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her crater-filled body, oh The album is elegant and hook-laden, but still full of colour and detail. Nana Adjoa | photo credit: Latoya van der Meeren. When you are not making music, what do you do to sooth your soul? Because it still, has this intense effect on me. Also, I’m definitely not the only one whose had this experience with this record. Take in everything, overflowed It’s only been a couple of months since both watching and playing have been made possible again on this side of the ocean, and I’m very happy about it. You're also a multiinstrumentalist... tell us which instruments you play.... if you could only take one instrument to a desert island, which one would it be? This year the day will be celebrated on the theme “my voice, our equal future”. Nana Adjoa - September 2020 She’s releasing her debut full length album, Big Dreaming Ants in September, having previously released three EPS since 2017. 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Was it the bottled-up smell? In lesser light pollution She is a big sponge, soaking up, the blood we spilled How heavy her heart, how long, how heavy, how big As we celebrate this year’s international day of the girl child on the theme “my voice, our equal future,” let’s listen to their voice as they cry out for protection, right to  education,  right to health care, right to life, reproductive health care, The girl child is positive about the future, lets help them to secure their future by shielding them from sexual abuse and exploitation, gender-based violence, child labour, female genital mutilation. on my phone, I'm allowed. You know the melody, and you ride it along The dissonant sounds that caterwaul around the space resemble the same feeling as being in that mixture of love and loss when that person you’ve come to adore isn't around. It just moved me like nothing had ever before. ︎ home about tour music contact. [6], Facilitation of UNESCO Needs Assessment of Ghana's Intangible Cultural Heritage Project[7], Secured NFB to be the focal institution for 2003 UNESCO Convention, Identifying/ licensing commercial users of Ghana's folklore, Establishment of Folklore Clubs in selected basic schools[5], Protection of Ghana's folklore from improper use (including correspondence with Marvel Studios on use of Kente and Adinkra Symbols in Black Panther movie)[8], Institution of the celebration of World Folklore Day in Ghana. National Song 2. how much, A dreamy offering from the Houston up-and-comers. Dutch-Ghanian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa is unafraid to address complex topics through her unique fusion of R&B and alt pop with compelling lyricism which taps into her training as a jazz musician. Tone and meaning are a personal unveiling - not bad given its Adjoa's first love song. There’s no doubt that the road Dutch-Ghanian songwriter Nana Adjoa has been travelling to this point has been building to the task of constructing a full-length album. Her debut full-length idea comes in the form of Big Dreaming Ants, which in itself is a perfectly apt series of words to describe us humans; just small insects with big dreams that get in our own way through built-up ideologies or personal experience. To change, our future, With the delicate dripping of soft gentle tones that greet us into the album, you could be forgiven for taking the notion of hope at face value, but delicately and defiantly approaching all she knows and has seen, Adjoa is taking no prisoners. I think that this album planted the seed that made me want to become, not just a musician (I have been a bass player in a lot of bands for many years), but also a songwriter and singer as a way of expressing myself. coming out of your mouth Approved: Nana Adjoa By Andy Malt | Published on Thursday 24 September 2020 Following a string of single releases that began last year, Dutch musician Nana Adjoa today releases her … Welcome back to another edition of My Favourite Album where we are treated to an excellent record choice, curtesy of experimental multi-instrumentalist Nana Adjoa. Talking to a voice, on the other end, And once that finally started to dawn on me, it translated into a song. Nana Adjoa Denkyi is passionate about mentoring and educating young ladies to become leaders of change. That, and the songs are very good. Every song, has been rewritten hours, minutes, by the ton Lyric, melody, music.... so good. Nana Adjoa in session. Inside, of your eyes, she sees your tears A dreamy offering from the Houston up-and-comers. I want to change my attitude (I want to change) It includes such impressive tracks as ‘No Room’ which deconstructs conversations through clever use of metaphors, and ‘I Want To Change’ that explores her own unique dreamscape, visualising all the possibilities life offers through complex relationships. By There is no room, left to fantasize, How long is a month? Stronger than you You know the words (words) The way to the grave It has a kind of magic I’m, Gigantic3-5 High PavementNottinghamNG1 1HF. Big Dreaming Ants, released 24 September 2020 1. That, and the songs are very good. My lonesome solution Dutch-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Nana Adjoa creates a fully-integrated sound, mixing soulful vocals that float and surge with power. Their end-of-year comp is, ahem, pure gold! There ain't no room left in my mind. tons and tons of liquid lies, The thing that scares me most. My initials, my name (I want to change) A butterfly in a cage (I want to change) Or am I guilty of wishful thinking, Both written and recorded in her very own studio, Nana’s first full length record is a personal account of the new generation’s experiences of race, gender and politics. Love and death, Two arms, strong enough, to keep me in The improvement in girls’ education in Ghana emanates from the steps taken by governmental, NGOs, and donor agencies working together to educate and empower girls, I believe the steps have been in the right direction. Your cardboard castle The album is elegant and hook-laden, but still full of colour and detail. Out of touch This week sees the release of Nana Adjoa eagerly awaited debut album ‘Big Dreaming Ants’. Limited edition 12" vinyl of Nana Adjoa's debut, Big Dreaming Ants >>PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PREORDER. Can you see her, at large Love and death Shepherds turn into sheep, somehow. Can't wait to share my rendition of Ebo Taylor's Love and De… Deep red, old flags, Love and death Your cardboard castle is all worn out, It’s why she gets away with bold songs about national identity and protesting authority. Everyone, has learned it different KCRW caught up with Adjoa who shared some of her favorite artists, and what instrument she would take to a desert island. She's out of my sight, It’s why she gets away with bold songs about national identity and protesting authority. Every rhyme, has been deferred Her unplanned blue tattoo, that is what you miss How big is the moon? Walk hand in hand Nana Adjoa has nailed the art of undressing self-importance on her debut, Big Dreaming Ants. Amongst these comes the seeking a higher understanding - religious or no - and Big Dreaming Ants is Adjoa looking down upon this crazy world of ours through her own eyes in a continued sonic exploration with a subtle jazz inflection of letting the song speak for itself. I'm not going to let go


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