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an eq is the emotional intelligence of yourself common for weibo: names: gg- 哥哥( Babyval June 3 Source:, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Eliza Sam was full of anxiety when shooting new drama after her pregnancy, TV King Kenneth Ma hated to be labelled as “third party”. (loosely translated as what they really use in Viet-translation is food of the world/people - commonly used for mortals). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Hapa community for multiracial Eurasians, Blasians, Quapas, Hāfus (ハーフ), Hùnxuè'ér (混血儿), Luk khrueng (ลูกครึ่ง) honhyeol (혼혈), Tisoy, Amerasians (Mỹ lai). However, China is a big country and Han is the ethnicity of assimilation. Started January 25, 2016, By Archived. IMO he’s very handsome and his look is more relatable to me. People who live in warmer climates tend to have more melanin) + China is a big country which used to be made of many smaller states and border a lot of countries = large variety of appearances from region to region even within Han ethnic group, non wisthanding ethnic groups like Tajiks or Uiyger. The same year, he starred in the fantasy drama, Swords of Legends. If it wasn't for their amazing chemistry & acting, DH & FJ would be extremely annoying. Well, it’s always relative. Guess what you like Liu Yifei's first trailer for … ^ I just watched this even though I don't understand Chinese. Hence, Diliraba placed both of her hands around Weiguang’s neck and made the first move to kiss him. First, Chinese isn't an ethnicity. Well, it could be just a normal gift...and they are open enough to mention it in weibo, not fearing ppl would spot it. They made the characters come to live. I think yangmi just threw them in to promote her actors but definitely didn't think that they would be so popular. why do ppl worship european looking chinese faces? I love Vengo & Dilraba! Shocked to find out this actor is 100% mainland Chinese (Gao Weiguang) Close. Liza Wang and Eric Tsang showed their anger openly, Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen are separated long ago; She files for divorce, Wuhan Virus: Patrick Tse, Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen sought treatments from the same doctor. It was so unfair that they didn't even get one kiss scene. not very good looking. Chinese guys near Afghanistan look like this. Was hilarious, especially the part where Gao Wei Guang bites the MC during the fitness game. I believe that if they should be given more meaningful stories and roles in the future their chemistry will develop so much more and for the better. [1] He made his acting debut in the 2014 web series, V Love. In the series, Diliraba dreamed that she was clueless about telling her father about her love for Weiguang when he was discussing about her future marriage. They have the best chemistry with each other. 高伟光情商 - gwg eq- gao weiguang emotional quotient/intelligence you know how there's an iq? the fan basically posted two times where rb was asked ab ", @triplesung Ok. Enjoy watching the copyrighted content anywhere, anytime! The last couple outside Changmin that influenced me to a point was Chen Qiao En and Lin Mingdao of Taiwanese Entertainment in the mid 2000's way before Chen Qiao En's popularity skyrocketed in China. Gao Weiguang (Chinese: 高伟光, born 16 January 1983) is a Chinese actor. VG: *sighs* Forget it... that year it was I who broke your heart. Because Asian women fantasize about being Eurasian, rather than appreciating hapa male faces aesthetically, Asian men have more robust features that are more classically masculine. 100% chinese doesn't mean doesn't have some russian or uzbek in his distant family history...and those genes came out and said hello. Someone like Hu Bing or Godfrey Gao makes the average hapa guy look like a Sheldon cooper. Hopefully we will get to see sweet scenes of Diliraba and Weiguang again. You really agree to be with me? average chinese guys look better. Can someone provide translation for these? And the reality is that I just had the right genes to make me into a 1% and yeah having non white coloring and my mother's masculine Asian features is probably why. But in general, these varieties in appearance are normal in China and people don't think about it. names:  Problem is that many don't take care of their appearance; probably because the rewards within their culture don't encourage them to make an effort, Someone like Hu Bing or Godfrey Gao makes the average hapa guy look like a Sheldon cooper, Hapa worship needs to stop. So any white sexpat can just pump and dump his way across China and their kids will be accepted as Chinese? In the Chinese language/classification system, Chinese simply refers to China as a state or civilization. That's why they're so nebbish like TerryTV, I've known hapa guys including my own brother who go into a rage when I come around and start trying to bring me down for looking more Asian than them. 9 thoughts on “ Love Bug Report: Vengo Gao caught shirtless at a Hotel ” peach on March 31, 2017 at 1:40 am said: Agree with the comments here about the chemistry between Dilraba and Vengo lol… I can’t see the sparks between them, even in 3L3W.


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