how to wash spin mop head in washing machine
A “rag load” is the perfect time to wash a mop head in the washing machine. A spin mop can be washed either by hand or by using a washing machine. Allow the spin mop head to dry either by hanging it outside on a clothesline with the mop head hanging upside down. If needed, run the spin mop head through the … Drying your spin mop head Wring your mop out as much as you can. We recommended SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine for cleaning spin mop head easily. Do not put your mop head in the washing machine with your everyday clothes. There may still be debris picked up from the floor that can stick to other clothes. It would be wise to say the more hygienic way would be to use a washing machine to avoid exposing your hands to bacteria and germs. Once you’ve finished preparing the potion, let your mop head sit in the mixture and soak for thirty minutes. Sunshine will kill all the bacteria, that’s why drying your spin mop head outside is the best way. After that, get it out and rinse it under running water until all the bleach comes out. The ratio of the potion mixture is half warm water and half bleach.


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