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And this is coming from a drummer. There is also a wonderful simplicity to Nirvana. But where do Nirvana and Green Day rank among the best power trios ever? That sounds like something we should look into. But you can’t underestimate the amount of bands Sublime inspired – bands with drummers hammering on sixteenth notes and high-pitched snare drum hits, low-key bassists and guitar players striking sharp, reggae-tinged upstrokes on their guitars. Dinosaur Jr., because endurance is always a redeeming quality. Krist Novoselic once shrugged off claims of Nirvana breaking new ground, saying that what they were doing was “nothing new; Husker Du did it before us.”. Their catalogue is also much stronger than the novelty of those two hits would suggest. If you want to be in a band, it all starts with the number three. But Hendrix, with Mitchell and Redding behind him, was able to get comfortable and through that comfort, truly achieve greatness. From female trios, like Destiny's Child and HAIM, to older groups, like the Bee Gees and A-ha, here are the most popular trios in pop music history. Getting that out of the way, ZZ Top are power-trio purists, in the sense that they play guitar-driven rhythm & blues. September 1, 2012, zubair, Leave a comment ‘Trio,’ meaning ‘three,’ denotes a group of three persons, things, or phenomena and is an extensively used term in almost all walks of life and all branches of knowledge. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, because they got weird with it and took the rock trio into uncharted prog-rock territory. They were indie-rock forefathers, one of several bands on this list whose influence birthed a litany of other amazing power trios, one of those bands being Nirvana. For me, the appeal of the power trio is the simplicity of the whole thing; that it is ultimately just three people left to their own devices to entertain. The songs, at their core, are straight-ahead rock songs with pop sensibilities. Dispatch, because if you didn’t listen to them in college, your roommate did, and even though they rarely release material anymore, they are still able to sell out Madison Square Garden. Primus definitely feels bigger than only three dudes. Two of the best trios in rock history are celebrating anniversaries this week. In music, ‘trio’ usually stands for a band of three performers. Drummers probably weren’t overly stoked about this, but it’s a widely known fact that no one cares what drummers think. These trios didn’t crack our list of the 10 best in rock history, but we wanted to acknowledge them regardless. They didn’t. They performed a series of concerts from the early 1990s to the 2000s, and are often credited for the revival of classical music in the late 20th century. These famous trios have been influencing style, culture, and sound for … Yet in those three years they established the template that would be used by power trios for years to come. And they were incredibly popular, with a litany of platinum albums and high-charting singles that have become icons of their era. Clapton frequently complained about the volume of Bruce’s bass amp, and during one show, stopped playing just to see if the rest of the band noticed. Hard. They also set themselves apart by being so bass-driven, like somehow the instrumentation is different. Rush, however, is anything but simple. Andy Summers was nearly a decade older than them and an established guitar player. If it is, get more cymbals. The combination of Sting’s determination, Summers’ skill and Copeland’s manic time-keeping are what made The Police the dynamic, combustible rocket ship they ended up being, hitching their wagon to punk, but bringing along elements of reggae, ska, and jazz; helping to then usher in the New Wave era. Yet the world noticed when Cream disbanded because they had witnessed a comet, a rarity that’s stay was brief, but had a significant impact and left a lasting legacy. The OGs of the power trio game, as well as what is generally considered to be the first supergroup, Cream made the rock power trio a legitimate enterprise and a force to be reckoned with. They were a band, but they were definitely Nowell’s band, acting out his vision and dream – a mix of the roots reggae, ska, and hardcore punk that informed Nowell’s childhood. They were three sticks of dynamite with a fuse that was roughly three years long. Famous Trios in Music. Sting wasn’t all that interested, but saw the commercial potential and decided he was in. Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce were all ex-pats from other bands and came together with massive egos, simmering feuds and lofty goals. One of the most famous trios of opera music, Spanish singers Plácido Domingo and José Carreras collaborated with the Italian Opera legend Luciano Pavarotti to form The Three Tenors. Bigger and louder amps – along with the rise in popularity of the electric bass in the mid ’60s – helped open the door for bands to eschew fourth and fifth members. But those talents pooled together created something bigger than each of them could create on their own. Motorhead, because they are probably one of the only metal power trios out there, and Lemmy is a God among men who we also hope gets better soon. It’s just soaked in Texas blues and barbecue. The Best Trios In Music. First though, let’s give some shoutouts. The fact that Green Day is still around and still popular some 20 years after they made it big is really nothing short of a miracle. You can’t have a weak link in a power trio, everyone involved has to uphold their end of the bargain. Cream existed and operated on such a high level due to the immense talent of the band’s members; all three owned their respective corners and had little problem carrying their own weight.


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