terlingua town
Today, the ghost town of Terlingua has come to life thanks to tourists. Since Terlingua is so close to Mexico, you’re guaranteed to find delicious Mexican food at most restaurants! Once you drive into the park, stop by the park offices to map out your route and prepare for a day of hiking! From the vibe to the history and the beauty of the area, keep reading to learn why we loved this spot. It was the peak time for quicksilver production, and this area was the richest mercury mining region in North America. Terlingua is a tiny speck of a town in West Texas. Founded as a quicksilver mining town in the 1880s, Terlingua retains around 60 year-round residents according to the last census. While it was beautiful, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous, it was very isolated – especially for two girls hiking solo. It’s crazy to believe a National Park as beautiful as this is in the United States, much less our Lone Star state! In the mid-1880s, cinnabar was found in this location. We had heard so much about this Ghost Town that it didn't make sense to go to Terlingua and not check it out. It is easy to get to many restaurants, bars, the local outfitters, and both the National and State parks. If you’ve never heard of Terlingua, it’s an abandoned ghost town in far west Texas bordering Big Bend National Park. Alpine is actually the closest town. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in October. Accommodations run the range from convenient and comfortable to resort luxury. 20 reviews of Terlingua Ghost Town "Once a mercury mining town and home to over 2000 residents, Terlingua Ghost town is becoming an ecceltic artist colony. In fact, I’m already planning my next trip back! inquiries from passengers. […]. Ghost home. This comfortably modern, newly constructed duplex is located in the heart of the Big Bend minutes from the National Park and to both Study Butte and the Terlingua Ghost Town. The closest town from Terlingua is Presidio (population ~4,000) and is still about an hour and a half away. Your first thought is probably WHY, but trust me, Terlingua is worth the journey. I updated the post from Sunday to Saturday. Eventually the town was abandoned, leading to today’s ghost town population of 58. We’ll be sure to check it out next time we visit!! New posts will not be retrieved for at least 5 minutes. Terlingua, Texas: Why You Should Visit This Lone Star State Ghost Town, What if I told you to hop in your car and drive almost 9 hours from Dallas to end up in a tiny town with little cell service, no luxury hotels, a couple of dive bars, and a total population of 58 locals? Full-house generator that supplies electricity for power outages. Afterwards throw your loved one’s in Terlingua jail! Note: Be on the lookout for The Willow House opening soon! Watching the warm colors fade over the Chisos Mountains is one of the most surreal experiences, and you HAVE to add it to your list.


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