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And while there were praises and gushes for …, On January 31, cast members of Sword of Legends 2 古剑奇谭II appeared to an expectant crowd inside one of the palace …, If you’re one of those still hoping for a reunion between, so that they can have at least one project that ends happily-ever-after, I’m afraid you’ve no such luck this time, as although the two actors will be returning with new projects, it won’t be wi. Big NO NO NO… OMG! In short, the side stories are loose and not adequately explored. The second couple is less inspiring to watch because the chemistry is obviously lacking. The “evidence” they provided hardly reflects the story they released. You really need good chemistry between the main leads to make this kind of drama watchable. Just standing together proves they are dating.”, “Which picture shows Dilraba getting onto Johnny Huang Jingyu’s car?”, “iFeng’s rumors are false 99% of the time.”. But he just uses her to hurt Song Lin. My rating: 7/10Episodes: 45Type: RomanceAired: May 2020Images Credit: Tencent. The history of the 3 of them are missing. Modern workplace dramas like this are usually badly written. But after having watched the drama, I understand why the title is as such. Chen Dong is a banker. The first half is roughly about handling obstacles created by a jealous woman who loves Song Lin and learning the ropes of doing business amidst business rivalry. Tag:romancechinese dramadilraba dilmuratLove Designer幸福触手可及迪丽热巴Huang Jingyu黄景瑜, Copyright © 2020 He is a high school student who has just moved to Shanghai and is temporarily under Zhou Fang’s care. Scroll on to find out more about the cast and plot! It would be nice if they can do something a little different. And more on the 2 main characters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I hope he is in a loving relationship. They don’t ruin the drama that much but can be a little annoying. Writer: Li Ranning, Wang Fang, Zhang Ziwei. Ms. Tian also feels lonely if she were to remain antagonistic towards Qin Qing. Things weren’t off to a great start for fashion designer Zhou Fang who meets e-commerce boss Song Lin because of a lawsuit. In the first episode, Yu Lin already knew who Qin Qing is as they were schoolmates. When I first come across the title, it sounds kind of weird to me. Make Up Artist Seemingly Helps Dilraba Clarify Dating Rumors, Johnny Huang Jingyu’s Ex-Girlfriend, Wang Yuxin, Reportedly Attempted Suicide and Still in a Coma. But the two become friends. Fans and netizens aren’t falling for it either. If their relationship is for real, I am accepting it for they are both my favorites. Yu Shan will not hesitate to bend the rules in order to take down Song Lin. As a result, we are mainly treated to the second couple’s story in the last few episodes. She faces numerous obstacles along the way as she builds her own brand name as Song Lin tries his best to protect her. Their interactions increase when her nephew, Shen Di, comes to live with her temporarily and ends up as his sister’s classmate. Scroll on to find out more about the cast and plot! Dilraba Dilmurat 迪丽热巴 as Zhou Fang 周放. Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang are the lead actors. Shen Di is her new classmate and sits next to her. Yu Shan is the majority owner of Bai Sai which is also involved in selling designer clothes. The result is viewers are treated to beautiful dresses, chic casual wear, and professional-looking suits. Cao Yichen played Jin Zixuan on The Untamed. They have a history between them that can be traced back to April. Love Designer (2020) Information. The unknown designer who wants to chase her dream. Movies . A big celebrity who admires Song Lin and always thought they were the perfect match for each other until Zhou Fang arrived. He just moves back to Shanghai and pursues Zhou Fang when they meet up again. So, even if you don’t enjoy the show, at the very least there are nice clothes to look at! It's not like some so call A-list actresses today can shake off their idol image either. Title: Love Designer. Singapore's No.1 Liftstyle & Beauty Media in The Female World. I'm looking forward to more Johnny Huang – but – another office romance drama? At least they are dumb and her fans didn't rate any of them high and exaggerate or pretend to act like they are all the best things ever on the planet when they are really bad. He catches the eye of Song Lin with his talent and hard work. All rights reserved. She loves Song Lin and can be deceitful towards her love rivals. According to iFeng Entertainment, they claim Dilraba and Johnny Huang Jingyu developed feelings after filming together. Director: Shen Yang, Ben Fang. Hi im from Philippines:do you think guys they would ever date infront of so many people like that? We can only guess from conversations here and there between the various characters to obtain bits and pieces of information of what happened in the past. Wang He is Song Lin’s friend and subordinate. The fact that he would go through lengths just to see her once a day. By the way guys Im a Big FUn of Dilraba:). But Qin Qing doesn’t recognize Yu Lin is as he was her junior. HE IS SO IN LOVE. Dilraba & Johnny would make a excellent couple. They give the feeling that these are written in just to add to the length of the drama because they are not properly tied up in the end. Has “Forensic Heroes IV” Lost its Status as a TVB Anniversary Series? Did they tell you this or is this some narrative you created for yourself to fantasize about??! It is the romantic and sugary display of affections that take it up a notch. Abd you somehow create some story in your h ad about how Dilraba feels and thinks about Johnny abd you conjure up some story that she is in his hear?!!! But Ze Yang has stolen designs from Song Lin’s company to make counterfeit clothes for sale. We are not told what happened to her in between. Hence, Song Lin sues Zhou Fang’s company for compensation. 19. I love how they response to each other on the drama. Zhou Fang is getting married to Wang Ze Yang. They are a different type of romantic. Network: Aiqiyi, Youku, Tenxun Video. I PRAY HE IS NOT GAY OR BI-SEXUAL. Diraba & Johnny have excellent chemistry. We will send you the latest celebrity news updates. You can see the difference between them and the second couple played by Viann Zhang and Yi Da Qian. Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang are the lead actors. Pei Pei is a reporter and news writer. Your email address will not be published. She deserves to he happy and treated to be like a princess coz she’s a princess.I’ll always be here to support her. But do such opposites have a chance of finding true happiness together? As Qin Qing’s lover, Song Lin’s subordinate and a good friend. As a jewellery designer, Zuo Yu Lin’s lover and Zhou Fang’s best friend. They played their roles well to give viewers a very down-to-earth and sweet couple to savor. Dilraba dan Johnny Huang Jingyu dikabarkan berpacaran setelah mereka beradu akting dalam drama terbaru mereka, Love Advanced Customization. Your email address will not be published. But when circumstances force the two to put their heads together to get ahead in business, you can be sure that sparks are flying between the equally mule-headed pair. He is what he is and it is none of your or my business. Required fields are marked *. DramaSlot.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites Leave the poor man alone. They used to work together and Su Yu Shan made her work hard to build their business. Well, Love Designer is about the journey of a clothes designer. Zhou Fang has loving parents. The president who helps Zhou Fang many times. The famous designer thinks Zhou Fang is up because her background. While the relationship dynamics of this couple is perhaps framed by the older woman and younger man conundrum, the way they interact doesn’t feel as pleasurable to watch. Dilraba (迪丽热巴) and Johnny Huang Jingyu (黄景瑜) recently wrapped up their modern drama, “Love Advanced Customization” (爱情高级定制). She is an alumna of Shanghai Theatre Academy. But April died young. By Viroon on 26 May 2020 Senior Creative Editor. Normal colleagues of the opposite sex interacting with each other is dating?”, “So celebrities can’t be hanging together with the opposite sex now. He only stops thinking as such when Song Lin helps him out of his corporate troubles towards the end. If this article were true,I don’t have right to stop them but to watch them.All I wish for Dilraba to find the right guy for her. Yu Lin is a fresh graduate working in Wan Feng. The remaining 5 episodes are merely fillers and feel good scenes. An jewelry designer who is the best friend of Zhou Fang. Johnny may not be the handsomest guy for you but for me…he is and is the best Chinese actor when it comes to acting. The love story itself is simple. I wish that actress in Love Designer would be exited. You can read the Love Designer episode summary if you want a full recap of the drama. When April died, Ms. Cheng gave April’s brand name to Song Lin to manage. Looking for a new good romance drama to watch? So she dislikes her. Copyright © 2020 38jiejie.com.


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