nocturnal sentence
Having been largely nocturnal during the winter months, Roe Deer begin to become more visible from March onwards in areas of low disturbance. Apart from the Tartarides, the Pedipalpi are large or medium-sized Arachnida, nocturnal in habits and spending the day under stones, logs of wood or loosened bark. Meanwhile the Russians had not lost a single gun and the moral of their men had been improved by the result of the many minor encounters with the enemy; further, the and then began a series of rearguard actions and nocturnal retreats which completely accomplished their purpose of wearing down the French army. , Because I sleep all night, I do not consider myself to be a nocturnal person. 4. nocturnal in a sentence - Use "nocturnal" in a sentence 1. They are solitary, nocturnal, shy and inoffensive, chiefly frequenting the depths of shady forests and the neighbourhood of water, to which they frequently resort for the purpose of bathing, and in which they often take refuge when pursued. , When Mike slept over in the haunted house, he could not sleep because the nocturnal noises kept him awake. Hes a big lad (8lb 9 at birth) and is nocturnal as befits a good techie. In habits it is chiefly nocturnal, and by preference carnivorous, feeding on birds and the smaller quadrupeds, in pursuit of which it climbs trees, but it is said also to eat fruits, roots and other vegetable matters. Nocturnal, sub-zero temperatures were survived but this was a small price to pay for the glorious day which followed. nocturnal wanderings around the campsite in search of the toilet block. Nocturnal definition, of or relating to the night (opposed to diurnal). Bedwetting is also called "nocturnal enuresis." Seeing a wild skunk during day is a rare sighting because these animal are known to be nocturnal, but there is the rare occasional that a skunk will come out during the day to get food. Not a few, however, lead a nocturnal life, and many of them have, accordingly, their pupil contracted into a vertical or more rarely a horizontal slit. They are generally crepuscular (most active at dusk and dawn) and nocturnal. Bats are nocturnal creatures because they tend to be more active during the night hours. . These demonstrations were of two kinds, one nocturnal, showing the moon and bright stars, the other diurnal, for day scenes. Please tell me in the comments and I will do my best to write about them. hypoglycaemia, hospital admissions, nocturnal polyuria ). It was not unlike any night's nocturnal hallucination. The highest temperature of nocturnal radiation on grass was 73.1°, recorded in May, and the lowest 67.2°, recorded in January. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria often goes unrecognized , The festival’s nocturnal activities will begin at sunset. mercifully grant, that as these lights enkindled with visible fire dispel nocturnal darkness, so our hearts illumined by invisible fire," &c. (Missale Rom.). When Princess Mary returned to her room after her nocturnal talk with Pierre, Natasha met her on the threshold. Your ball in in the off nocturnal lipolysis during. The abuses connected with nocturnal vigils 1 led to their being attacked, especially by Vigilentius of Barcelona (c. 400), against whom Jerome fulminated in this as in other matters. taking place at . His sphere of influence was the nocturnal heavens, thunderstorms at night being attributed to him, those by day to Jupiter. Douroucoulis live in parties, and are purely nocturnal, sleeping during the day in hollow trees, and coming out at night to feed on insects and fruits, when they utter piercing cat-like screams.


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