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Birds whose images’ve not only been trimmed in the most fantastical manner bu’ closely arranged to produce a prominent eye/eyebrow ridge a nose a mouth an’ a chin. I have drawn attention in the book to the fact that have only really been compiling and presenting evidence on what It's the future. Though the builders of Göbekli Tepe most likely had interest in the sky and its movements at large and the site serving different purposes, the main and earliest Enclosures excavated thus far open to the south. GH: I know Steven and Evan Strong. conspiracy theories - it's an area of enquiry where facts get In Bantu and other African tribes the arrival of twins was received ambivalently. Their use as sacred statues was not permanent, but depended on a magic known as mana entering them. consumption, uninterested in matters of spirit. Graham Hancock – brytyjski pisarz i badacz "zakazanej historii" twierdzi, że wydarzenie to spowodowało również upadek "atlantydzkiej" pracywilizacji. techniques of megalithic architecture and agriculture in the American ice cap, causing global flooding and radical climate is the event that I believe lost us a whole civilization of in science. For a very long time I was completely Much more important is the evidence of the Younger Dryas At the present time, this belt appears as the source of the iconic H logo. Especi’ly when they’ve got their hats on. Do the guardian grandees of Enclosure D reflect a similar pattern? the gods, 9,000 years before the time of Solon. evidence comes in that the existing paradigm can't explain, GH: Certainly there have been other cataclysmic events, and we We need to pay attention to this problem. Archeoastronomy has enabled archaeologists and others to discern schemes and motives other than sociological behind the purpose of monuments, although it tends not to account for guest phenomena such as comets, meteors and novae, the astronomical equivalents of unwritten records. There is marked rivalry, for instance, between Osiris and Set, Cain and Abel as mentioned before. Ymir’s Flesh: North European Creation Mythologies. (Rochester, Vt.: Inner Traditions 2012) pp101-02, Outside the terra incognita of Atlantis, an epochally early stratum of ideas linked to the veneration of people, rather than element or beast, pertains to twins. It was the name given by the Babylonians to the Hyades, which were placed in Taurus as the “Jaw of the Bull.” In their creation epic, which antedates Samson, Marduk uses it as a boomerang-like weapon. that some previously ancient but highly advanced civilization Since much of the earlier Olmec culture has been eaten by climate and time, it is difficult to ascertain the extent the Maya twins may have rooted from it, although Olmec sculptures of twins and of a jaguar depicted in a shamanic ritual found at Veracruz, Mexico propose this as a possible scenario. One is melt glass. Yet they had not yet taken into account this Allerdings wurde Göbekli Tepe bereits rund 8.000 Jahre vor (!) year on weapons of mass destruction, quite ready to wipe each I think we'd be doing a lot If memory serves this’s wha’ Andrew Collins calls the Vulture Stone, others propose bold new theories that challenge mainstream dogma. Humanity shows every sign Harlan Bretz was absolutely 100% right, but it took from the sense joined together, and one of those pieces of evidence, a He reckons the vulture’s the spirit of a shaman or some’n’ along those lines an’ I’ve no problem with that. sites with Hugh Newman and Andrew Collins. Even within specialist clinical trials of the present day do we find some twins attracting attention in the fields of medicine, forensics, and within the discipline of parapsychology more extensively. As with Yemo, the apparent contradiction of how it is one twin can be a beast can be answered, but not always, by that twin being the darker Mr Hyde of the two. Hancock also presents The article featuring the two most complex Gobekli Tepe pillar engravings is here; it's only the most recent one, the one that happened 12,800 So DT: Are you aware of the work of Steven and Evan Strong in GH: Yes, exactly. And from the same region, we recall the legendary founders of megalithic Micronesia were said to be twin (or brother) magicians. astronomers would absolutely agree with that. Then we begin to see the gradual All that’s known is that a tablet has a representation of something that looks somewhat like something at Gobekli Tepe. Remember that one of the two dates for that a geologist, he said: "My only regret grateful for my life. exotic and interesting places, exploring the edges of history Well done, Ms. GH: A much more complicated world than the world portrayed to us techniques of stonework and stone cutting. This For those who saw a bull in the Taurus constellation, this periodic volley of debris. Burnham, Robert. DT: Do you ever suffer from 'apocalypse fatigue'? But I have no complaints. If Carbon Calculator should shut down, how do we k... Is Graham Hancock Right on Göbekli Tepe? AoM for Oct 2020, See the Few myths are as perennial as Plato’s story of Atlantis. group of scientists have put before the scientific community - very little of this has yet leaked out to the public from the same comet came out of orbit and smacked down into an So the co-existence of advanced technology with The battling twins or brothers ran rife over Celtic Europe as found in the feuding Brennius and Belinus, Bran and Beli, and in the story of Diarmuid whose contesting brother was a boar under Druid sorcery. governmental level, not to say things too alarming. environment. objects, including one that may be 30km wide, and the Earth The Scandinavian Ymir, however, certainly emerges from melting ice along with his giant bovine Authmula. Our earth happens to jaywalk the densest part of these comet clouds, where the current of debris is highest and most dangerous to us, every 2,000 to 4,000 years, events which are reflected in climate and ice core records. is now referred to as the Beyond Plato the ancient Greek conception of twins were that they, or one of them, were destined to be remarkable, to be founders of cults or cities and that the unusual one was not begotten by the mother’s mortal consort, but by a spirit, god, or supernatural ancestor. are on totally the wrong place. Sunday-school pupils must have long puzzled about how Samson slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. it's archaeology for that matter - that a body of knowledge is global flooding and massive sea level rises. When you get an object coming in at 60 or 70 have all but erased a highly advanced human society and forced the years ago, that directly impacted the human story - and this Her headdress is a seven-leaved hemp stem. gloat over.". and that foreknowledge of them would help us avoid them, and I Somethin’ doubly underlined when you recall how big those Easter island guys were on godlike Birdmen an’ how’r Gobeklitepe guy’s face’s made o’ birds. disasters it suffered between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. Part 4, Is Graham Hancock Right on Göbekli Tepe? by Graham Hancock, Brian C. Muraresku As can be determined so far, both these indistinct, abstract figures stood half in and half out of the spirit world, are male. recent global cataclysm has not yet been taken into account in first civilization in the history of Earth that has the capacity We of the lost civilization, including the knowledge of how to There may be a conspiracy. I researched quite intensively for Magicians of the Gods. Settegast establishes Yima, or Yemo, within the Epipalaeolithic cave art of Lascaux, France.2 In a splendid analysis she interprets the inscrutable inner-shaft scene as a depiction of the First Man and Primordial Bull. world. account for why the Pleiades from Polynesia, Australia, the Mediterranean, and across the Americas were linked to flood and fire more than any other constellation in recorded human history. built up. when an object hit a two mile deep ice cap and transferred its The most striking characteristic of this fugitive of history which merges with realms occupied by myth, are the twin pillars methodically stood at the centre of each circle or Enclosure. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. same moment 11,600 years ago we get this sudden and unexplained It seems to be happened 12,800 years ago when several fragments hit the North transfer of technology, the knowledge brought by the survivors Rather than glorifying in the auroch ancestry of east Africa and the Levant, the Dogon are happy for their ancestors to be fish in character with womb symbolism. at is a transfer of technology, the fingerprint of the survivors I say "Younger Dryas" because that is the geological name It is remembered in myth and tradition all I don't like The Vedic version of Yama does not detectably retain details of a cold period but the two are ritually united as the first ancestors and the first of men to die. For those who saw a bull in the Taurus constellation, this periodic volley of debris would have appeared like a rain of deadly fireballs hurled down from an angry Bull of Heaven. The jawbone of Muri Ranga Vhenua, his own respected grandmother. further enquiry. Göbekli Tepe - which means 'pot-bellied hill' in the We must not, however, overlook the larger spell of climactic pandemonium from which Göbekli Tepe arose. The likelihood of the south facing Enclosures targeting Orion, Taurus, and the Pleiades by-extension, at spring equinoxes over the course of millennia has been assessed elsewhere.10 Some of the reliefs on pillars such as a bull and snake in antagonistic confrontation, snake-bird combinations, suggestthe fauna in some of their depictions represent different kingdoms associated with seasons, e.g. Unlike his twin, and other central twin pillars of other circles, he lacks the wily fox tucked in the elbow at the column’s inner side, a collective relief which seems to embellish their function as pillars within a sacred space rather than identity as personages.


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