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After a strange and insecure plane crash, an unusual toxic virus enters a quaint farming town. The overly ugly member of the group who looks a bit like a gargoyle becomes overly paranoid and then devolves into a state of constantly forgetting everything. The film concerns a small Pennsylvania town where a plane carrying a top secret biological weapon has crash landed in the nearby mountain range. An inept science-fiction film from George A. Romero. |, February 21, 2010 I could easily write an article just on the dynamics of these two characters, but that is a task for another day. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. This shit is super interesting yet its downplayed with these army scenes and those boring to death command center scenes. It's not as good as Night of the Living Dead but it has acquired it's own charm with better characterisation and more satirical emphasis. Without even letting the people know that their water supply had been contaminated for almost a week, the military sweeps in to dole out their own clean up. Well, ordered on Romero's part, as one of the most fun aspects of THE CRAZIES is how over their heads and sloppy the government is even as they descend upon a time with shocking speed. This isn’t to say that I don’t think there could be good movies about COVID-19, but that I believe tackling the subject will prove to be un-cinematic, because the times that we are currently living in have proven to be extremely difficult to comment upon without art being swallowed up into the black void that is the unfathomable stupidity of the current political landscape of the United States. Dans une petite ville de l'Iowa, une maladie inconnue se répand, elle provoque des accès de folie furieuse et de graves troubles neurologiques. Romero doesn't have the best handle on the film as a whole, but he still manages some perfect moments that bring the era's potential horrors into the heart of America. What the command center scenes really reminded me of were the oval office scenes in Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space. So how does all of this equate with the current epidemic of the coronavirus in the world? The Babysitter: Killer Queen – Creating a Bloody Good Time. The mother’s found dead and then he sets the house on fire with the kids still in it. Eventually, the head honchos lose control of the situation, and have to be cool with the deaths of hundreds while overseeing research into a cure in a high school chemistry lab. Meanwhile, Mitchell is one of the great scream queens and final girls, and she does heartbreaking work as an expectant mother watching her life’s plans fall apart with each stop on their tour of the apocalypse. He is working from inside a broken system trying beyond reasonable hope to find a way to save society from itself. TMDb Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present, 25 Horror Movies Classics for Every Situation, The Chronological History of the Cinematic Macabre. The precautions in the film include quarantines, gas masks, attempted inoculation with high caliber antibiotics and ultraviolet light. |, May 3, 2019 The true hero of the story is the scientist, Dr. Watts, who is dragged from his home and brought to ground zero. Not all of the crazies become violent, but by throwing them all together in one confined space, they are just asking for the chaos that ensues to get worse. Brubaker A few locals escape the government’s jurisdiction and do their best to maintain their freedom before one-by-one succumbing to the all-around toxic atmosphere. Western PA GOD George Romero's nastiest and funniest film features a small town put under an incompetently run military quarantine after a biological weapon taints their water supply. As grind house scholar El Santo wrote in his piece on the film, “the real ‘monster’ in The Crazies is the terrible snowballing power of chaos, and of bad decisions to beget worse ones.” You can’t replicate that film in the body of a million dollar genre film, not least because taking studio money to do it invalidates the purity of the argument. I made a tweet half-jokingly about a week ago where I stated that there would be no real need for movies about the current pandemic because the filmography of George A. Romero exists. To see how David, Judy, Clank, Artie and Kathy start to break down and give in to the virus, we know that they are far from perfect either. It’s a mess because that’s how we would have experienced the terrors it has in store for small town America. Citizens of a small town are infected by a biological weapon that causes its victims to become violently insane. Coming Soon, Regal This antiestablishment stance is the backbone of the film. I will repeat--this movie is bad. Let it be summed up by saying that bringing them on board was probably the first and biggest mistake that the group makes and it will lead to their eventual downfall. An elderly gentleman goes for what he assumes will be an ordinary day at the amusement park, only to find himself in the middle of hellish nightmare instead. Even those inside the military know not to trust or depend on the military. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. The Crazies (2010) Written by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright. I can't get over some of the positive comments on the message board for this one. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. |, September 28, 2018 All the while, the military desperately tries to keep a lid on things, cutting off outside communication, and working to find an antidote for a deadly biological weapon…, Nobody could stage a societal collapse like ol’ Georgie. Finally, I see the need to trust the scientists. I can handle the truth. I joke about this film being formulaic, at least as a George A. Romero film, in spite of the absence of zombies, but this film really does hit plenty of tropes, and while it's not quite trite until we hit lowlights in the dialogue, familiarity is abound, and gradually sinks predictability in. In the film, this small town of Evans City (yes, the same town that was home to Night of the Living Dead) became a testing ground, a population of guinea pigs that would help determine how other infected places would be treated. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. The horror of your neighbors turning on you will always be potent and terrifying. They watch as one guy, then two, then seemingly everyone, succumbs to a kind of paranoia-inducing sickness. It's like Romero rounded up the ugliest men in Butler County, Pennsylvania and was like "let's do this." The colonel is to take over command from Major Ryder who had been coordinating the efforts initially. Let them have everything they need in order to reach sustainable goals. Soon, they can’t tell the difference between the proudly armed denizens of the town, who think the military are here to kill them, and the people driven incurably mad by the toxin who want to kill everybody. As George liked to remind us, “Stay Scared”! Forgot your password? By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Il s'agit d'un remake du film La Nuit des fous vivants, sorti en 1973 et réalisé par George A. Romero. None of this truly seems to matter. Given that this is a farming town with the populace heavily armed, it is no surprise they start to mount an insurrection against the military. The Crazies, like Poltergeist, is about the dissolution of suburban America, through the eyes of one family. This review may contain spoilers. Remember that in 1973 America was just ending our involvement with the Vietnam War. Sign up here. horror, I about wet my pants from uncontrolled laughter during the scene where the priest lights himself on fire and it's a ridiculous looking dummy sitting motionless when in reality a human being would be flailing and writhing in pain! A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, Tobias Andersen 8,341 films 16,450 756 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via:, See how many number of films there are in the…, OB-GYN Kenobi 3,804 films 7,245 109 Edit, Step One: Go to


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