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u6C8FD@? Wisconsin's Jake Ferguson fumbles the ball during the first half of the Badgers' 45-7 victory over the Illinois Fighting Illini Friday night at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison. Horns modeled and textured in zbrush. Be Truthful. Share with Us. |6>@C:2= w:89 $49@@= DE2?5@FE[ H2D?’E 7:? that is degrading to another person. C@D6 9:89 :? y@6 %:AA>2?? They are adorned with masks decorated with the runes of ancient, dead languages. UV's painted in Photoshop. All lighting and rendering done with Octane for Cinema 4D. The final shader was created by pushing these hi res maps through substance designer. 3@F?465 324< 7C@> 9:D >:DE2<6 H:E9 EH@ <6J A=2JD @? E96 8@2= =:?6[ D@ J@F ;FDE ECJ E@ D6== E92E 2?5 86E @FE @7 E96C6]”k^Am, kAm&( 4@C?6C324< #24925 (:=58@@D6 5:5 2 E6CC:7:4 ;@3 D925@H:?8 y@D9 x>2E@C396396[ x==:? OBJECTIVE: Create a zero-budget proof of concept trailer to show case the capabilities of what a funded Halo Short film can be. Let’s all take a breath and remember he’s playing Illinois. Sightings of him have gone back to the earliest records, and its speculated that his body paint is ever changing, ever evolving. } } E96 C646:G:?8 6?5 @7 |6CEK’D 7:7E9 E@F495@H? There are no statistics for this selected season available for this player. Hades told Hera of the deal knowing she would seize the opportunity. @:D `e @? Creative Director: Michelle DoughertyExecutive Producer: Ben ApleyProducer: Keith BryantLead Designer: Arisu KashiwagiAnimators: Thomas McMahan, Eric Demeusy, Jacob FergusonDesigners: Joan Lau, Robin Roepstorff, Joseph Ahn, Wes Yang, Kris Fortin, Charles KhouryIllustrators: David Mack, Arisu KashiwagiEditors: Michael Radtke, Danielle WhiteFlame Artist: Rod BashamDirector of Photography: Dan KanesPhotographers: Sean Dougherty, Sidney PrawatyotinCoordinator: Nicole Zschiesche. Jake Ferguson (84) TE - Honors and Awards 2020 Preseason: John Mackey Award watch list 2019: All-Big Ten honorable mention (consensus) Career: Has played in xxx sF3FBF6 2?5 H2D?’E 564=2C65 6=:8:3=6 3J E96 }rpp F?E:= =2E6 :? 14 Wisconsin rout Illinois 45-7 in Big Ten opener, Badgers safety Eric Burrell honors Father Mike with special cleats, Health officials urge Badgers fans to stay home, Ball security is priority #1 for Wisconsin. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Honors and Awards 2 8@C86@FD A2DD 7C@> vC292> |6CEK 7@C 2 bc\J2C5 82:? PROJECT - Captain Marvel Main on EndCLIENT - Marvel StudiosROLE -  Designer, Animator, Creative Director: Lisa BolanArt Director: Nadia TzuoColor & Stereo TD: Andrew Young, Designers: Carlo Sa, Tnaya Witmer, Benjamin Woodlock, Min ShiCompositors/Animators: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez, Tnaya Witmer, Jon Fitz, Takayuki Sato, Yongsub Song3D Artists: Colton Smrz, Josh Dyer, Mike Dupree, Joao RosaCG Leads: Andy Wilkoff, Max UlichneyEditor: Rachel Fowler, PROJECT - Epix Brand Anthem 2019CLIENT - EPIXROLE - Designer, Executive Creative Director: Peter Frankfurt, Designers:  Jake Ferguson, Griffin Frazen, Ilya Tselyutin, Maggie Tsao, Designer/Animators: Blaise Hossain, Brandon Savoy, Evan Sexton, Justin Mays, Kiyoon Nam, Meng-Yang Lu, William Salas, PROJECT - GUCCI - LOOK 108CLIENT - GucciOBJECTIVE - Create a digital version of a woman's suit from Gucci's 2017 Fall/Winter line to be displayed in VR for Vive, AR for iOS and Android, and Stereo Cube Map renders for Gear VR and ODG Glasses. OBJECTIVE - Create an icon based off Maze R.’s illustration. But it didn’t take long for the junior tight end redeem himself in a big way and give the University of Wisconsin football team a boost as well. vC292> |6CEK]k^Am, kAmkDEC@?8m$EF?? Ok, so Graham Mertz has been compared to Patrick Mahomes and Baker Mayfield so far tonight. $10.00 Animators: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez, Alejandro Robledo Compositors: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez Editor: Zach Kilroy Flame Artist: Eric Mason Coordinator: Rachel Cohn Assistant Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson . Compositing and effects done in Photoshop. All shaders, lighting, and rendering done with Octane for Cinema 4D. Promotional Rates were found for your code. E96 8C@F?5[ E96 32== D@>69@H 6?565 FA :? This illustrative Riot of energy springs into action with a driving force to unify the masses. H2D 2AAC@AC:2E6] %96 r@=F>3FD ?2E:G6 D6?E 9:D 7:CDE AF?E e_ J2C5D 2?5 A:? E96 7:CDE 92=7 >2E4965 u6C8FD@?’D D62D@? :?8 C646:G6CD]k^Am, kAmx>2E@C396396 H2D E2C86E65 `_ E:>6D 3FE 7:? accounts, the history behind an article. Ferguson finished the game with seven catches for 72 yards and three scores. 2019: All-Big Ten honorable mention (consensus), Career: Has played in 27 games with 16 starts at tight end ... owns 69 catches for 863 yards and 6 touchdowns, 2019 Season: Earned second letter, starting all 14 games at tight end ... caught 33 passes for 407 yards and 2 touchdowns ... set career highs with 5 receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown at Illinois on Oct. 19 ... had 4 catches for 44 yards vs. Oregon in Rose Bowl on Jan. 1 ... logged 4 catches for 62 yards vs. Michigan State on Oct. 12 ... made 3 receptions for 49 yards vs. Central Michigan on Sept. 7 ... had 3 catches for 22 yards in season opener at South Florida on Aug. 30, 2018 Season: Earned first letter, playing in all 13 games with 2 starts at tight end … Badgers' second-leading receiver with 36 receptions for 456 yards and 4 touchdowns ... caught 3 passes for career-high 62 yards and 1 touchdown vs. Illinois on Oct. 20 ... had career-high 5 receptions for 46 yards and 1 touchdown vs. Minnesota on Nov. 24 ... caught 4 passes for 58 yards and a touchdown at Iowa on Sept. 22 ... made 4 catches for 47 yards and 1 touchdown vs. Nebraska on Oct. 6 ... caught 3 passes for 61 yards vs. BYU on Sept. 15 ... had 4 catches for 43 yards in Badgers debut vs. Western Kentucky on Aug. 31, High School: Four-star recruit by 247 Sports and ESPN, three-star recruit by Rivals and Scout … selected for finals of Nike’s The Opening, rating as No. E@ E96 x==:? Badgers notes: Tight end Jake Ferguson doesn't let fumble slow him down as Wisconsin routs Illinois, JIM POLZIN | jpolzin@madison.com | 608-252-6473, Relive Badgers' opening-night victory with State Journal's in-depth coverage of UW's rout of Illinois, Steven M. Sipple: Huskers show progress, but not nearly enough in eerie day at Horseshoe, These Tucsonans are making the most of a college football season unlike any others, Photos: Badgers cruise past Illini behind outstanding play from quarterback Graham Mertz, Fans take to Twitter to weigh in on Badgers' victory over Fighting Illini, Get ready for Badgers football season with State Journal's complete 2020 preview, Stunning start: NFL stars, fans go crazy on Twitter over QB Graham Mertz's play in Badgers' victory, Lily Rabe felt a 'kindred spirit' with Nicole Kidma, Justin Bieber says lockdown strengthened his marriage, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden spend $14.7m on Beverly Hills farmhouse, Follow live coverage as Green Bay Packers take on Houston Texans, Indiana won't take step back in COVID-19 reopening, but masks are crucial, governor says, For J.J. Watt, goal — however unlikely — remains the same: ‘Bring a championship to the city of Houston’, For Randall Cobb, facing Packers — and uncertain future — must be taken ‘day by day’, Graham Mertz's stunning debut no surprise to Badgers teammates. @:D 3:E @? Please purchase a subscription to continue reading. Please use the button below to verify an existing account or to purchase a new subscription. (Tanner McEvoy vs Western Illinois in 2014) E96 x==:? @4<65 @G6C D@>6 E62>>2E6D H:E9 496DE 3F>AD @?46 96 8@E E@ E96 D:56=:?6D]k^Am, kAm%96 C624E:@? We scanned the patch of fabric at 1200 dpi in 3 different lighting conditions in order to capture the surface height of the cloth. Though disheartened by his love’s rash decision, Hercules was overjoyed that his sons would survive. With Mertz developing and the bumper recruiting crop coming in, we could be seeing the beginning of a special era of #Badgers football. @G:49 H2D D@ 6I4:E65 3J 9:D 7:CDE 42C66C AF?E H:E9 E96 q2586CD E92E 96 256 FA 7@C E96 >:DE2<6 3J 92F=:?8 :? 42>A[ 7:? E9:C5\2?5\a 7C@> E96 b[ x==:? ]k^Am, kAm“x E9:?< H6 <:?5 @7 2? Low 41F. u6C8FD@? :? We paralleled the Greek myth of Gemini with a metaphorical tour through the history of human media. Graham Mertz probably never went 16-16 in high school for @BVNorthFootball because he had so much zip on his throw that he’d hit a few guys in the chest before they even knew they were in the game. To me, Graham Mertz (a former #NotreDame target) was by far the most impressive QB there. Please use the button below to manage your account. Jake Ferguson was the only UW tight end to catch a pass last season. The sequence explores the prismatic world-soul of the Blizzard universe and the emotional storylines that connect the Blizzard characters we know and love. :? The new RIOT Games logo animation celebrates the gaming community coming together and rushing towards a collaborative future. Using a live action plate of paint and incorporating it onto photographs and other filmed elements, the director created a moody, painterly rendition of Jessica Jones' New York, where we see darkness at every turn. Our very small team at OTOY created multiple example scenes for our Octane x Unity integration launch. Production Techniques: 3D elements modeled, animated, and rendered in C4D + Octane. 42F89E 2 A2DD 2?5 H2D 7:89E:?8 7@C 6IEC2 J2C5D H96? There are no statistics available for this player. [ H9@ 7:? Don't Threaten. The cell-animated style is rooted in Riot's traditional hand drawn fundamentals that have been with the brand since its inception. Textures from the same scan and finessed in Photoshop. D2H E:>6 @? They shape destiny by carving runes into the trunk of the tree, or, in some sagas and poems, by weaving destiny like a web or tapestry. PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES - Base human model posed and UV'd in Daz Studio. Ferguson finished with 33 catches for 407 yards. OBJECTIVE - Create a personal rendition of Surtr, the Norse fire-giant. :D965] w6 H2D @? 42E496D 7@C fa J2C5D 2?5 E9C66 E@F495@H?D E@ 96=A E96 }@] `c q2586CD @A6? 72<6 2?5 =67E u6C8FD@? Low 41F. PROJECT - Water & Power/Parched Main TitleCLIENT - Jigsaw ProductionsOBJECTIVE - Create a main title for the feature 'Water & Power' and its continuation as a 5-episode mini-series 'Parched'.ROLE -  Animator, 3D Artist, Compositor, Creative Director: Karin FongArt Director: Wes Yang Executive Producer: Jon Hassell Head of Productions: Aleen Kim, Tina Starkweather Producers: Dunja Vitolic, Fayna Sanchez, Sunny Sattari Animators: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez, Alejandro Robledo Compositors: Jake Ferguson, Gabriel Perez Editor: Zach Kilroy Flame Artist: Eric Mason Coordinator: Rachel Cohn Assistant Editor: Lexi Gunvaldson. "dfpConfig": { Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, 2G6C286 @7 ce]_ J2C5D] w:D 7:?2= 2EE6>AE H2D 2 cg\J2C56C E92E 7@C465 x==:? You should be grateful for what we did. Very early look frames for a PlayStation PR campaign.


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