outland decompression
We design, We make what we designed, We sell what we made. This version is anamorphically enhanced for widescreen televisions, as is the Region 4 release. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ExplosiveDecompression. O'Niel and Lazarus discover that Sagan had traces of polydichloro euthimal, a powerful amphetamine-type drug in his bloodstream, which would allow the miners to work continuously for days at a time until they burn out and turn psychotic after approximately ten months of use. "[14], Christopher John reviewed Outland in Ares Magazine #10 and commented that "Outland is a good movie, and not just for science fiction fans. Cane, another miner, enters an elevator without his spacesuit during another psychotic episode and dies from decompression. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Film/Outland. Conditions on Io are difficult; gravity is 1/6 that of Earth's with no breathable atmosphere, and the spacesuits are cumbersome with limited air. I wanted to do a Western. depressurize a section of the ship and walk through it wearing a space suit. then says "Oh, fuck it!" "The crew was pretty calm about it. "Congratulations! Unfortunately the prisoner's helplessness makes it all too easy for someone to kill him by cutting his air tether. Also, this trope (or in this case, lack thereof) reaches a ridiculous level in the last level of the, This is the fate of the guy who took his helmet off in outer space in, The explosive properties are debatable though. Montone is found garrotted. PRYOR AND ALDA PROVING STARS STILL SELL MOVIES See Space Is Cold for another way that space doesn't instantly kill you. While Hyams keeps the story barreling along, he also develops a corollary anti-capitalist theme. Reinhardt suffers that fate as the control tower of the "Cygnus" is torn free from the ship. In many ways, Hyams has made a film that is more frightening than Alien, because he surmises that space will change us very little and the real monsters we are liable to encounter will be in the next space suit. You've won an all-expenses-paid trip out the airlock! O'Niel is prepared, having been monitoring Sheppard's communications. The film was released on DVD in the UK (Region 2) in 1998. Conditions on Io are difficult; gravity is 1/6 that of Earth's with no breathable atmosphere, and the spacesuits are cumbersome with limited air. Later, a character deliberately ignored the procedure in an attempt to save someone and some managed to survive. Ballard. Woe betide anyone foolish enough to step into it unprotected (or unfortunate enough to get Thrown Out the Airlock): they'll pop like a turkey with a grenade stuffed inside. ... which is probably the closest they've come to reality; both extremes of either "no side effects" or "instant explosion" are equally implausible. In a meat locker, O'Niel finds the latest shipment of drugs, which was shipped from the space station. As did Japanese scientists working on in Unit 731. I wanted to make a film about the frontier. O'Neil, however, has already contacted his superiors about Sheppard's associates, some of whom are Con-Am executives, and shortly before his departure receives a communication that warrants have been issued for their arrests. "You know, you're going to love being here, though most people do start to go a little crazy at night when they can't feel the floor. When Sheppard finds out, he threatens O'Niel and contacts his drug distributor, asking him to send in professional hitmen. I remember thinking it was weird that this genre that had endured for so long was just gone. Carol, O'Niel's wif Shepard thrown from his/her exploding ship into the vastness of space. Indeed, if Vent/Aile cuts the pipe rather than attack the Galleon directly, it will instantly explode, after talking too much while pointing them with his gun. Every time a low-budget sci-fi flick does vacuum exposure, it's Explosion Time. Conceivably, Vader's lightsaber through Starkiller's chest immediately prior might have been responsible for emptying his lungs, thus saving his life. The term "Explosive Decompression" is legitimate, but it refers to the speed at which the decompression occurs, not the result or cause. In, An unusual non-sci-fi example, an episode of, The series generally has a good track record for averting the trope. It is implied Sheppard will now be brought to justice or murdered by his own associates. Outland was pioneering as the first motion picture to use Introvision,[9] a variation on front projection that allows foreground, mid-ground and background elements to be combined in the camera, as opposed to using optical processes such as bluescreen matting. A special effects head used in the claustrophobic sci-fi thriller Outland. O'Niel then confronts the surprised Sheppard inside the outpost's recreation bar, knocking him out with one punch. Katarina and Kirksen in, Apparently not, given that during the Peter Davison era and again in the Eleventh Doctor story, Shown as one of the two principal problems with fishing from high orbit in. An interesting note from a passenger on a plane which had a hole ripped in it in flight, the ground crew lost contact before the fatal incident, which happens normally. Blowen, Michael. O'Niel uncovers a drug distribution ring run by a corrupt Sheppard and sanctioned by now repentant Montone. Federal Marshal William O'Niel is assigned to a tour of duty at the titanium ore mining outpost Con-Am 27, operated by the company Continental Amalgamated on the Jovian moon of Io. the interpretation that most of the movie is occurring in the character's head, and simply reflects his faulty beliefs on how this would work in real life. Realizing what is coming and with only Dr. Lazarus willing to help him, O'Niel sends a message to his family promising to return to Earth when his "job is done". The Nazis carried out scientific explosive decompression experiments in the death camps, with a view to working out survival techniques for submariners at great depths, or for aircraft crews in planes that were going ever higher and higher and subjected to diminishing air pressure. It turns out to have been a vacuum-packing machine. In the end, only the outpost's medical officer Dr. Lazarus (Sternhagen) helps him in a desperate kill-or-be-killed hunt through the colony. A valve was jolted open during the jettison of the service module, causing the cabin's atmosphere to be gradually blown into space. There are goodies in the room meant to lure players and bots inside. You're exposed to the dead of space for almost exactly 15 seconds before being rescued, after which you pass out for an unspecified period of time before waking up. Io is an outpost for exploitation, and it doesn't make any difference whether the miners are digging gold in the Colorado hills or titanium on Jupiter's moon, the greed of the corporate class will prevail. Undeterred, O'Niel intercepts and destroys a large shipment of drugs. HARMETZ, ALJEAN. In most fiction, outer space is not friendly. According to the New York Times on its opening weekend the film was "sensational in Los Angeles and on New York's East Side" but "played poorly in many small cities. Not the wonder of it or the glamour of it: I wanted to do something about Dodge City and how hard life was. Federal Marshal William O'Niel is assigned to a tour of duty at the titanium ore mining outpost Con-Am 27, operated by the company Continental Amalgamated on the Jovian moon of Io. [4], In The Boston Globe, Michael Blowen was more favorable: "The parallels between Outland and Fred Zinneman's 1952 western High Noon are apparent. Though, given that it is a, In a different episode, he's put in a vacuum chamber where all the air is sucked out, and he's shown struggling to breathe. O'Niel waits for the arrival of the hitmen on a supply shuttle from the other side of Jupiter. O'Niel vows to expose the entire scheme, and Sheppard notifies his contact on the space station who sends two off-world hit-men to murder him. He is then attacked there by another dealer, Russell Yario. It is far less likely if the decompression occurs slower than about half a second, which is quite common in sci-fi. Outland debuted on pay TV in the U.S. in September 1982 on the HBO and Showtime channels. When Connery stares down the barrel of that shotgun, you'd better smile". Assigned to Con-Am 27, a mining colony situated on an asteroid near Io, Federal Marshal William ONiel (Sean Connery) has to struggle with corrupt cops and a hostile populous to try get to the bottom of a massive drug racket on the station. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. If the astronaut gets so much as a rip in his space suit, he'll be painting it with his internal fluids. [5], Desmond Ryan at The Philadelphia Inquirer called it: "A brilliant sci-fi Western. The film is presented in an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 with an English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound mix. Tying into the above, this might be why a lot of aquariums don't house deep-sea animals, as their usual habitat would be difficult to mimic, let alone, maintain in captivity. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Consider, for example. However since most space-missions only use 1 atm (really, even less), this is a bit overstated. This version was labeled "edited for television" to comply with U.S. network television censorship standards of the time and never released to home video. Unlucky and dispensable test subjects were placed in atmospheric chambers and subjected either to massively increased atmospheric pressure or to the sort of atmospheric pressure to be found in deep space. The dialog during the event even has the Captain telling the young crew member to blow all the air out of his lungs just before the doors open to prevent the pressure difference from damaging his respiratory system. and then got tired and slept. To the film's credit, he needs a lot of medical attention when he's eventually returned to breathable atmosphere. He doesn't burst open, we just see blood coming out of his mouth and nose, which actually is entirely possible in the vacuum of space, especially given that Krillin was fairly wounded already. Principal photography took place starting with the miniature models in May 1980 and with the actors beginning in June 1980. [11], The distributed 35mm film prints have Dolby Stereo audio and the 70mm Anamorphic Blow-Up film prints featured Six-Track Dolby Stereo audio. An Itchy and Scratchy cartoon in "Deep Space Homer" has the cat and mouse duo go into space. When you step outside, you've got about 15 seconds before you pass out from anoxianote the medical term for oxygen deficiency, a couple of minutes at best until you die from the same, and all sorts of nasty decompression injuries in between. [1], The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound (John Wilkinson, Robert W. Glass Jr., Robert Thirlwell and Robin Gregory). The term "Explosive Decompression" is legitimate, but it refers to the speed at which the decompression occurs, not the result or cause. that's a good way to get dead even if you could otherwise be saved, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.


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