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In conclusion, this drama is a must-see. Both Gil-ro and Seo-won must learn what it takes to uphold their sworn duty, even at the sacrifice of their happiness—and lives. It's so great, funny, and I just can't get enough of it. When they end up spending the night together and Yoo-mi leaves in the morning Jin-woo gets frustrated. After losing her 15-year old relationship with her boyfriend she asks John Kim to be her personal trainer and help her lose weight in return of not revealing his identity and whereabouts. It made me cry by the way, This should be way waaay higher in the list. Ended really well not leaving you wondering what happened to other characters in the show. Heroine is really greatest actor and got lot of awards also. I watched it from beginning to end non stop. best directing - just the best... you will cheer, laugh out loud and cry cry cry...I have watched it over and over again and I want to own it! He is interested in her from the very beginning but Bong-soon has her eyes on her childhood best-friend Guk-doo, a stoic police officer who likes innocent girls. Interestingly enough, this story is based on a series of true stories posting by a man named Ho-sik about his relationship with his girlfriend. It has moments that would make you feel sad, happy and even feel in love with the two characters. Friendship, love and so much more between these high schoolers that will get you thinking about life. I have watched many shows in gender bender dramas I.E. How will the director and the writer end this story? Kang Min-gu is 19 years old, hot-tempered high school senior and judo athlete. Yoo In-na’s character is extremely likable and you can’t help but root for and Dong-Wook’s character, even he is stone-cold at first, he loosens up around her and it is adorable! But in all ratings, you can definitely find three drama always placed or listed as best on all website, television and any other source. Though the two dramas have different plots but they were the same in entering a contract relationship. He really fit the character of Lee Yun Seong/City Hunter. The funny pace of the first half was good but as we slowly enter the second half it becomes emotional for a while before pulling back to the original mood of the story. Recently watched it. It's very entertaining. Because of the romance wrapped with comedy scenes it has. Dream High is definitely up there on my list of my top three favorite K-Dramas. He allows her to stay by his side on a few conditions. This drama is inspired by an actual classical Joseon legend. It have a great and realistic ending too! They grow closer over the trip and that one-night-stand Jae-Hyeon mention doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'godofsmallthing_com-leader-3','ezslot_14',119,'0','0'])); Some people do find faults in the movies, but it is what it is, a simple romantic movie. Breaking the cliches, this drama will sure be difficult to top for me. Total fun. He makes his living by working in a pest extermination company. The team works on different cases such as suicides, homicides, hostage situations, and terrorist attacks. This is her punishment for being unable to repay a debt. For my many years of being a drama addict, this is really my first time I enjoyed watching a medical drama. A quite adorable opposites-attract romance that will make you smile all the way, you might shed a few tears here and there too. You will fall in love with all the main characters including all the sub personalities. He just gets evicted when his mother cuts him off. Joon-soo confesses his love for Hyun-woo in school but she flat out rejects him in public. will forever be one of my favorites. This show has incredible chemistry between the protagonists and the plot is quite unique and interesting. This is a must watch drama for all Korean drama lovers. Her grandfather has a strong influence, so despite the opposition of both Bo-eun and Sang-min, they are forced to carry out his pre-arranged arrange marriage. Her is my favorite character and will forever be in my heart. A slowly blossoming romance between a rising magician and a woman who can apparently see ghosts. Meari has always had a crush on Yoon; however, he refuses to give in to his feelings and jeopardize his friendship with Tae-san. The best Episode is Episode 18! But when he meets a young man who dreams of becoming a police officer, he trains this man, and together they fight against evil. A sweet and adorable Korean romantic comedy movie with a simple story with brilliant acting and gags. Here are a few suggestions: *Every Link will open in New Tab because we your experience with us matters*eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'godofsmallthing_com-netboard-1','ezslot_21',127,'0','0'])); One of the best Korean Romantic comedy-dramas, Oh My Venus is one of the first drama I ever watched. Their store will do pretty much anything for a customer, including dressing as Santa Claus, or providing security for an idol star. Everything about one of the best Korean romantic dramas is perfect. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'godofsmallthing_com-leader-1','ezslot_16',114,'0','0'])); She refuses to hold up the marriage and lives a double life at her school and dates her crush, pretending to not be married. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. This was my favorite Korean-romantic comedy-drama of 2014. The 14 Most Romantic Korean Dramas. The supporting cast also has a good chemistry as well. The suspenseful and the creepy acting we get from the antagonist, the murderer did a great job making his actor unlikable. I was slightly annoyed by park shin he's character when she kept on pushing Enrique away. He is a child who got famous doing food commercials because of his healthy appetite. It is deep. But he starts having to re-evaluate his whole future when he falls into a one-sided love for the first time in his life. And there is no doubt; she's good in comedy. This drama has so many surprises, that's why you need to find out yourself.The scenes is great! Soo-wan, who had been blind, eventually undergoes an eye transplant surgery that restores her sight. Should I tell you that I'm also a fan of Han Ye-seul? From the beginning, you know that there will be an happy ending, so what makes great them is both the plot and the acting (and the script). She joins as his secretary when she lacks basic skills such as transferring a phone call. Will Soo Wan realize that Doctor Dylan Park is her first love, Park Dong Joo? Probably not. And the struggle of the program's writer to succeed with her passion in writing. girl acting as a boy. She walks miles to save on bus fare and even denounces anything that might cost her money. Are you done watching the most popular dramas and are looking for more? This is a sci-fi melodrama that narrates the story of a robot that is made to impersonate a chaebol heir who is in a coma during a corporate power struggle. Commendable actors that portray an array of emotions from joy and tears to suffering and love. One day, Cha Dae Woong unintentionally frees a … She works multiple different part-time jobs to earn for her family who is very kind-natured and stubbornly independent. The story is very well written, not a single episode is boring and it has some very good characters and the actors have played the roles perfectly. Every scene with Ryan and Deok-mi always made me smile and it was quite romantic! Fun fact: It is based on a novel this drama took over the world with millions of viewers on streaming sites like DramaCool and Viki Rakuten worldwide! It shows that love goes beyond even your own expectations. This show! I look forward to watching him in Gangham... Can't remember the full title.Kumawo (one of the many Korean words I've learnt from watching dramas). THIS SHOULD BE ONE OF THE TOP 5, my goddnness. There's no single boring episode or dead scene. Honestly, EK is also a recommended drama if you want to know the other side of Jang-wook. Let us know in the comment which one would you advise your friend to watch or which drama we missed out in that list according to you. Gil Ra I'm will always be one of my fave K drama heroines because she was strong, funny and independent. Hope one day I am lucky enough to travel to this country. I can't get over this drama. He did an amazing job playing a puppy-lover, he never leaves her side no matter what. This drama really teaches about life and love. It unfolds the past really well and its always got me thinking since it started with a flashback with a few clues. Definitely not a very serious story, but has some powerful meanings and lessons hidden in there. Everything that you watched in this Drama is Flawlessly Perfect and Totally Awesome. I can see how this Korean Romantic comedy movie really secures a place in romantic comedy lovers. This was not my first drama, it was about my seventh, I have also watched almost 100 dramas since the beginning of this year, including Taiwanese and Japanese dramas, met many actors along the way that are now my favorite, have seen 8/10 on this list, and many of the recommended best and recommended underrated, but Coffee Prince remains my top drama of all time for a number of reasons, YEH/GY made a perfect pair, and the other princes were hilarious, great cast, fantastic script, great second leads real love story...I absolutely think Yoon Eun Hye is a brilliant actress, the CP PD in a NY interview called her a genius. It is a combination of well-chosen celebrities whom I considered as talented and has the skills. It taught me a lot and made me feel as if I can actually change a person and go through hard obstacles by myself and not by myself. watch highlights of his amazing performance and other top 15players with Most sixes t20 cricket, With some surprising Cocal Facts to when was coca-cola invented and more. The drama is based on revenge but it is actually more light, don't expect much on that side. The actors really got me crying, laughing, etc. One of my favorite. Bong-hee gets falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend and Ji-Wook loses his job defending her in court. , he was like a different character! I loved the fact that the girl attended a Boys School and already has shown how strong she is. I have never in my existence been so emotionally invested in a drama that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. I was immensely surprised to find out she was only 22! The plot, the action scenes, the sweet lowkey romance, everything was perfect. Why watch? One of the most underrated shows I believe. He hides his past from other people and lives a normal life. Tells about Cha Dae Woong (Lee Seung Gi), a student from a wealthy family who wants to become a famous action actor. I loved him so much he was so cute in this role, he was also have this mature moment in the right time, and I loved him so much!this is the first time watching Lee Bo Young, and as Jang Hye Sung, I guess she is really a talented actress, she was super funny as a lawyer , and she was so strong, and that's what made me crazy about her, I fed up from the weak dreamy little girl who cries for her lover 24 7 in kdramas, so watching her was like being happy as woman !the whole cas was great, and I like Yoon Sang ...more, Very different and unpredictable bust most certainly worth the watch. This is one of my favourites! Loved it! Even though their is a major age difference between the lead roles the did seem to act and feel like they were 18 year olds. Why is this not in the top 10? Then sure, it must be attract by all kind of people. Well, his one of the best antagonist and a protagonist at the same time. This drama takes place in a mythical land called Arth, the native of the ancient city of Arthdal is in difficulty of power struggles. Together with his manager and staff, they did their best to reach success while battling against a food conglomerate. Woo-Yeon is a PE teacher at a high school, he finds a wedding invitation card sent by a woman Hwan Seung-he.


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