic Seaport Museum, while Mystic Aquarium concerned itself with all aquatic living things. In the summertime, enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the area by exploring the Stowe Recreation Path or Moss Glen Falls. Sanibel Island, FL shells (Photo: Jeremy T. Hetzel via Flickr / CC BY 2.0). With all that sand, it’s perhaps no surprise that Saugatuck also has Oval Beach, one of the best beaches anywhere on the Great Lakes. Bennington is a small town lauded for its textiles, pottery, and ironwork. Saugatuck, MI (Photo: courtesy of Lance Nelson). Please SHARE these quaint little towns with your friends and family! Pentwater may have one sand dune, but at Saugatuck there’s a whole state park dedicated to exploring the peaks and troughs of sand, that have been anchored in place by vegetation over time. Whether its natural beauty, a close-knit community, or just the pleasure of knowing your neighbors, there’s no place like home when you live in an adorable small town. Sanibel Island’s human story is largely one of first conquering the elements, by controlling the wetlands and building a causeway from the mainland. Provincetown’s 252-foot-tall (77m) Pilgrim Monument commemorates this. It's typically host to an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in July too – though the 2020 event was canceled, it's hoped that the 2021 festival will go ahead. It’s well-stocked with historical homes including the Ulysses S. Grant Home, gifted to the country’s president after the Civil War. One of the last silver-mining boom towns in the Wild West, Tombstone is now a living relic of the old days of cowboys and gunslingers. Around Fort Miles you can still see observation towers and the odd piece of artillery. Here you'll find gorgeous Federal-style architecture and quaint streets brimming with colorful candy stores, coffee houses, antique outlets and old-style bookshops. Known for its Bavarian-style architecture, Frankenmuth is a celebration of the area’s German roots. There are historical sites aplenty (the entire downtown is a National Historic Landmark), plus locally-owned shops, galleries and casual restaurants. St. Augustine, FL (Photo: Doug Anderson via Flickr / CC BY 2.0). Bolton town hall on Commerce street is where Hale was shot in the drive by which is one block from Impeccable Cigars. If you love barbecue, you’ll want to click to the NEXT page to find out which town is considered the barbecue capital of the world! "New England Charm in the Heart of Ohio" is the surprising strapline of this dinky Midwestern village. The coastline here consists of a series of pretty coves and bays, each with a modest, sandy beach and near-shore coral reefs great for snorkeling. Nach Aussage eines Gruß-Schildes am Stadtrand besitzt Charming eine Einwohnerzahl von 14.679 und das Motto der Stadt lautet: "Unser Name sagt alles". A wave of regeneration in the 1970s restored the area’s historic buildings (its historic district is now on the National Register of Historic Places) and the small city has a charming marina and thriving arts scene with several galleries and museums. Summer is in full swing! The town is also one of the world’s largest producers of silver and is famous for its mining industry. It’s a relatively short drive from Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and the Indiana state capital too. Beach-lovers can take to the coastal trails of Cape Henlopen State Park, where you'll find military bunkers tucked away in the sand dunes. In fact, the bucolic area is nicknamed "God’s Country" by locals, and elk and bison roam free at the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge too. The World Kite Museum towards the south of the city showcases just how creative kite makers can be. North America’s Great Lakes have shorelines too and it’d be remiss to ignore some of the charming lakeside settlements dotted around. Tybee Light also has a museum and the views from the top are worth the climb. Browse tours and activities in Healdsburg! The beautiful red sandstone formations appear to glow brilliant oranges and reds with the setting or rising of the sun. The stand-out sites include the sprawling Bryn Du Mansion and the Buxton Inn, which has been operating since 1812. Big Sky is the rustic charming small town of your dreams. With a low crime rate, great schools, low pollution and a great community vibe, Hailey is the perfect place to stop for a quaint holiday weekend or put down real roots. Destin Harbor is packed with fishing boats, as well as homes with their own backyard dock. Key West, FL sunset (Photo: Giuseppe Milo via Flickr / CC BY 2.0). Cape Cod’s northern tip is capped by Provincetown, which marks the site where a large piece of American history was quite literally written. During the winter months, it's a popular ski resort, and at Christmastime, the snow-capped peaks provide the perfect backdrop for the festive markets downtown. Be sure to check in advance for any travel alerts if you're planning a trip. With over 400 years of history, St. Augustine in Florida is tipped as America's oldest city. It was pipped to the post, however, and now the town's population is below 3,000. Laid-back with a bohemian vibe, pretty Paia gets top points for its colorful coffee shops, yoga studios, surf shacks, street art and the popular Paia Fish Market (check for opening times). Here you’ll see the old red and white Assateague Lighthouse and no doubt encounter bands of horses pawing through the forest or wandering down the beaches. The profusion of golf courses and top-class resort hotels announce Kauai’s Poipu as an exclusive destination. A major gateway for millions of tourists each year who are visiting the nearby Yellowstone National Park, this beautiful little town is known for its soothing surroundings. It’s not hard to find a friendly face in compact Park River, in the northeast of the Peace Garden State – it's known for its welcoming community and small-town feel. Sounding more like a pub in England than a beach town, Nags Head is a long thin settlement on North Carolina’s outer banks. This historic town is known for its wonderful hiking trails, wildflowers, fishing, mountain biking, and boating opportunities. This beautiful small town in Colorado is known for its annual bluegrass festival and world-class slopes, but it’s also full of small-town charm that you can find while strolling down Main Street. The best of the architecture can be found a little way inland at the Kennebunkport Historic District, such as the Greek revivalist building that houses the First Families Museum. Besides the historic lighthouses along its eastern shore there are numerous small museums and landmark buildings like the Neoclassical Hadwen House, making Nantucket one of the best preserved late-18th-century settlements in the US. Hanalei Bay itself is surrounded by verdant mountains that culminate in a wide, sweeping beach studded with lofty palm trees and water offering decent surfing conditions in the winter. It's located on the harbor in the foothills of the Three Sisters mountain range, so there are typically plenty of outdoor activities on offer, from boating and kayaking to fishing and hiking.


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