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The hoped-for Broadway production was announced as delayed to spring 2011. A hot air balloon lands, carrying the Phantom's trio of freak show performers who announce the evening's entertainment lineup ("Ladies...Gents!/The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise)"). [137] Although it had praise for the sets, the Star Tribune complained that the show felt stale, comparing it to "a salad with the last of the Thanksgiving turkey". The Phantom has Meg hold Christine's body as he moves to comfort Gustave, who unmasks him without fear. [90] John Barrowman had originally recorded the part of Raoul on the concept album but was replaced by Joseph Millson, who had been cast as Raoul for the stage production at the time the album was re-orchestrated and re-recorded. Out on the beach, the people are enjoying the last day of the summer season ("Heaven By The Sea (Reprise)"). When Raoul leaves her alone to think, the Phantom enters and tells Christine that Raoul knows his love is not enough, and that she must sing for him once more. To his dismay, Gustave is horrified and screams at the sight, but Christine enters just in time to calm the boy. Duke loved Olivia for her body and always desired to have sex with her.Later in the play, Viola starts liking the Duke. She holds up a gun to them so that the Phantom will listen as she reveals the truth: the resources that Madame Giry has afforded him all these years have mainly come from Meg being forced to work secretly as a prostitute to supporters of Phantasma. - The Phantom, Christine Daaé , Raoul, "Gustave! Extras include: 2 bonus tracks, "Love Never Dies" (Mandarin language version) by Liping Zhang and "Love Never Dies" (Korean language version) by Sumi Jo. The Phantom questions Gustave about his talents and passions, finding that they are kindred spirits. [30], Like most burlesques, "Robert the Devil" featured women in scanty costumes and breeches roles. [12], Andrew Lloyd Webber first began plans for a sequel to his 1986 hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera, in 1990. "[115] Sam Marlowe of Time Out London gave the show one out of five stars, calling it "ghastly" and "an interminable musical monstrosity". He wanted Olivia only for sex. If ever thou shalt love, in the sweet pangs of it remember me; For such as I am, all true lovers are, Unstaid and skittish in all motions else Save in the constant image of the creature That is beloved. In 2016, five years after the closure of the London production, Paule Constable, the production's lighting designer and member of the original creative team, claimed that working on Love Never Dies almost led her to quit the theatre industry. She expresses concern that Meg has lost the attention of the Phantom and reminisces about how she and Meg smuggled him from Paris, France to New York City ten years ago. There are unnecessary Red Herrings and too many villains. That night, Meg performs a strip-tease about her choice of swimming costumes ("Bathing Beauty"). Release date: 8 March 2010 (UK), 9 March 2010 (North America) All rights reserved The Really Useful Group. Fleck reveals she had discovered Meg's dressing room smashed up and seen her with a small figure. Raoul runs into Madame Giry and discovers it is the Phantom who has invited Christine to sing there. Olivia always used to reject the Duke’s proposal. Olivia is the character who was so depressed and tells people that she didn’t want any guy in her life. During the Victorian age, nearly every popular opera was turned into a burlesque. If music be the food of love, play on: Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die. "[113] Similarly, David Benedict of Variety wrote that the show "wants to be a tragic romance, but it's simply torpid. Feste is like a father and an uncle to Olivia. He's just 10 years old...ten years old"). Following a conversation with Maria Björnson, the designer of The Phantom of the Opera, Lloyd Webber decided that, were a sequel to come about, it would be set in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. And he might as well have a "kick me" sign pasted to his backside. The Phantom has them dispatch a letter to Christine, inviting her to come and perform at Phantasma ("Giry confronts The Phantom/Til' I Hear You Sing (Reprise)"). (Act 4, scene 3, line 32) this shows us that Olivia desperately loved Cesario that it didn’t matter to her that she was loving Cesario and was engaged to Sebastian without knowing the truth. "[116], Other negative reviews appeared in the Financial Times,[117] Entertainment Weekly,[118] The Arts Desk,[119] and many others. They have a very strong bond with each other which is love. ", "Down Once More to the Dungeon: The Phantom Prepares for His Return", Review – Love Never Dies, Adelphi Theatre, Guardian theatre critics are UK's best, says the Stage, Bloggers boo and hiss at return of the Phantom in Love Never Dies, "MPs are in no position to sneer at anyone, Diane", "Love Never Dies review: Sydney shows love is eternal", "Review: Love Never Dies by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Regent Theatre, Melbourne", "Love Never Dies: Review // Behind The Critical Curtain", "Review: 'Phantom' sequel 'Love Never Dies' has its charms in North American debut", "Stage review: The story lags but the spectacle of 'Love Never Dies' lives up to its 'Phantom' roots", "Review: "Love Never Dies" doesn't live up to "The Phantom's" high bar", "Review: 'Love Never Dies'? In the rehearsal studio for Phantasma, Meg unexpectedly reunites with Christine, and is surprised and jealous to learn she will be singing there. [144][145] Similarly, Cape Cod Times's review stated that, "for the longtime Phantom fan, the plot just does not add up", commenting that it "makes all of the original show’s characters far less likable than before and completely throws out its timeline", although it did praise the physical production and performers. Christine encourages Gustave to look past the surface to try to help him understand ("Look With Your Heart"). Christine becomes concerned when Gustave goes missing. The Phantom makes Christine promise to never tell Gustave that Raoul is not his real father. Feste was also involved in this nasty act. © 2016 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. Similarly, Raoul encounters Madame Giry and discovers that it was the Phantom who brought them to Coney Island ("Dear Old Friend"). Lloyd Webber originally intended for Love Never Dies to open simultaneously in London, New York, and Shanghai in the autumn of 2009. The musical is set in 1907, a decade after the end of Phantom. Gustave goes to the weeping Phantom, who sings a line from the song his mother just sang to console the boy, and Gustave embraces his real father for the first time ("Love Never Dies" (Reprise)). duke becomes hapy when he finds out that cesario is a girl and that he’s not gay. It peaked at number 10 on the UK Albums Chart, No. That said, I suspect he knows that, and maybe he's just hungry enough to produce something worthwhile, though from the plot summary and casting notices, Love Never Dies seems more bizarre than good. A worried Madame Giry announces that she knows where they were likely going ("Gustave! A Requiem Mass, which tells the story of a Cambodian boy who had the option of killing his mutilated sister or being killed himself.


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