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WagFamNola Dardo Jam6296 John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Neil Young & The International Harvesters. nufsaid kennyshabs vjtnj MoManMusic MarilynB pmantsourani BillyZCBB rslevin Find and share Live Aid Philadelphia setlists. USA For Africa - We Are The World (Live Aid 1985) - YouTube bilbo157 Irish7134 LanieB BettsSS Black Sabbath. follow ... John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA; So far there are setlists of 34 gigs. tomnielsen mayamar44 FedFan chrismoore62 T_E_B LittleSatan Laney Whitecamry brotherapostle Jhshark Billy Ocean. RE420 davesoucy Mnoblerocker "Bob told me, 'It doesn't matter a fuck what you sound like, just so long as you're there,'" recalled guitarist and singer Francis Rossi. dmcgeorge tateishome The Coldstream Guards band opened with the "Royal Salute", a brief version of the national anthem "God Save the Queen". 1985 marks the 2nd festival (4 total). vinylanimyl PLyons09 dame104 jonjordan Dparker67 SkinnyV Status Quo were the first act to appear and started their set with "Rockin' All Over the World", also playing "Caroline" and fan favourite "Don't Waste My Time". pwilke likecats Search Clear search text. cjf128 warchild1983 Havelin UMASSBBFAN Bob Dylan. northernlights FlippinRockStar. willcall jrnjr jpnaz12 FrankJac Jeepmansv amykw33 Bpflanz Teddy Pendergrass (center) with Ashford & Simpson at JFK Stadium for Live Aid (Getty Images) Teddy Pendergrass, the late Philly singer who performed in a … gonge Johnnyb67 This would be the band's last appearance with bassist and founder me… Ashford & Simpson. wndsrfr steverubin Organized by Boomtown Rats front man Bob Geldof and Ultravox vocalist Midge Ure, the event drew an estimated 1.5 billion television viewers and raised millions of dollars for famine relief in Ethiopia. Daveness Mczarko flamingomn jstray60 LoganFive musiclady teddydmz SpotTheLooney JimMaher fb:1329429199 vkochhar rjwalto (Hide) setlist.fm Add Setlist. KevinGleason13 Dsweigle65 Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Live Aid 1985) - YouTube ProggerPA weirdnarwhal Live Aid, benefit concert held simultaneously at Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia on July 13, 1985. cbirdfly rcnewman gautnje Sign in to get statistics for your attended concerts! Popguy bcfymunro Codeedog concertaholic Josey63 bronxapostle Prufrock geffer Wjbrennan3 SgtRock1965 Deadhead1 deeziiner Dionlo maddogwebber jbizzle cbonshep Mike88151 spitshine Joshh2o ErikHafer GuitarpickBob Kenconcerts floydfanatic "Thanks for the fucking honesty, Sir Bob." 5Archer xraydoc201 Launcelot MrCoffeehouse Saturday, July 13, 1985. jmahanes Firemandave MetalheadRog mcgwirecom Incorrect? MattGaynor ksgman barnaj DerekStTufnel altobelli jaybird33 JT_Comp Gkudrna Spiritdance kubacheck tmunley soalivetoday bluehens ConcertEdB ssjesus1 RonYoungJr RCee fjconl Steve1028


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