different places to visit in rome
Two colonnades surround the square, consisting of nearly 280 columns and 145 saints statues. I give you an itinerary a bit below. There are many things to do in Rome, but here I do summarize the things you should add to your bucket list in Rome. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After Piazza Navona, you can go to the Pantheon and the famous Trevi Fountain. Required fields are marked *. In this case, it’s possible to see the vast majority of places described in this guide in a day. You can also visit the church of San Bernardo alle Terme that was built at the corner of the Baths. It would take more than one lifetime to see everything the Eternal City has to offer. While munching snacks from any café, you can visit Domitian’s Stadium and the fountains around the square (there are 3 fountains). There, you can admire many altars and monuments and be impressed by the rich baroque decoration. As a tourist, this may sound odd as you are in Italy, but for locals? This white marble building is really awesome with lots of rooms inside. It is obvious: enter the Colosseum! There are lots of other squares in Rome which are really in fashion always. This is where you can admire the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, also called “Altare della Patria” or “Vittoriano”, a huge white marble building dedicated to the first king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. Then we recommend to join scooter tours. Imagine driving this old school bad boy through Rome! It is also a street art museum! It was August and still, there was snowfall! I will finish this list of the best things to do in Rome with an unusual activity: visiting the catacombs. “Boca della Verità” is a face carved in Marble which is known as a lie detector. It shows the life cycle of creation, death, and resurrection and also shows the church’s teaching for good, evil and eternity. . There are more than 3700 capuchin friars bodies remaining. If you have kids with you, you may avoid the place. Best part, you can get on top of it with an elevator and get a stunning views of the city. Only priests and nuns, some dignitaries, guards, and of course the pope are allowed to live there. There are three churches that set the boundary of the square, but what is the most significant attraction of the place is the ancient Egyptian obelisk. The tradition says you should throw 2 coins: one to make a wish and the other one to be sure to return to Rome. It is located at the ground of Villa Borghese park, the main park in  Rome. There are ancient public toilets which had been turned into bathrooms during the Roman Empire. This is the third point of interest included in the Colosseum ticket. It is just a show where they use abusive language. Also, don’t forget to see the beautiful Tortoise Fountain. For the last part of this walk, you will go to the Vatican City. Nicola Salvi’s awe-inspiring Baroque masterpiece features a marble statue of … Lets start this list of the must-see attractions with the Colosseum, located in the Historic Center (“Centro Storico” in Italian). If you’re planning a family trip to Rome, I have prepared for you a list of the best things to do with your kids: Here is a one day itinerary to visit Rome on foot. Have fun bargaining at this second hand market. You should know the best time to visit Rome and make your bookings early. And if you want to get more historical information, you should get an audioguide. The Castel Sant’Angelo, on the other hand, was built by Emperor Hadrian to serve as a mausoleum. You can find more tips in our guide One Week In Rome. What are the top attractions to visit in Rome? It’s really the ideal time to discover the italian capital main points of interest without any downtime. Make time from your busy schedule and be there once to have a great lifetime experience. Below we put all the Rome activities on a map. If you need any inspiration beforehand, just watch Russel Crowe in his epic movie “Gladiator“, that will help! if you want to save a bit of money, you can find an accommodation around Rome. The exciting thing about this museum is that the collections are not gathered just at one spot. You won’t have to queue, plus you will get plenty of extra information! Moreover, the great advantage of the city is, as I said in the introduction, it’s very easy to visit on foot! “Calcio” (Italian for football) is very important for Romans, even for women! Fair enough. The Piazza di Spagna is located at the foot of the monumental staircase leading it to the Trinità dei Monti church. Presently, this huge building has been turned into a museum which comes with exclusive exhibits that will take you to that ancient age of Rome. That's why we've made virtual tours from around the globe available to you from your home. Inside, admire the immense dome and the oculus (the opening in the dome), giving the place a unique lighting. After the basilica and to stay on the right bank of the Tiber, I advise you to visit Trastevere district during your trip to Rome. Here is my tip: to avoid waiting in line for hours, you can: And you know the best about this pass? Later, this place was for the emperors and the aristocrats of the society. It is very close to the Trevi Fountain. If you do not have a drivers license, you can also get a driver which is a guide at the same time. Thank you for all the great recs. So, what are the best places to visit in Rome? Located on the northwest side of the city, it is the best place for a panoramic view. The masses of crowds is insane. All these buildings are full of numerous sculptures to make you amazed. After Trevi fountain, to recover from your emotions (if you were proposed or if you knelt down on your knees while sweating with stress!) What are the top attractions to visit in Rome? Where to eat in Rome: Have lunch in a trattoria! Water is supplied by an aqueduct to this fountain and water crosses all those artificial figures and stones. I have prepared for you a list of the best things to do in Rome on a rainy day: Here is my selection of the best things to do in Rome at night, or in the evening. Sometimes even affecting the ancient buildings. My own story: I was not planning to attend this show since I had no idea it took place. Let’s find out! Arco di Costantino, Rome Attractions, Best Places to visit in Rome 2. This tour is so amazing that they offer you a full refund if you don’t enjoy your time.


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