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Tulsi Gabbard, who serves in Hawaii's National Guard, is taking two weeks off the campaign trail to participate in a training exercise as her presidential bid struggles to gain momentum. How race and age shape the race, CNN poll: Biden has double-digit lead over Sanders. But on Tuesday night we saw an early preview of the base of the coalition that Joe Biden will need to keep close if he takes on President Trump in November. In the 2016 Democratic primary, Sanders edged out Hillary Clinton in four of the six contests that voted today. The 47-year-old former Texas congressman's campaign was running out of cash rapidly despite beginning like a rock star. Sanders has practically no hope of winning after his latest rash of losses. Democratic strategists have been reassessing the chances of Bernie Sanders winning the nomination and concede he could be the person who takes on Donald Trump in 2020. Merle Gorman, 83, who previously served in the United States Marine Corp, made international news after he accused Biden of selling access to the Presidency through son Hunter. Bernie Sanders is remaining in the race - at least through Sunday's presidential debate - he said, noting he's winning the battle for ideas and the support of young voters. 2020 Live Democratic Delegate Count and Primary-Election Results. Biden ran up the margins in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi, increasing his delegate lead to what many commentators say may soon be insurmountable. Hillary Clinton's campaign prepared 71 pages of 'hits' against Bernie Sanders to be used against the Vermont senator in the debates last fall. It's the end of the road for Bernie Sanders. To win Michigan, you've got to turn out Detroit, and that's got to be part of the eventual nominee's calculation. Sanders' message of a democratic socialist revolution is clearly not what voters are looking for. The establishment prevailed in 1964. Sanders' goal to build a broad, diverse, multi-racial coalition did work -- though not for him. An electoral college win in 2020 will also require bringing in new voters and independents -- folks who for the most part have yet to make their voices heard at the ballot box this primary season. Bowman was leading Engel 62 to 35 per cent as of Wednesday afternoon. John Lewis went on to become a congressman. She claimed she had no idea he had overcome one. The 31-year-old pop star's doting actor boyfriend had been spotted videotaping her from the audience during the Democratic convention on Thursday evening. 100% reporting. A top advisor to Mike Bloomberg's campaign brought up Bernie Sanders' unusual 1960s writings about sexuality and cancer, as candidates prepare to debate tonight in Charleston. Meryl Streep makes fiery DNC speech backing Hillary Clinton - but it's her recycled American flag dress that gets Twitter all fired up, Why IS Hillary so unpopular? Democratic and Republican primary schedule and tracker of the Democratic presidential vote. She will be a juror if a Senate impeachment trial goes ahead as is widely expected. In the race for the Democratic nomination, that person is increasingly looking like the former vice president. As my colleague, The truth is that few of his opponents have actually "felt the Bern" since then. But Sanders lost because Democratic voters preferred what Biden was offering, a less radical path forward, but a path of significant change nonetheless. The current 2020 presidential primary results, calendar, delegates and nominees. Now, what do you do? Jul 21 2020, 3:29PM ET. Carter told an Atlanta audience after Sanders finished railing against a growing American oligarchy. Surprisingly, nearly 40 per cent of those who took the Drudge Report survey chose House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the 38-year-old congresswoman from Hawaii, as the debate's runaway winner. As exit polls in states from Mississippi to Missouri show, Biden has built a coalition of white, black, college educated and working class voters. The last time Sanders was beaten, there was an assumption that people were going to fall in line and vote against Donald Trump. Enjoli Liston. Sanders' failure to win Michigan, in particular, the state where he unexpectedly clobbered Hillary Clinton in 2016, demonstrated that Democratic voters have lined up behind Biden, a man who has shown his flaws on the campaign trail, but exudes a decency that Americans crave after the emetic ride of Donald Trump's presidency. Niko Kommenda and A win for Biden here continues his primary momentum and makes it harder for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders -- who scored an upset win against Hillary Clinton during the state's Democratic primary last time around -- to claim he's electable. Democratic Delegate Count and Primary Election Results 2020. Embarrassed debate moderators jumped to a premature commercial break at the beginning of Wednesday night's second hour when NBC left the first hour's moderators with hot mics backstage. Clinton discovers his inner child as he plays with the 110,000 balloons dropped at end of DNC celebration, I'm with HER! Joe Biden. First published on Tue 10 Mar 2020 15.39 EDT, Juweek Adolphe, The myth of a Democratic "establishment" handing the Democratic nomination to Joe Biden died in Mississippi Tuesday. Many Sanders faithful refused to support Hillary in 2016. That's a little premature. Updated 1500 GMT (2300 HKT) March 11, 2020. Trump tweeted Monday: 'The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. Stars come out for Hillary as Carole King, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen praise Clinton for 'breaking down barriers' before nominee parties late into the night at private Lady Gaga gig, Donald Trump's son accuses Barack Obama of plagiarizing line in Democratic National Convention address from his speech - then says claim was only a joke, Favorite part of the night, Bill? Joe Biden is still holding his lead over the rest of the Democratic field as 20 presidential candidates gather in Detroit this week for their second round of primaries debates. CNN projects Joe Biden wins Michigan primary, Biden vows to restore decency to the presidency if he wins, Andrew Yang endorses Joe Biden live on CNN, Van Jones: This is a very dangerous moment for the Dems, How Biden's wins differ from Clinton's in 2016, Chalian: Biden on his way to nomination, Sanders is not, Making sense of the complicated delegate process, Missouri will go to Joe Biden, CNN projects, CNN projects Joe Biden wins Mississippi primary, John King analyzes whether Biden or Sanders will win Michigan, CNN exit polls: Trump on majority of Dem voters' minds, Sanders: I fear very much if Biden is the candidate, Enten: Sanders no longer has this 2016 advantage, Biden or Sanders? I go through the bloody and shameful history of the old, racist Democratic establishment -- and the heroism of African-Americans -- to make a point: today, people like Lewis and Thompson are powerful congressmen. The current 2020 presidential primary results, calendar, delegates and nominees. Yet, at a Detroit event Tuesday, Biden got in a tiff with a construction worker at a Fiat Chrysler assembly plant. "It feels good to be up by this much, but we've still got to count the absentee ballots and hopefully they'll play out the way the polling plays out,' he Trump himself has turned name-calling into a high art form, deploying derogatory nicknames for his opponents including 'Lyin' Ted' Cruz, 'Liddle Marco' Rubio and 'Crooked Hillary' Clinton. Joe Biden suggested he was done debating Bernie Sanders during a virtual press conference with reporters Wednesday. They want a candidate who can defeat Trump, bridge the divides and restore respectability to the presidency. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost!'. Next week's quartet of elections are all in delegate-rich states where Clinton beat Sanders -- Florida, Arizona, Ohio and Illinois. Democrats debating in Detroit attacked their rivals more than the president, with moderates accusing ultra-liberals of making impossible promises and left-wingers calling for more radical plans. On Tuesday night, white working class voters didn't turn to Sanders. Donald Trump won the state decisively in the November general election. As Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow began moderating the second hour of the Democratic debate, audio of the first three moderators was clearly heard over the speakers in the hall. Sanders' democratic socialist policies are a turnoff to moderates, including some blue-collar Democrats. There are 36 pledged delegates available in Mississippi’s Democratic presidential primary vote, where voters say they care most about immigration, access to healthcare, the economy and jobs. Donald Trump on Friday blamed Congressman Seth Moulton's exit from the Democratic presidential race for the drop in the Dow that occurred after his morning Twitter blitz against China. California senator Harris traded Twitter blows with the president hours after dropping out. An artificial intelligence system which correctly predicted the primaries as well as the last three U.S. presidential elections has forecast a win for Donald Trump. Both Biden and Sanders have stayed remarkably consistent in their messaging and presentation throughout the campaign. The deadline to qualify for the third Democratic primary debates in September is approaching on August 28, and only nine candidates have met the standards to participate so far. According to early exit polls, the same group of voters that made Sanders the comeback kid, leaned to Biden this time around. Call it Joementum, or MoJo, or the Biden boom -- former Vice President Joe Biden has the wind in his sails after Super Tuesday II. 10,834. Biden's sweep in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri is clear indication that the Democratic Party is galvanizing behind the moderate candidate over the self-proclaimed democratic socialist. 100 % In. What a difference 8,778 days make... Hillary Clinton receives Democratic White House nomination 24 years after Bill, and haven’t they changed over time! There was not enough concern and care for former Sanders supporters. The U.S. Representative from Ohio walked out on stage in Philadelphia wearing a white gown virtually matching the dress worn by Trump's wife Melania during her speech last week. Protesters were removed after they demanded Bill de Blasio fire Daniel Pantaleo, who put Eric Garner in a deadly chokehold, while another hit Joe Biden on immigration. Psychologists explain science behind Clinton's struggle to win over voters, 'We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet!' Available for everyone, funded by readers. I'll see you at your trial.' The twin victories seal Biden's status as the Democratic frontrunner, leading to talk about bringing the nomination process to an end. Just four years ago, the people of Michigan, led by a strong showing from white working-class voters, sent a message to Hilary Clinton that they were not ready to crown her as nominee. Sanders has maintained all along that his focus is on that goal. FBI took months to warn Democrats of suspected Russian role in hack... Ralph Lauren revealed as designer of Hillary Clinton's DNC suit, Chloe Grace Moretz opts for comfort at LAX day after speech at DNC, Trump edges Clinton in in convention speech ratings, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom jet out of NYC together after DNC, Pence slams Obama for 'name-calling,' signals rethink on press bans, What a difference 8,778 days make... Hillary Clinton gets the nod, Carole King, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen praise Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. accuses Obama of plagiarizing from his speech, Clinton discovers his inner child as he plays with balloons at the DNC, Orlando Bloom supports Katy Perry for show at Democratic convention, Chelsea opens for her 'wonderful, kind, thoughtful, hilarious mother', Who wore it best?


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