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Hey, it was great hanging out, but I've gotta run. “I didn't know anyone else heard that,” she sputtered. Slowly Stacie took Aubrey hair. “I mean, who even is Rebecca Gorin?” Erin huffed later. Holtzmann tugged her goggles down so that they hung around her neck. I also felt like she and Erin are super into each other but would never address it unless something happened that MADE them address it, so. But she couldn't take her eyes off the table in front of them. She takes a pen. “So why did you say it?”, Erin took a deep breath. So instead of ignoring the text, Erin had responded with a text punctuated by exclamation points that she'd love to see her friend again. But she saw that Beca was checking her out. Aubrey and Alice looked shocked and discussed. The group frozen for a minute. “Erin,” she said with a deep frown. It was nice of Abby to take in their receptionist, who had apparently been homeless and completely helpless before Abby had gone into full mom mode and insisted he live with her. Erin finally calmed down enough to say yes. “I'm not Beth. When she asked if she could see the lab I didn't know what to say. So I made Holtzmann sound...undesirable because I didn't, you know, want someone else to desire her.”, Abby softened, but only a little. Chloe, Beca, Cynthia rose, Aubrey and Alice. It hurt Erin, but mostly it scared her. “Everything okay?” Erin asked her, heart thumping as she walked up to the other woman. Abby was also wrapped up in something, so Erin decided to casually wander over to where Holtzmann was tinkering with an invention. “It means you could never be interested in someone like me,” Erin said in a bitter voice. “Actually, um, I'm sort of...interested in somebody else now.”, “Really?” Abby's eyes got bigger, as did her smile. “That's not the issue here.” Abby folded her arms over her chest. Story written by Hayley and Naomi Franquiz, with the illustrations by Naomi. It was a straight shot down her street, so she knew Abby would be watching to make sure she didn't chicken out and turn around. Notes: I've had this idea kicking around for a few days but was too intimidated to write it down. “Okay.”, Erin dropped into a chair near the workbench. “So, tell me about Kevin and the toaster.”. But I' She danced with Abby, sang a made-up song to Patty about what toppings she wanted on her pizza, but didn't so much as smile at Erin. “Erin...I know you have a thing for Holtzmann and she's better off not sleeping with Beth anyway, but what you said really got to Holtz.”, Erin yanked her head back up to look at Abby. I'm not pretty or funny or anything, and I'm honestly surprised you haven't laughed in my face yet, because I'm such a los--” She didn't get to finish, because right at that moment Holtzmann strode around the workbench, grabbed Erin's chin, crouched down to her level, and kissed her. Art Style: bright, full-color, stylized. Put it in her mound. And we've been busy, too.”, “True.” Abby swirled the wine in her glass. Or something,” Erin said. Erin's mouth opened and closed. And took her gum in a hand. “You know, I'm glad we can do this; I love busting but it's nice to hang out outside of work, just the two of us, you know?”, “Yeah, I do,” Erin agreed, happy for the subject change. “I'll have my phone in case you need moral support.”, “Thanks.” Erin took a deep breath as she set off down the block. Gilbert, will you go on a date with me?”. And that's what she did. When Stacie arrived she looked to her left. based on the song gravel to tempo. except the faults Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor - [Beca M., Stacie] - Words: 501 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Published: 9/4/2016 - id: 12134393 Slowly Stacie walked to the middle. I've had this idea kicking around for a few days but was too intimidated to write it down.


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