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I thought hang on a minute, we can do something here. Will they bring either of them in now? The Red Bull currently has a 12 second advantage but the Ferrari is gaining at around a second per lap. I don't know whether you want to know or not, but just so you know..." #F1 #ChineseGP. We had to give Sebastian a go. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There was less than five-hundredths of a second in it between him and Vettel, suggesting there was almost nothing to choose between the pair today. They have generally competed at the back of the midfield but who can forget their first - and only - victory, when a youthful Sebastian Vettel triumphed at a wet Monza? ...I didn't think it'd be Albon challenging for points for Toro Rosso today. This time it paid off and he led the midfield home. Things are looking good. "I knew at the moment it happened, I would have to face these questions. He replied that he could, but after the two swapped positions his lap times did not improve at all – if anything, he was slightly slower. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. I think we will see a few two-stoppers. Leclerc moves into fourth but can he find enough time to hold it after his second stop? Yes, indeed they do. Will Bottas still be in the lead come tomorrow? Ferrari stop Vettel! Ricciardo not too far away either in P7. They want Seb to lead Ferrari in Championship but after three races Charles is showing the leadership. Lap 16: There’s not a lot to report from a racing perspective at the moment as Hamilton continues to gambol around this Shanghai International Circuit with clear air and a teammate between him and a couple of Ferraris. He's trying he says. I got some wheelspin when I went over the start/finish line. We had a three pit stop and decided to go for it. This going to be an easy 1-2 for Mercedes. That will be fascinating to follow. All rights reserved. With regard the points shake up we’re now heading down to Ricciardo’s defence of seventh place ahead of Perez who is fighting to withstand the attack of Raikkonen. I’m happy I was able to do that today. Vettel has DRS closing up on Leclerc. F1 calendar 2020: full season schedule and how to watch the races on TV, Max Verstappen NED RED BULL RACING HONDA 27, Kimi Räikkönen FIN ALFA ROMEO RACING FERRARI 10. "It was not easy to give the order,” he said. He spoke to us earlier in the week about Vettel and Leclerc's relationship at Ferrari (could be tricky in future races) and Vettel's hopes. Ferrari are backing Vettel, but the drama is proving a distracting sideshow. Schumacher's record doesn't stand much chance, does it? It looked okay in real time but it wasn't. What a brain fart of a decision to give team orders and let Vettel by. Lap times–Gasly consistently slower than Max on the same tyres… Genuinely feel there is more in that car. @landonorris got liftoff on lap 1 - but probably not how he hoped . Hamilton a tenth or so up on Bottas most laps but nearly a second on the last round. Championship leader Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas took pole yesterday with a lap that was just a smidgen - in fact 0.023 seconds - away from his team-mate, Lewis Hamilton, behind him. After FP3 I felt like a big opportunity missed. He was the only driver to start the race on used soft tyres and complete it with just one further pit stop, for hard tyres. The only difference being when Leclerc was on really work out tyres and being kept out as a roadblock for Bottas. I mean, he's not winning now but he's not really lapping particularly quickly now. Ferrari had the opportunity to do the same with Charles Leclerc but, just as in Australia, chose not to. Kvyat stops, they take an age to change the front wing and he's out ahead of Kubica alone in P18. Hamilton leads into turn one! Lap 56: It’s a third consecutive Mercedes one-two with Bottas safely across the line in second. It doesn't seem terminal, though. © 2020 Collantine Media Ltd | About RaceFans. You can see it's very close for us all. He tries to go around the outside of Stroll at turn six but runs wide...and loses the place. Your email address will not be published. SPEED TRAPS (LAP 22/56)A top rebuild job from @ToroRosso means Albon's the fastest on track #ChineseGP #Race1000 It's small details but it's early days in the season. Lap 17: The first retirement of the race - and it’s Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg. Good races from Ricciardo, Perez, Raikkonen and Albon there. Gasly stops. (1/2), Strategy #ChineseGP: Finally, there’s a two-stopper – but this is clearly slower. Kvyat and Norris collide at the back of the midfield. Incredible drive @alex_albon! The top 20 F1 drivers of the 21st century: Who comes out on top in our rankings? Bottas has dropped back by a few tenths here, as Hamilton finds some pace on these new tyres. Hamilton barely sounds out of breath as he thanks his engineers over the radio. Oh come on @MercedesAMGF1 you're just showing off with that double stack in the pits... #F1 #ChineseGP. Lap 22: Mercedes have been forced to respond to the succession of fastest lap times by Ferrari and Red Bull by bringing in Bottas. Click name to highlight, right-click to reset. They say it's about tyre life. He did a superb job, however, to climb 10 places – twice as many as any other driver – to finish in the points having started in the pits. Mercedes leave China once again firmly on the front foot and Ferrari yet again having to consider why they could not stay at least closer to their rivals and whether their strategy calls really added up. Promoted content from around the web | Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others, ColdFly (@coldfly) 14th April 2019, 17:07. As a team we did a good job to undercut Ferrari and stay ahead as well. In terms of managing the tyres, the downforce levels help obviously. It took an age to change Sainz's front wing... ...and everyone is away. By 5.4s. I think F2 itself is a really good stepping stone for F1. In these incredibly difficult times, we at RaceFans need the support of our readers more than ever. The pace was good all weekend. Mercedes are untroubled because they believe their delay will give them an advantage later in the race if they can avoid trouble. ...but he is running out of laps. He puts a move down the inside of the chicane but locks up! After that you could see we just didn't have the pace to fight. Albon puts a move on Giovinazzi for P15, one behind Kvyat. Lap 50: Hamilton is still discussing his prospects of a fastest lap bonus, trying to figure out if Leclerc’s late speed renders his efforts a moot point. But his lead is within two seconds now...can Bottas find pace on these new tyres? Leclerc is 3.3 behind Bottas and that is Vettel's target. Vettel stays out ahead of a fair way. Baku in two weeks' time will be interesting as there are very few high speed corners and an incredibly long straight. ...some interesting moments as ever but not too much uncertainty out there. "After that it was history.". Mercedes have three 1-2 finishes in three races. #F1 #ChineseGP. It would be easier to read the story of the race. Eifel Grand Prix 2020: what time does the race start tomorrow, what TV channel is it on and what are the odds? ...behind Vettel in Melbourne (he obliged) and again in Bahrain, at least for two laps, (he did not oblige) and to move over in this race. Hamilton is now six points clear of team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who finished second here, in the championship standings, as he chases the sixth title which would take him to within one of Schumacher’s record. Hamilton is now out of his car and hugging various crew members. I saw [Verstappen] coming and knowing Max as well I knew that he will try. Vettel’s turn: “Happy to be on the podium but they (Mercedes) were too quick right from the start. Leclerc vs Verstappen will be the interesting one, then. Our plan originally was two stops. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. They cannot afford to fight here. In Formula One’s 1,000th race, Hamilton - the British star who may hang up his helmet as statistically the greatest driver that’s ever lived - delivered another flawless performance by winning for a sixth time in China, the 75th victory of his career, joining only Michael Schumacher by leading more than 4,000 laps. Poor chap is still trying to get a hang of the car i guess. he's back down to 0.5s quicker. From a team perspective our strategy would not have changed [trying to avoid Verstappen's undercut]. Leclerc is ahead of Vettel! He's driving very well today. ...two stopper! But it is not yet. Lap 19: Vettel has pitted - the first of the leading bunch to come in - to defend a Red Bull undercut with Verstappen.


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