hudson henry granola
Not this. The texture and taste of your granola is perfect . I placed a small order just to give it a try and the day i received it placed an additional order 4 times as big . What’s Behind the Taste of Hudson Henry Granola? Our Hudson Henry Granola is light, crisp and incredibly delicious! It is the Happy Camper Cannonball, and we can not wait to try it! Be well and safe! -- Hope. Our original granola recipe, Maple, Pecans & Coconut is the ideal balance of sweet and savory. I can just imagine the pie topped with Hudson Henry Granola. Kim:  Last question. When I talk with soon-to-be entrepreneurs, I always say “why would Kathie Lee hold up your product on air? Yummy in every way, and every day--now for at least 5+ years! As far as entrepreneurial success, I think for me it is having just one great (somewhat unique) product (and only a few flavors). !” Orders came pouring in, and it was the most exciting day. The granola burst with flavor and with sales. To go behind the scenes of this popular Virginia brand, I contacted Hope Lawrence. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! From Feast! Hooray! package, Pack of 3… $34.99 ($0.97 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. “This is like granola from heaven”—Rachel, March 3, 2017, Amazon Review. Created in the small community of Palmyra, VA, the Hudson Henry Baking Company recently won two Sofi Awards. Yes, we are still open! I didn't really care for granola before I tried this - they were all bland or super sweet, or worst of all, way too hard. Can you share with us just one family secret to entrepreneurial success? We are baking with a smaller team and keeping our distances, so your order might take a day or two longer. On a special note, Sugar & Salt has created a collaboration Cannonball with Hudson Henry Granola. She enjoys interviewing entrepreneurs, chefs, and craft beverage makers. We are baking with a smaller team and keeping our distances, so your order might take a day or two longer. We hear the words “addictive”, “delicious” and “best granola ever” thrown around pretty frequently. The Gold for our Maple, Pecans and Coconut granola and the Silver for our Cashews & Coconut granola! Virginia Trends: Dog-Friendly Tasting Rooms, Buffalo Bill in the Limelight Across Virginia, Pan-Seared Pork Chop with Apple Cider Dijon Sauce…, Tasty Inventions – Out of Crisis Comes Ingenuity, S’mores Martini from Campfire Grill at Massanutten Resort, Virginia’s Craft Beverage Trails are OPEN, Celebrating Brunch at Upper Shirley Vineyards, Event Calendar – (On Hold Until After COVID-19), Banana Bread Recipe with Hudson Henry Granola - Dine, Wine & Stein, Chef Recipe Collection – 2020 eBook Collection. hello! Hope:  We really need to do a nut-free version and are working on it. ... Light, crisp, and absolutely delicious! Between the big flake coconut, real maple syrup and crunchy pecans – we’re inclined to agree. Every bit counts! Yes, we are still open! I am a customer for life . In a Virginia county that only has one stoplight, a business is creating granola that is being awarded the prestigious sofi Award. I love the feeling of doing something to help others…rather than just feeling overwhelmed by the world’s problems and feeling helpless. You can find Kim traveling in her mobile office, a Winnebago RV named “Ruby”. Kim:  I was first introduced to Hudson Henry Granola at Sugar & Salt bakery in Palmyra, Virginia. The service was fast and everything was just as I ordered. There’s nothing we love more than sending the gift of granola! We use great ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, pecans and pistachios. In 2017, we were awarded two sofi awards. If you were going to create a special Thanksgiving recipe, including Hudson Henry Granola, what would it be? This item: Hudson Henry Granola, Variety Pack (Pecan, Cashew, Pistachios granolas) - 12 oz. One Virginia entrepreneur introduced me to another entrepreneur and a new Virginia flavor. Orders received Thursday afternoon may not make it out the door until Monday. The boys get involved with picking charities, and customers can give suggestions. Kim:  Hope, first tell me about the business name, Hudson Henry. in Charlottesville to Libbie’s in Richmond, Taste in the Norfolk/VA Beach area, and Homestead Creamery near SML. Hope:   Short story – it was named after my two sons – Hudson and Henry. Do you have a favorite? From the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market to Amazon sales, this small-town granola has crossed the United States. And we made a savory Rosemary batch that made everyone swoon. Kim Chappell is an author, freelance writer and Executive Editor for Dine Wine & Stein Magazine. I discovered this granola in a cute Southern California shop, but one I can’t get to very often. So I ordered more directly and all the flavors are so delicious. Fall in Virginia means hikes on mountain trails, apple picking, picnics, farm markets, and warm apple pie. Everyone loved the granola, and the bag was quickly enjoyed. What’s in the future for the Hudson Henry Baking Company? And such a funny story – we had no clue we were going to be on the show. In 2019 we were awarded the Silver sofi for our Maple, Pecans and Coconut granola! Hope:  Hands down, getting the granola on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda was life-changing. We are baking with a smaller team and keeping our distances, so your order might take a day or two longer. I like going behind the scenes with the founders of popular Virginia brands. Welcome to the Hudson Henry Baking Co. Small batch granola. Can you tell us one aspect of your business that you feel pushed Hudson Henry onto the national market? Yes, we are still open! It is your way to give back to the community. Cashews & Coconut, Maple Pecans & Coconut, Pistachios Almonds & Coconut, Pecans & Chocolate or is it Maple & Walnut. Kim:  Ok, I am going to create an updated version of my family apple pie recipe and include Hudson Henry Granola. So our ingredients and our texture are a bit unique – the granola is very light and crisp. I would say the Maple, Pecans, and Coconut is my favorite, but the addition of the dark chocolate chips in the Pecans & Chocolate takes it up a notch. Still $6 flat rate shipping or free shipping with purchase over $50. 2019 Silver sofi winner, What’s their secret? Be well and safe! Kim:  In five years, Hudson Henry granola escalated from weekend sales at the Charlottesville Farmer’s Market to national exposure and sales. It’s my go-to breakfast every day now! A family-founded business that went from the Charlottesville Farmers Market to the Today Show in less than five years caught my attention. hello! Still $6 flat rate shipping or free shipping with purchase over $50. Hudson Henry Granola, crafted by Hudson Henry Baking Company, will satisfy your granola craving. We also love the granola mixed into the topping of the sweet potato casserole! Hope:  I had wanted to donate to charity for years through Hudson Henry but always felt like what I could give was “too small.”  Finally, I said – let’s just do it. -- Hope. All of those things remind me of Hudson Henry Granola. We’ll be sure to leave out any packing slips with pricing details. Simple math, simple to do. We do our best to ship all orders received between Monday and Thursday morning within two business days. p.s. So we give 1% of revenue to charities each month. Can you give the DW&S readers a sneak peek into a future granola flavor? Kim:  Fall reminds me of my grandmother’s apple pie. Hope:  It’s tough. I shared the granola with family and friends. I am hoping we can get both of those out in 2019 (if not before). "This granola is what all other granolas strive to be. An award-winning granola pair perfectly with crisp apples, tops homemade pie and makes the perfect snack for any Fall adventure. Hudson Henry Granola was first sold at the Charlottesville Farmers Market in 2012. I stopped by Sugar & Salt Bakery to pick up some of their famous Cannonballs. Kim:  While researching Hudson Henry Baking Company, I read about Small + Mighty. As a former marketing and business development executive, she strives to promote Virginia products and tourism. Kim travels the backroads, looking for the new and untold story. Light, crisp, and absolutely delicious! To go behind the scenes of this popular Virginia brand, I contacted Hope Lawrence. 1.7K likes. Hope:  We are in a wide number of shops throughout Virginia. The Sofi Awards are like the Oscars of the food industry. Although now and then I will have a handful of the Cashews & Coconut and think “oh my gosh, this is good.”  Tough to pick just one!! Or I love an apple or rhubarb crumble with the granola in the topping. I left with Cannonballs and a bag of Hudson Henry Granola. Hudson Henry recently won a Gold Sofi for their Maple, Pecan and Coconut Granola and they won a Silver Sofi for their Cashews & Coconut variety. What’s the story behind the name? Hope:  I have ground up the granola and used it in the crust of a pie, which was delicious.


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