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Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed and shot by environmental filmmaker Richard Ladkani, the suspenseful, high-stakes doc traces the many efforts to save the Vaquita, expose the dangerous ring of totoaba cartels, and trace the networks that keep poachers active. It's inspirational without veering into sentimentality; it depicts genuine hardship; it doesn't pull punches when it comes to the harsh realities of nature. ... See full summary ». Mandelup parallels his journey with the saga of Mikey Barone and Bryce Hall, two of Austyn's peers in the industry. And that the Standard American Diet is designed to ensure we rely on the pharmaceutical industry. Knowledge is power and it’s important to get the word out. Short, relevant and dismal. Brügger casts himself as more of a goofball than Broomfield, a sly trick that belies the seriousness of his investigation while allowing him to get close to figures who might otherwise be a bit more standoffish. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Some of them are poisonous, some of them are delicious, and some of them give people visions of God. Carter had met her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, only a handful of times over their two-year relationship that existed primary over text messages and Gchats; Roy was incredibly depressed, and Carter, prescribed SSRIs herself, was a horribly lonely person convinced she was helping Roy by badgering him to take his own life. But in a dark theater, Aquarela is unlike any other movie -- fiction or documentary -- we've ever seen. ... by Jenny Sugar 1 hour ago Celebrity News Throughout the performance, however, it's difficult to shake the degree to which Franklin is absent from it. Still, it's a fascinating story told over a fast-paced four episodes, and it does a far better job of developing a full picture of the killer's paradoxical charms and wit than Berlinger's companion piece starring Zac Efron, which has faced criticism for romanticizing Bundy. By Thrillist Entertainment. We’ve heard for years about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. With many more of these revelatory insights, The Kingmaker is a bombshell of a documentary that weighs heavily on the current geopolitical climate.Where to watch it: Coming to Showtime Feb. 28 (Watch the trailer. Yet, his friends still have hope, telling themselves he might not be the person they think he was all along. Use the HTML below. Need help finding something to watch? I went to the website mentioned in this article and only the trailer was available. Magid's "proposal" is multifaceted and revolves around an exchange between the artist and Federica Zanco, who's been in charge of the Barragan Foundation and rigidly controls access to the archives and the use of Barragán's name (which the foundation copyrighted sans accent). Russian director Victor Kossakovsky, who's responsible for 2011's mind-bending, similarly mute nature doc ¡Vivan las Antípodas!, miraculously captures water in a swath of evocative emotional forms: "breathing" as tides ebb and flow, "screaming" as it thrashes in a nasty storm, "gurgling" as ice slowly melts. Thankfully, producer Alan Elliott stuck with the project, utilizing digital technology to correct the sound issues and working with the Franklin estate to ensure the finished film made it into the world. The shots are exacting, precise as Barragán's creations, and the exchanges between Federica and Magid offer an oblique view of what drives the extremely wealthy to wield control over spaces and objects that should be available to everyone. Written by Samantha Hunter. Diabetes is curable. The movie is broken into five or so distinct scenes, from Russians skidding over Siberia's semi-frozen Lake Baikal in cars (ending in disaster), to extended underwater shots of icebergs and massive waves cracking and twisting in a frame rate that makes an everyday affair seem Martian. ), Release date: May 24Director: Jill MagidWhy it's a great doc: Artist Jill Magid has worked for years on a project about the legendary Mexican architect Luis Barragán, whose professional archives have been locked away in the basement of the Swiss company Vitra for decades, unavailable to the public. ), Release date: August 9Directors: Nanfu Wang and Jialing ZhangWhy it's a great doc: There isn't much hope to be found in Nanfu Wang's first-person interrogation of China's one-child policy, the intensely strict "family planning" mandate in place from 1979 to 2015, and its reverberations are still felt both in China and in western countries today. You'll find streaming hits, obscure treasures, and theatrical releases, but they all share one common trait: They'll help you better understand the world, for better or for worse. Where to watch it: HBO Go and HBO Now (Watch the trailer. In fact, Kotevska and Stefanov spent three years in rural Macedonia compiling footage of Hatidze Muratova, a keeper of wild bees, and her conflict with encroaching nomadic neighbors who threaten her entire way of life when they move into town. She was promised a documentary with the cultural impact of Woodstock, and instead Pollock and his crew botched the recording so badly that they failed to sync the sound, making a release impossible for decades. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. December 30, 2019 by Corinne Sullivan. ), Release date: August 16Director: Mads BrüggerWhy it's a great doc: The 1961 plane crash death of Swedish United Nations Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld serves as both a launch pad and red herring for the investigatory work of Mads Brügger in this endlessly intriguing documentary. Bundy may have been a ruthless serial killer, but somehow law enforcement failed to catch him, allowed him to escape TWICE, and wound up convicting him in Florida thanks to some flimsy evidence and a showboating prosecutor. In 2012, an activist group of undocumented immigrants made a daring attempt to free detainees at the Broward Transitional Center in Florida by purposefully having two of their members give themselves for deportation up at the center. ), Release date: July 12Director: Richard Ladkani (The Ivory Game, The Devil's Miner)Why it's a great doc: Every few years spawns a jarring activist documentary spelling out the previously underreported ecological destruction of a species (see: Blackfish, Virunga, The Cove).


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