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INCLUDES LOGITECH® FORCE FEEDBACK TECHNOLOGY. As with its predecessor, the optional ‘sense of speed’ effects like depth of field, FOV warping and camera shake are all disabled in VR. then it could be that in TIME, Pcars 2 becomes the best experience. Most importantly, there is a ‘Competitive Racing Licence’, which enables a form of ‘safety rating’ and ‘skill rating’ that should, in theory, provide better matchmaking and cleaner racing—promising, but only time will tell. With its mixture of incredible highs and frustrating lows, I tentatively recommend Project CARS 2. Project CARS arrived on the scene with bold claims: detailed vehicle physics, a cutting-edge tyre model, and handling tuned with the help of ex-’Stig’ Ben Collins and Nic Hamilton, and several other pro drivers; track surfaces would evolve as you race, with the grip changing due to weather, time of day, the amount of rubber being laid down, and so on; dynamic weather and a 24-hour lighting system tied everything together. Developer: Slightly Mad Studios This article may contain affiliate links. However, the ‘select’ button isn’t obvious from the control assignment menus, and you can’t control every menu easily with just head look (scrolling down through long settings menu lists requires a separate input), but it’s useful for dealing with the typical race-to-race inputs. Sign in to add your own tags to this product. The same applies across all cars. There’s a lot of new things we're doing in Project Cars 2, such as new rendering techniques, which will smooth the VR experience and make sure everything is fully … THE ULTIMATE DRIVER JOURNEY! Once spread out, they’ll become competitive, but I could never find a comfortable setting; they’re challenging in one session, and seconds off the pace in another. Take your ultimate driver journey to the max. As a result, the intimidating setup screens are more approachable, and there is even a simple ‘ask the engineer’ feature for those looking for a quick recommendation. Race tyres are more impressive, if slightly too forgiving at times in the dry. The vehicle setup pages should be a joy to use, but for some reason the game forces you to save (either in a new file or to overwrite an existing one) every single time you change something—rather than having an active, work-in-progress setup—which quickly becomes frustrating. You can’t even drop the fuel load on a setup without re-saving it. (There is no PSVR support on PS4.) – Stephen Viljoen, Game Director. Supersampling is now directly available in the graphics menu, and the pause menu adds mirror angle adjustments. Note: This review covers the PC version of Project CARS 2, from the perspective of a sim racing enthusiast. You’re presented with similar splash screens, the same music theme (nestled among new tunes), and a UI with a sensible makeover, but still the same underlying interface. As for Monaco, the pileups from earlier builds seem to have been solved, but it’s still a disaster zone. Incidentally, ‘intermediates’ are sadly absent, perhaps because there’s really no need for them when slicks have this much grip in the rain. Oulton Park), but Bathurst still doesn’t look right, with strange cambers and track widths, and Monza remains the same, with very odd cambers through both Lesmos and the Parabolica, and kerb profiles are all over the place. It works, and it can be fun, but for VR in particular, only a steering wheel and pedal set can complete the picture. The lack of accurate oval flag/caution rules, along with some questionable pit lane decisions (i.e. The Formula C, for example, will become undriveable (due to understeer) from the slightest touch to the front wing. Project CARS 2 has the ability to deliver one of the most immersive experiences in VR right now, assuming you can run the game at reasonable settings and you have suitable equipment for sim racing. But the DB11, widely regarded as a brilliant chassis, is incredibly difficult to drift, particularly at low speeds. The FAQ covers pretty much every aspect of Project CARS Pro -- from licencing to technical to content-related queries. Various forms of sports/touring car racing, including magnificent historic eras, are well-represented, but modern open-wheel is largely limited to unlicenced interpretations and oval racing feels unfinished. And it boils down to physics. Recent Reviews: Very Positive (201) - 86% of the 201 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. And many of the audio cues seem all too familiar, including the ‘Captain Obvious’ engineer calls. The sequel adds further refinement, beginning with the UI. VAT included in all prices where applicable. Look deeper, and you’ll find many other indications that developer Slightly Mad Studios have listened to user feedback. Project CARS 2 on the other hand, holds 90 fps in any weather on the same circuit/car combinations, even with 1.1 supersampling and ‘medium’ MSAA applied. Preferred currency. My benchmark for road car simulation is Assetto Corsa. What a great article. SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS, PROJECT CARS, THE SMS LOGO, AND THE PROJECT CARS LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF SLIGHTLY MAD STUDIOS LIMITED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM AND/OR OTHER COUNTRIES. After they left version 1 so boring and unfinished. Performance has largely improved. The Toyota GT86 and BMW 1M are the pick of the bunch, ‘chuckable’ into every corner. The Porsche GT3 RS is superb, the McLaren 720S is a blast, and the mad hybrid hypercars of LaFerrari, 918, and P1 behave similarly to Assetto Corsa’s interpretations, but many of the front-engine, rear-drive road cars lack the inherent balance you’d expect. Quick Play has the entire car and track list unlocked from the beginning, but the near-limitless possibilities (due to season, time and weather options) can be overwhelming. - 85% of the 205 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive. Please see our FAQ for any questions you may have. 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