peterhof fountains
Unlike Versailles, this grandiose construction works without pumps and other water-pressure facilities. Fountains were intrinsic to Peter the Great's original plans for Peterhof - it was the impossibility of engineering sufficiently powerful jets of water that prompted him to move his attentions from the Strelna site to Peterhof - and subsequent generations competed with their predecessors to add grander and ever more ingenious water features to the parkland surrounding the Grand Palace. It is located at the park entrance and consists of five fountains. Alyona did a great job of getting us into the sites without lines and we were one of the first tours into Catherine's palace. We also found out that the ship's tour didn't go into a lot of the sites that we did, and the tour itself costed more. I booked tour to Peterhof Palace and Park with Red Sun Tours in July 2019.Our driver Igor and guide Elena were terribly wonderful.We were 5 in the group,me and four... read more my friends from New Jersey.I wanted to show them beautiful Fountain Park without long lines,and i got it. We managed to see almost every attraction in St.Petersburg and had a great time with our amazing guide Anastasia. The weather was excellent, making the gardens a bit crowded. We would love to return to St.Petersburg and to have these people look after us again. We coudnt decide between Private Shore excursion or Cruise tours. This would’ve flooded the basins of the rivers Strelka and Kikenka, because dozens of square kilometers to the south of Peterhof road were below the chosen level. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The grounds around the Grand Palace are filled with trees and forest walks which provide welcome shade from the sun. At the centre stands Rastrelli’s iconic statue of Samson wrestling the jaws of a lion. The Fountains of Peterhof. We collected some facts about Peterhof so you could talk about them with your guide and make your tour even moreexciting. This is our review of the Peterhof St Petersburg. After an extensive search we decided... read more to go on a Private excursion with Red Sun Tours and this was the best experience of the trip. B. Minich, a hydraulics engineer, dared to speak against the will of the emperor. Alexandria. The aquatic structures of Peter the Great’s summer residence, ‘the capital of fountains’, are truly unique. Our cruise stopped in St Petersburg overnight, and after reviewing several websites and Trip Advisor for a tour, I chose Red Sun Tours because they were so helpful.There were 10... read more of us, who all met through cruisecritic, and I wanted to spend more time at the Hermitage than most packed tours allotted. This gilded splendor includes 255 sculptures, bas reliefs and other architectural structures, as well as 64 fountains with 138 water jets soaring skyward. We had a nice lunch at a local cafe and tried borscht and pirrogies. During this time, four cascades and 173 fountains have been set up. They were good and prompt about answering all emails. We were on a cruise and had no problems going through immigrations with Red Sun Tour ticket, which also served as our Russian visa. The most famous ensemble of fountains, the Grand Cascade, which runs from the northern facade of the Grand Palace to the Marine Canal, comprises 64 different fountains, and over 200 bronze statues, bas-reliefs, and other decorations. The problem could be solved by hydraulic structures, but Peter did not want to spend money on them. The system he invented was based on the principle of communicating vessels. Definitely consider using Red SunTours if you will be in that region of the world, you won't regret! Our two day tour was spectacular. The shrieking as everyone in its path was drenched was hilarious. Ooh looks lovely! With 64 different fountains it is truly impressive. From Avtovo metro station till bus stop at Palace Telegraph Museum Minibuses: K-224, K-300, K-404, K-424, K-424А Municipal buses: … The nature of the terrain enabled the creation of a system of conduits, in which the water flowed by gravity from dozens of ponds, located above the Lower Park and the Upper garden. Now we know, we will certainly come back to St.Petersburg and use Red Sun Tours again. Need tickets for the Mariinsky, the Hermitage, a football game or any event? Our tour guide Ana was wonderful and shared her knowledge of the city and attractions in a delighful manner. We managed to see almost every attraction in St.Petersburg and had a great time with our amazing guide Anastasia. A favourite for children were the joke fountains. Elena ordered for us tickets and everything.There were long lines for all people,who came by themselves,but we skiped them.And it was the best for us,we didnt loose any minute of our great excursion.Elena was very polite,smily and knowledgeable.I recommend this company to everyone,who wants to visit Peterhof without lines.Book your tour with Red Sun Tours.Thank you very much for organization of this great tour. We visited the Peterhof complex in that time and can say that an ordinary visit in May doesn’t differ from one in June, with the fact that the fountains are not officially opened making no any difference, though with fewer visitors (which is a plus).


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