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I’ve read that the Vanguard slides very smoothly, but I’ve also heard its hard to break free because it’s top mounted. Or, alternative quality freeride wheels such as the 75mm Durians which offer a nice mix of grip vs slide. In other words, the wheel wells greatly add to deck’s concave. Of course they’re drop through so they should be easier to push. Loaded Icarus Flex 2 Premium 5. See the Loaded Icarus here on Loaded’s website or check out the rider reviews on Amazon, OK, now we’re ready to dig a bit deeper into the Icarus’ features, to better understand what makes it such a good choice for the styles mentioned.<script async="" src="//embed.redditmedia.com/widgets/platform.js" charset="UTF-8">. Combining wheel flares, cork, a balanced flex pattern, and novel manufacturing, the Icarus longboard provides the ultimate soulful carving experience. As I mentioned earlier, the Icarus is primarily designed for commuting, carving, and pumping. Over the next years, Loaded then moved on to building a series of very stiff freeride and downhill models, and even a snowboard. To make up for the stiffness of the wheel wells, the deck center needed to offer more flex. Loaded Icarus Longboard Complete New 2016 is a bamboo flexible loaded longboard that is a bit shorter than the loaded dervish sama, and longer than the loaded tan tien longboard. Proudly supported as a member of the Loaded distribution family, these these trucks are revered among the most flexible of available trucks on the market. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Loaded was the first to introduce the flexible drop-through carving longboard shape in the market in 2007 with their Dervish model, followed in 2012 by the larger Tan Tien. The Loaded Icarus is a great beginner bamboo longboard for girls. Icarus Deck Paris 180mm 50° Trucks Orangatang 75mm Durian Wheels Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings (w/integrated spacers) Loaded Button Head Hardware. All my life I've been passionate about the board riding lifestyle. As a result, the vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass layers that run the length of this board provide a lightweight, yet flexible base to build upon. No, you shouldn’t ride on choppy surfaces. If you’re still learning and want mostly speed, the Sama may be a better choice. *Excludes: Paddleboards, Bodyboards, SurfboardsWetsuits and Wetsuit Accessories, GoPro, Snowboards, Gift Vouchers, Skate decks. It takes time to get used to the Loaded Icarus feel, but once you do, chances are you’ll be hooked on the way it helps you discover new ways to ride your longboard. To kill your curiosity and grab a Loaded Icarus for yourself, feel free to head over to our online shop here or his us up with any further comments, questions or concerns here. You may like to review our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. I not sure if I go for Icarus or a Carver surfboard which you can actually not push at all. Stiffer flex, on the other hand, is typically better for high speed and heavy sliding, because of the increased stability and reduced energy loss. office@boardriders.co.uk. However, unlike explaining flex patterns and concave, the ride needs to speak for itself. The Icarus is 38.4″ long, making it a compact board in between a typical city cruiser (e.g. For those who haven’t made their way to their local longboarding shop for a rip on one of their demo Icarus’, we highly recommend you so so. What makes the Icarus easier to slide is exactly what makes it slightly less optimal for ultra hard carving and pumping like what you might experience on the Vanguard. Hi there, I loved your detailed review. The Loaded Icarus isn’t just a board. Some years ago I got into longboarding, and in doing so, I discovered a whole new universe and a fantastic community. Check out the Loaded Icarus here on Loaded’s website or see the reviews on Amazon. a friend of mine actually has a Tan Tien Flex 3. even though he has flex 3, it’s stiffer than a Loaded Icarus with Flex 2. Too many choices for beginners, that’s unfriendly for beginners.”. Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. You’ll find the Icarus page on the Loaded site here. On the other hand, the increased bounce in Flex 2 comes suited for those looking to keep their wheels on the ground and get to work pumping. It is high of the ground and has a lot of flex (depending on which flex you choose of course). When pairing the Kegels with Paris’ 180mm trucks, a bushing change is also suggested. Well, as I briefly mentioning earlier, more flex is good for carving at slow-ish speeds, giving you bounce and energy return and allowing you to lean harder into the carves with a nice surfy feeling. It really depends on what else you wana do on your longboard. From there, the Loaded went on to try their hand at creating boards across a variety of disciplines. Thanks again. Same thing For the Sama (you can see the setup here). So what can you do? I like the way the Vanguard feels so far, so im looking for a similar board for cruising and carving with some possibilty to pump (can’t do it yet but looks pretty fun). Loaded Boards Icarus review The 38.4″ Icarus is a technical symmetrical drop-through with wheel cutouts designed for hard carving and pumping. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To recap, while the Loaded Icarus is primarily designed as a commuter and a carver, for intermediate to experienced riders it can also be a great board for all types of riding due of its flex, height, size, and weight. In short, if your main things is carving, and if you’re confident you can master sliding on a topmount, go for the Vanguard. But because of the camber, if they’re only marginally better there’s really no need for me to continue looking at them, since the Vanguard is still in good shape. As for sliding, my understanding is you want to be able to slide a bit but you’re not looking for a total freeride machine. personally, I never slide my Icarus. Like you said, top mounts have a nice and flowing ride but they’re also more responsive and less stable at speed and when going sideways. The Icarus is a perfect mix of the Dervish / Tan Tien and the Loaded Vanguard. A bit of flex also helps initiate slides. From a revolutionary fusion of building materials on the inside to thoughtfully crafted edges along every curve the Icarus is as much a work of art as it is a gem of a longboard. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Other trucks you can easily fit on the Icarus are Bear trucks or Gullwing Chargers (Amazon). Because of the very lightweight composite materials, it’s partly made of, the deck weighs about 2.9lbs, bringing the complete setup with big wheels to 6.5lb to 7.4lb – a surprisingly lightweight package overall. I know, that’s not very helpful…  As a rule of thumb, Loaded says Flex1 is best for riders 170 to 250 lbs, while Flex2 is for riders 75-200 lbs. For both setups, we also recommend a set of Dragon Bearings to complete the ride. What is the Loaded Icarus built for? It looks as though the Vanguard is floaty and soft and the Icarus is tight and snappy. I usually carve pretty hard to reduce/control speed, and i’m not too sure which one of these boards would be best at this task. Ride on! personally, I think the vanguard is your worst option. 83A, with the added benefit of a slightly higher roll speed. 42” is a bit long for my taste however as it’s really bulky to carry around and i don’t really use the length anyway. So what’s the big deal with flex? THE CARVING BOARD, REIMAGINED. Based on this, do you think that the Icarus is the choice for me? Tough decision, but I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy with any of the options you’re considering!”. When it comes to outward appearance, the attention to detail granted to the shaping of the board is equally as thorough as that given to the wood construction. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Drop-through truck mounting for stability and easier pushing. While other boards makers only dream of having such a cleverly thought out construction on their hands, the Loaded crew failed to stop there. The flex 1 is the stiffer of the two, for riders ranging from 170-200+. Thanks! On the other hand, if you’re really lightweight OR you mainly want to carve/pump, Flex2 may be a better choice. To properly understand what makes the Icarus one of the standout pumping boards in the Loaded lineup and the longboard marketplace in general, each component of the masterpiece must be specially examined. The Loaded Icarus, Dervish Sama and Tan Tien all feature drop-thru mounting. All photos and videos authorized to use by Loaded Boards. The board’s unique flex comes from the strongly cambered shape in between the trucks (the deck flattens out when you step on it), coupled to the bamboo core and the fiberglass outer layers provide a lot of energy return when pumping. Meanwhile, the concave lightens up around the edge near the flares. Due to regulations, we are currently only able to sell the kits and completes via the unlimitedxloaded.com website and are offering only the Icarus (flex 1), the Basalt Tesseract (dark blue), and the new Omakase as electric completes. I don’t intend to do tricks and so on (not looking for a skateboard) but since I won’t be buying many boards for many occasions I need something to do it all, carving, some downhill, some sliding. Ride on! All Rights Reserved.. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The overall result is a deck that feels very strong yet extremely flexible, returning as much energy as possible when riding. Hey fellow boardrider, want to post a comment or question? Combining wheel flares, cork, a balanced flex pattern, and novel manufacturing, the Icarus longboard is the pinnacle of our search for the ultimate soulful carving experience. The board comes in 2 different flexes. I’ll still summarize here the feedback you must have gotten from Loaded as it might benefit other riders faced with the same question. Hi I'm Jesse. Some riders wouldn’t think about riding down big hills on it, while others love the bouncy feel they get when carving downhill and speed checking corners. Read on to understand the kind of riding experience the Icarus enables, and what makes the board so unique. You pay for the materials and engineering. Check out this 6 second excerpt (0:42 – 0:48) : Of course, you can loosen or tighten the trucks to adjust the amount of turn. Some amount of flex can also help gain more energy when pushing, although for heavy pushing you’ll want your deck to be firm enough not to lose too much energy bouncing. Besides clearance, the aggressive arched contours around the wheels give you additional grip and constitute reference points for your feet when riding, helping you know where to stand and push. In short, the Icarus is a flexible drop-through shape designed specifically for pushing, carving and pumping. The board is also a very comfortable board to ride long distance thanks to its above-average shock absorption capability – particularly with the 75mm Durian or the 80mm Kegel wheels – including on rough asphalt.


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