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You can not point to a single Chargers playoff loss in which Rivers has started and say Rivers was the reason the Chargers lost. Brent Rivera. that loss.". By comparison, in 7 playoff games, Fouts had 12 TDs and a whopping 16 pics. In 181 games Fouts had 254 touchdowns and an astounding 242 interceptions. Wasn't the best or most talented, but damn was he tough as hell physically and mentally, was a great leader and when it came down to it, did his job. He has earned more than 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel since its beginning. weight room looking down at the ground without talking for 20 minutes It was a great victory for a Charger team that just kept its head down and focused on the game. Tom Brady had three interceptions in that game, Philip only one! Thanks Larry. Because of what may soon happen to this San Diego team. Ron Waller holds the worst regular season record, winning just one out of the six games he coached. But back to January 15, 1995. However, a reporter mistakenly applied Kosar's quote about the Air Coryell system to the 1980s-era attack of Walsh's San Francisco 49ers. There was a "Fourth River" at Three Rivers Stadium that day as so many Steeler faithful wept openly. This group had nothing to lose. Tony Martin 1994-1997. But of the top 9 comeback wins in franchise history, Rivers has five of them, Fouts has only one. The Los Angeles Rams announced they were leaving for St. Louis. © 2012 Jamie Reno. SUPER CHARGERS. Geminis. However, both appearances resulted in disappointing losses to the underdog New York Jets in overtime in 2005 and the New England Patriots in 2007, bringing his playoff record to 5–13. ... Dennis Gibson 1994-1995. According to a. But I had a gut feeling about this team. That win remains my favorite of all home Charger games I have attended. Jake Paul. The Super Bowl rap tune was a colossal blunder. But the charger D once again could not not stop Denver on a crucial third down late. When the leagues merged in 1970, separate awards were given to the best coaches from the AFC and NFC conferences. Maxwell Football Club NFL Coach of the Year (1992) Coryell's offense today is commonly known as "Air Coryell". That was the coldest playoff game in league history, and San Diego, which had just played in balmy Miami a week before, was crushed by the Bengals like ice in a blender. A win by "Forrest Gump" at the Golden Globes would foreshadow its Oscar win for Best Picture a few months later. All that emotion, all that effort as a fan, it was hard to watch Andre Coleman 1994-1996. The Chargers had pulled out and pulled off what most said was impossible. Rivers is a more accurate passer, a smarter football player, and just as tough and just as much a game-changer and leader as Dan, who threw far too many interceptions. If he doesn't make it to the NFL Hall of Fame, it will be a travesty. Don Coryell coached the San Diego Chargers from 1978 to 1986. Sorry Anonymous, but without Coach Coryell (And OC Al Saunders) on the sidelines Dan Fouts career was more in line with that of Billy Joe Tolliver, look it up! Powered by, Chargers QB Stan Humphries leads team to memorable win over Steelers, Pittsburgh Steeler fans with their stinky black and gold "Terrible Towels" will undoubtedly show up at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego in nauseating abundance on Monday night to watch their team play the San Diego Chargers on ESPN's "Monday Night Football. YouTube gamer who is widely known for his eponymous channel's content. And Andre Agassi beat Pete Sampras in the Australian Open. And he was not intimidated in the least. But I'll make an exception because, with all respect, you don't know what you're talking about. Bobby Ross coached the Chargers from 1992 to 1996, and is the only coach to win awards while coaching the Chargers. SAN DIEGO (AP) _ The San Diego Chargers signed 16 undrafted free agents on Monday, including linebackers Anthony Hicks of Middle Tennessee State and Mike Maslowski of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. YouTube Star. Nate Gibson Popularity . San Diego's coach, Bobby Ross, who with all respect to the great Don Coryell is my favorite of all Charger head coaches, was in his third season. Obviously, so many weapons, and yet he never made it to the super bowl, either. UPI NFL Coach of the Year (1992), Please consider summarizing the material while, Francis "Shut the Gates of Mercy" Schmidt, Pro Football Weekly NFL Coach of the Year, Maxwell Football Club NFL Coach of the Year, "Gillman helped engineer West Coast offense", "Cincinnati's Connection to Football's "West Coast Offense, "Chargers head coach Schottenheimer fired", "Mike McCoy Record, Statistics, and Category Ranks", "Anthony Lynn Record, Statistics, and Category Ranks", Head coaches of the National Football League,, Lists of National Football League head coaches by team, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Spent entire NFL head coaching career with the Chargers, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 20:29. Rivers also had a great game against the Steelers in the Chargers' playoff game after the 2008 season, with three TD passes and more than 300 yards passing. But you never heard me say it was impossible. Of course, she had to agree to attend all Charger home games with me before I could agree to marry her. But in defense of Fouts, he is no Tolliver. But Dan caused several playoff losses. Other than the epic Miami win in OT, Dan was pretty awful in the playoffs. Sid Gillman coached the Los Angeles and San Diego Chargers to five Western Division titles and one league championship in the first six years of the league's existence. "The Chargers are going to the Super Bowl. San Diego Chargers players listed alphabetically or numerically. Yes, yes, I'm kidding. Well said, thanks for sharing this. That game seems so very long ago now. David Dobrik. Rivers is great and all, but Fouts was a game changer...literally. Smith, which reached a breaking point when four assistants (Cam Cameron, Wade Phillips, Rob Chudzinski and Greg Manusky) left for positions with other teams.[5]. Stan was an enormously underrated passer and leader. YouTube Star. Rivers showed his stuff again in the playoff game against Denver back in January, rallying the team from a 17-0 deficit. As a result, they fell short of getting to the Super Bowl. Even in a season where the division is (for a lack of a better word) awful, New York (1-6) fails to hold off Philadelphia (2-4-1). A solid player, an Iowa kid like me, he was never destined for stardom. I have seen both of these guys with my own eyes. The Chargers' defense stepped up in the second half, and Stan's perfect 43-yard touchdown strike to a streaking wide receiver Tony Martin on a deep post pattern late in the fourth quarter remains the greatest touchdown in franchise history. The UT's Nick Cenepa agrees with me, and Nick knows more about fotball than you or me. And the rest is history. He's just a little bit better in almost every facet of the QB game. Schottenheimer was abruptly fired by San Diego on February 12, 2007. Nate Gibson Is A Member Of . Newt Gingrich was named Speaker of the House. Included are players that played for the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL) from 2017-2020, the San Diego Chargers (NFL) from 1970-2016, the San Diego Chargers (AFL) from 1961-1969 and the Los Angeles Chargers (AFL) in 1960. The team compiled a postseason mark of 0-1. Tobin Rote 1963-1964. Nonetheless, may the Ghost of Gibson haunt the Steeler faithful on Monday night, and forever! Al Saunders was the coach for the Chargers from 1986 to 1988 and became a citizen of the United States in 1960, one of the four foreign-born coaches in the NFL. Well, Matt, guess what? The Maxwell Football Club NFL Coach of the Year was created in 1989 and is originally titled the Earle "Greasy" Neale Award for Professional Coach of the Year. 1963 AFL Champions San Diego Chargers. As great as Fouts was and Philip Rivers is, Stan, it should be noted, is the only Charger QB to lead his team to a Super Bowl. :), The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more. I should add that Gibson is happily still very much alive. before joining his teammates in the locker room. Tell us who you are or don't come here. He makes fewer mistakes. He could barely contain himself after Gibson's play won it. Most Popular #85232. Courtney Hall 1989-1996. The Los Angeles Chargers are a professional American football team based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. I love Fouts, but Philip is even better, by any and every measure. More June 9 Birthdays. YouTube Star. He played college football at Ohio State University under legendary coach Francis "Shut the Gates of Mercy" Schmidt, forming the basis of his "West Coast offense. Nathan William Enderle (born January 12, 1988) is a former American football quarterback.He played college football at Idaho, where he was a four-year starter.Enderle was selected in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.He was a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2012 preseason and the Tennessee Titans and San Diego Chargers during the 2013 preseason. If the hero on Monday night isn't Rivers, it will probably be Antonio Gates, a future hall-of-fame tight end and class act who is just returning after an unfair four-game suspension. He was inducted into the San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame in 1986. Simple theme. I will never put totally away the joy of that win. [1][2] The natives were beginning to get a bit restless, but they were still clutching those nasty towels. The guy could play, and this was arguably his greatest moment as a football player. Fouts was a great player, tough as nails, but often threw into double coverage and was the beneficiary of an amazing offensive line and some of the greatest offensive players in NFL history in Joyner, Chandler, Jefferson and Winslow. San Diego Chargers Page. He coached the Los Angeles and San Diego Chargers to five Western Division titles and one league championship in the first six years of the league's existence. Reno is also an acclaimed author (Hope Begins in the Dark, Snowman on the Pitcher's Mound), award-winning singer-songwriter-guitarist (, global advocate for cancer patients, war veterans and children, and 23-year, three-time stage 4 cancer survivor. To me, here is the difference between the 2- Fouts was great because of his coaches, Rivers is great IN SPITE of his! By any and every measure. Rivers still has several great years left in him. Schottenheimer was fired because of a strained relationship with general manager A.J. Their stadium is located in Inglewood, California. It also wasn't Rivers fault that the Bolts lost to the Patriots in the playoffs after the 2006 season. I agree that the coaching and the talent around him made Fouts a much better player. Schottenheimer posted a 47–33 record (.588) with the Chargers. And smarter. Bob Laraba 1961. Your team has made the playoffs 25 times, won its division 20 times, played in 15 AFC Championship Games, and won six of eight Super Bowls. First Name Nate. So let me briefly take you back to one of the team's best moments. suggested that the Chargers LOVED his passion too! They're usually deleted. First Name Nate #43. Don;t get me started. (For the record, I do think Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger belongs in the Hall, too). Norv Turner holds the best regular season coaching record, with 0.640, followed by Hall of Famer Sid Gillman with 0.608. Saunders would go with Coryell to NFL when Coryell became the head coach of the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league's American Football Conference (AFC) West division. It has never been Rivers who's kept San Diego from getting to the Super Bowl. Stassiebaby. He is well known for his innovations to football's passing offense.


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