diplomatic immunity skyrim key
In total i have 3 basement keys and this is very frustrating as this is the second playthrough i have tried this quest on and its still glitching . Afterwards, he will hit on Brelas. ... as they have a key for the trapdoor on their persons. make sure you read the book you found in the treasure chest next to the torturer guy. If you are a thief and have done the Thieves Guild quest, you would have already known where to locate Brynjolf. Then you will need to find Elenwen's office and search her files. If you are hiding next to the door they will appear in front of you and can be easily ambushed. With our next goal of finding Esbern we'll receive our next MAIN QUEST: "A Cornered Rat". Listen to what's going on and when you're ready kill the guard and the wizard down here (followed by more looting of course). A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So i'm stuck with a bow that does no damage, I have no armor, and my magic isn't powerful enough. Talking to her will reveal she has a plan to get into the Thalmor Embassy. Our next objective is to retrieve our stuff and talk to Delphine, so fast travel back to Riverwood. The one with lower level will stay around the bar. PLEASE HELP i accidentally killed the prisoner before questioning him in diplomatic immunity? Sneak and cast Fury on him. Approach with stealth and avoid detection, or charge in with combat and kill anyone who stands in the way. Approach the Thalmor Wizard. Now take his advice and bring what is ESSENTIAL to you (for me for example, I brought a bow and arrows, a blade, and some lockpicks...). In the dungeons, you can easily sneak to the chest. She has a contact, inside the embassy. Head down to the dungeon and sneak around. He wants you to give him what you can't leave without and he will get it into the embassy. You'll now be in an office of sorts. She will make grave comments about your attire regardless of what you are wearing and give you Party Clothes that you must wear. Work your way through the caves. it IS NOT the trap door. He can help you. She'll take you down to the secret room and talk to you about the Thalmor Embassy and how YOU are going to sneak inside! A few moments later about two or three more guards came down, and all of them had the key. to cut a long and repetitive story short, in the basement after I have set the prisoner free and talked to him revealing the identity of some guy two guards enter with malborn. One (or both) of those thalmor soldiers have the key. The key can also be obtained by looting Thalmor bodies. Oftentimes the prisoner will just run ahead like an idiot and get himself killed. Rulindil and a Thalmor Soldier will be torturing a prisoner, Etienne Rarnis, in one of the cells. Return to Delphine in Riverwood with the information you have obtained. There will be  a frost troll on the way, make sure you stay ahead of the prisoner so that you can kill the troll before it hurts and possibly kills the prisoner. Once the prisoner has been spoken to or the document has been retrieved and read, two soldiers will enter the room with Malborn and begin to search for you. Head to the left side of the room and search the chest behind the desk. Skyrim: DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY (quest help)? Go down the nearby stairs to the Interrogation Chamber. The trapdoor in the dungeon leads to Reeking Cave. She will give you party clothes and party boots. If you’ve completed the quest Rise in the East, you can ask Orthus Endario to cause a distraction with the drunk man sitting on the bench. Which items you should bring will depend on whether you wish to use stealth or combat. I was having this problem after saving and quiting just before going down the trap door. She wants you to meet her at the Solitude Stables after you've finished the business with Malborn. Your objective is to search for infirmation about the dragons returning..Open the door and enter the corridor, then go into the room to the right. Meet Malborn in Solitude and give him any equipment you want smuggled into the embassy. After the battle, search the corpses for the trap door key (or pickpocket the key without combat) and return to Etienne who will be waiting near the trap door, or just go to the trap door. When I opened the game again, I had already used my key but the door was still locked. How to become a rockstart virtual assistant? Alright, well I am at diplomatic immunity and I found the office but I can't find the key to unlock it (I got my gear and created a diversion and killed all the guards in front of the ambassaders office or whatever xD) If you are not of the stealthy type, give him your best suit of armor as well as your most powerful weapons, along with some health, stamina and magicka potions. Hey guys. Meet Malborn in The Winking Skeever in Solitude. She will meet you there and assure you that you weren't followed. The wizard is, however, blocking the door. Note: If you are High Elf wearing a Thalmor set of armor, guards will say something along the lines of “Why aren’t you at your post?” or “Come closer, let me see your face.” Even if you talk to them, the guards will charge at you. When you're in the cell room, free the prisoner & take him with you. Keep in mind that he will attack on sight if you try to interact with him after completing the quest. . I tried everything and finally got the idea to drop the dossier on the floor and then free the prisoner and sure enough the guards respawned. These will let you sneak around the embassy more easily, especially if you are a high elf (but not as easy if you are Orc, Khajiit, or Argonian). If you are seen, the guards will sometimes not follow you into the Solar. Retrieve the Dragonborn's gear (optional) 7. Give the nearby wizard your invitation and head in with the other party-goer named Razelan. Follow him upstairs. Read the book and it will point to the exit. I cant find the key either... hella frustrating. But the only way you are going to get in is if the guards believe you are one of the invited guests. "Oh, a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All of your gear is in the CHEST down here in the secret room", The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough and Guide, The College of Winterhold Miscellaneous Quests, The Dark Brotherhood Miscellaneous Quests, Skyrim GD XXVII: Alok Lahvui Ahrk Rel Daar Lein, Cannot initiate any orc quests! When you're ready to go let her know. Your objective now is to create a distraction and get away from the party.Talk to Razelan who is sitting at a nearby bench. (tested on PC). . She'll also hold onto EVERYTHING you own in the meantime. Tell her they seem to think he is hiding in Riften. So it's off to the Winking Skeever Inn in Solitude (which, if you didn't know, Solitude is in the north-west section of the map, north of Dragon Bridge and good ol' Meeko's Shack). After talking to Malborn and giving him the equipment, head back outside of Solitude and go meet Delphine near the stables. This article is part 13 of a 31 part series. Now our next goal is to go into the dungeon down below, and if you raided/looted properly you should have the key! He will lead you through the kitchen, telling the cook Tsavani that you are feeling ill. Let Malborn do all the talking. You cant have the dossier in your inventory while freeing the prisoner. Grab the dragon report and the two dossiers. Tell him your mutal friend sent you. Meet the prisoner by the trap door & escape...but not for long, there is a Frost Troll down there, so watch out!! Walk, don’t sneak, from behind. Board the carriage to the Embassy. Diplomatic Immunity glitch fix ... You can play normally after that, but at the trapdoor section of the mission requires you to get the key and since Malborn is just standing in the door you clipped in, you will just stay by said door and do nothing 7. Get your answers by asking now. to cut a long and repetitive story short, in the basement after I have set the prisoner free and talked to him revealing the identity of some guy two guards enter with malborn. Search the chest to find a Dragon Investigation: Current Status as well as Thalmor Dossiers on Delphine and Ulfric Stormcloak. Either kill them or sneak by them, then climb the stairs and turn left at the corridor. Talk to Erikur. She will tell you that the Thalmor Ambassador, Elenwen, regularly throws parties for the rich and connected in the embassy. Inside the Solar, there is a soldier immediately ahead who will head upstairs. Thalmor Dossier's, one on Delphine and one on Ulfric Stormcloak. Where the bloody hell is the trapdoor key in this quest?! Seems like they know about as much as we do. Note: If you collect the document without reading it, you can go back upstairs to the door you entered through and read the document, which will update the quest and trigger the two guards to appear with Malborn. There is an Expert-Locked display case in Rulindil’s office, so you may wish to bring lockpicks. But you are unknown to the Thalmor. She has your invitation to the party. Again, BE SURE TO FINISH THIS before continuing the Main Quest Line! If you are inactive too long, they will kill Malborn, though this does not affect the quest at all. You have only one opportunity to hand over equipment for use in the Embassy. Where the bloody hell is the trapdoor key in this quest?! You ready yet? Ideally, you'll want to shoot the troll with arrows or use magic from the ledge your on to kill it, but it's super hard to come out of this with NPC's that are dumb (you can always reload the auto-save if you wish). I can't find my companion after "Diplomatic Immunity". The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995 < Skyrim: Quests: ... of them quickly and don't hit Malborn. Malborn. "I met with her contact, Malborn, who is going to smuggle some of my equipment into the Thalmor's ambassador's manor.


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