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“Today I don’t believe that.”, That’s a far cry from the West, who declared in one case that his error rate was “something less than my Savior, Jesus Christ.”. “DNA has made it fairly obsolete.”. Judge Plourd’s involvement in Howard is based on Plourd’s ad-hoc ( e.g. Stubbs is glad to be free. Bite mark evidence has sent at least two dozen innocent people to prison. "In fact, in dentistry today, it's used to detect cancer," said Barsley, a friend of West. © 2020 Reason Foundation | Privacy Policy | Accessibility | Terms Of Use, was actually a co-author on many of West's journal articles, If only someone had thought of this before, Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry Act Unconstitutional as Applied to Low-Risk Non-Sex-Offender, Cuyahoga County Settles Anti-Discrimination Suit Against Covenant Weddings, Today in Supreme Court History: October 25, 1795, 'This Building Has Caused More Problems Than It Solved', School Threatens 12-Year-Old With Arrest for Allegedly Missing 90 Minutes of Zoom Class, Trump Is Wrong About Military Distribution of a COVID-19 Vaccine, Joe Biden's Economic Policies Would Cost the Economy 4.9 Million Jobs by 2030, According to a New Study, The Rudy Giuliani Scene In the New Borat Movie Isn't What You Think. Problem is that they found other hair and fiber inside the box that did not belong to the victim. In 2008, authorities said DNA proved the identity of – Justin Albert Johnson. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Prosecutors refused to heed those warnings out of self-interest. How about the people languishing in jail, for crimes they did not commit, based in part on your testimony? The Mississippi Sting operation that uncovered Michael West’s bitemark bunk. “I no longer believe in that,” he said. This latest article details a sting an attorney set up on West that pretty conclusively shows West to be a fraud. “If I have a bite mark on one part of the body and semen on another part of the body, to me it’s evidence that there are two people involved.”. Who’d have thought that malpractice was a tort? Wow what an incredible grasp of the obvious this guy has! A forensic pathologist testified that the wound to the head could not have been made by closing of the lid on her head. And his test isn't science. Even after Brooks and Brewer were set free, West stuck to his conclusions that these two men had bit the girls. And note that Allgood doesn't say he stopped using West because West is unscientific. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. “blinded) the evidence sent him was from a person masquerading as a party to a bitemark case, readily accepted to review the case treated it as an actual case. West said. for a specific purpose) evaluation of  bitemark experts which included Dr. Michael West, the state’s star witness in Howard’s two death penalty convictions. Tomorrow, I'll have another investigative piece here at Reason about self-proclaimed Mississippi bite mark expert, Dr. Michael West. Reversals have followed in several of those cases, most notably with two Noxubee County men, Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks. Special Attorney General Jason Davis objected to admitting the testimony, saying the test” was subterfuge” and “a sting.”  He was overruled by Judge Howard (no relation to the defendant). The prosecution withheld this information from the defense. Anytime you have disagreements that lessens the impact of the evidence," Barsley said. Dr. West was certain that the marks on Jackson’s body came from teeth and that those teeth “indeed and without a doubt” belonged to Brewer. In the case of Stubbs and Vance, West testified at trial that he found a bite mark on Williams’ thigh that was consistent with that of Stubbs. He was chief defense counsel for Ray Krone in the 1990s when Mr. Krone was twice convicted of the murder of Kim Acona in AZ. Dr. Michael West was once known as a world-renowned forensic odontologist. West, in court documents filed this week, also says his testimony wasn't the basis of Brewer's conviction, saying it wasn't the "the centerpiece of the prosecution.". In Brewer’s trial, West testified he found bite marks on 3-year-old Christine Jackson that he said Brewer made. Forensic odontology first made its presence known publicly during the infamous Ted Bundy trials. Reminds me of the old Groucho Marx line, "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.". In his second video taken 5 days later on March 15th the area that West says “that the bitemark is no longer visible due to the nurses taking such good care of the victim and using lotion on her skin.” West then proceeds to tamper with the evidence by actually imbedding a stone cast of Leigh Stubbs teeth into the comatose victims hip resulting in a fabricated bitemark on the skin of the victim. Read about the famous flim flam artist Dr. Michael West talk about own brilliance. This is false. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Kudos to all!! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Recent cases of experts being influenced by police theories certainly highlights this as creating cognitive bias. In Plourd’s direct testimony, he describes the exam as “an external blind proficiency study” he planned to extend to other members of West’s bitemark group in a neutral setting in order to test their reliability. Dr. West narrates his first video as he records his “body scan” to document the examination. Now West rejects the very science he relied on to help put so many behind bars. by Mike Bowers – CSI science, law and experts, FORENSICS and LAW in FOCUS @ CSIDDS | News and Trends, Bite Mark Evidence: What You Should Know About This Debunked Science, http://www.innocenceproject.org/what-is-bite-mark-evidence-forensic-science/. His job entailed analysing bite marks in criminal cases. Conclusion We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. He "torted" them by giving testimony unsupported by any scientific literature (other than journal articles written by West himself), knowing full well that his testimony would be used to help convict them. He has a remarkable history of being involved in US national workings groups on science and forensics. And because prosecutors were so eager to win convictions, they didn't bother to look at West's ridiculous claims with any skepticism. Dr. West submitted a West bitemark Report that contained two paragraphs. West can then be seen pressing a plaster mold of the suspect’s teeth into her cheek. Dentist now doubts science of bite-analysis, Leigh Stubbs Convicted on Bogus Bitemark Evidence, Fabricated Bitemark and Phony Surveillance Video Land Leigh Stubbs 44 Years in Mississippi Prison, Leigh Stubbs, Mississippi Woman, Serving 44-Year Sentence Despite Discredited Testimony, American Board of Forensic Odontology reports this case on their blog, U.S. Mississippi Death Row Case Faults Bite-Mark Forensics, 2 dentists sue colleague for criticizing their bite-mark testimony, Innocent man, jailed for 20 years, suing forensic experts, Janesville man’s invention changed forensic science 25 years ago, Exonerated man’s ordeal ends: ‘I am overwhelmed with joy’, Ray Krone Speaks at Innocence! Leigh Stubbs, Department of Corrections Photo. The wound was consistent with a blunt object. Mind you’re own fucking buisness litterally. Penalty flag on the A.P reporter, here. Throw bite marks out.”. The Democratic presidential candidate has promised not to raise taxes on middle-income earners. He made his name analyzing bitemarks on skin. I don't know what Allgood means by "years ago," but again, he was relying on West's testimony as late as 2007 to keep Kennedy Brewer in jail. Change ). "I don't want to do any more death information. ‘If only someone had thought of this before! Dr. West’s career terminally imploded after authorities examined DNA left at the crime scenes that did not belong to either convicted men. Top 9 … Continue reading →, One of the extraordinary defense presentations at the recent EL Howard hearing in Columbus MS was given by the Honorable Chris Plourd (pictured above), the presiding Judge of Imperial County, CA Superior Court. I hadn't heard that some form of West's methods for bite mark identification are now being use to detect cancer. by Mike Bowers – CSI science, law and experts. At worst, he was manufacturing evidence. Dr. West looked at the wound on the head of the victim and thought it looked like the latch that was on the toolbox.


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