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Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published few weeks are entitled “Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About,” and the subtitle is “Interactions Between Faith and Com-puter Science.” I’m here because computer science is wonderful, but it isn’t everything. Knuth does not claim to have any particular qualification to write about Christianity, having had no formal training in theology, but I am VERY glad he went ahead with the project anyway. Publication date 1999-10-06 Topics knuth, science, religion, faith Language English "In the fall of 1999, computer scientist Donald E. Knuth was invited to give six public lectures at MIT on the general subject of relations between faith and science. Donald E. Knuth. The fourth lecture deals with art and aesthetics; it illustrates several ways in which beautiful presentations can greatly deepen our perception of difficult concepts. Donald Knuth, writes about his thoughts on God and Computer Science, but he goes into a lot of details about 3:16 book. The book concludes with a transcript of a panel discussion in which Lecture 6 is perhaps the highlight -- covering topics such as chance versus determinism, the futility and superfluousness of infinity, and free will. All things I'm in to. This book is something that not only every. it doesn't answer the big questions, but it poses and takes stabs at lots of smaller interesting ones. Any time Donald Knuth writes something it is well worth reading...but this is a special gem. I found this to be an interesting, if eclectic, selection of ideas relating to faith that had some link to his work in computer science. Books by Donald E. Knuth at CSLI Publications: the In the fall of 1999, computer scientist Donald E. Knuth was invited to give six public lectures at MIT on the general subject of relations between faith and science. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I thought Knuth's book was fairly interesting. on April 17, 2020, "In the fall of 1999, computer scientist Donald E. Knuth was invited to There are no discussion topics on this book yet. |�-��S���Cɿ%c��4���:4����M0z��4|B�i�1M��d��৒� �6$.�������.M�7L�~2'CAr���ԡP�vPY�a�G��KdKO�R�T4j���� ��'�Z���ۻ�����n N��L�W�7�J��D�M�EI~g�5��pR����|��P�5�����JJv�4�?�f��T�����D����j�J�:���P9�W�y�)�����J���n9���������*��vbNT�q�I�2�)����2@���e&?�� ;�,����j�Q�Z�ư��0��ձ.�h��{ez��&��?e&��?|0(�M�~�(v�v��F5)o�������ZH�����V�n�u\��ʚp���`�Ѫ�&O����#@��آx�S�9,'�����C�_�������H�9ܙA�h�;="�+�#�P%�]� �(�A.�3Ԛ���Di�A�&��0ԡ�(�(i���e�д�鳱w�B��T����^�i�_G[J�=��W!����w�lg$��2R�`?�pP7��.��.�Oe �&�e|��� IcLqD�:M-����%��2XZj��E��z��7NL/�bsS+����p� �>恘a`�lq�i��Se�C5����A�s�����o�;���Q��ҽ?�i���fI�<7@,�;n�f\ ��+5T�:U��5�BO)�{�;Xk/%�N�'�2�ͅ�� Ultimately its charm lies in the author’s approach to the subject rather than what he actually finds in the end. After an introductory first lecture, the second one focusses on the interaction of randomization and religion, since randomization has become a key area of scientific interest during the past few decades. ", These are the audio recordings of those lectures, sourced from, There are no reviews yet. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (2001) is a book by Donald E. Knuth, published by CSLI Publications of Stanford, California. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by i have long-adored don knuth for his genius in computer programming and ability to teach others this knowledge. Be the first one to, Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About, things-a-computer-scientist-rarely-talks-about, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help,, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014), lecture 5 - panel discussion (17 November 1999]. Donald E. Knuth. August 1st 2003 Today’s book review is a “funny” book. (viii) Sadly, these lectures are less about God and more about "3:16 Bible texts illuminated," a book about the bible Knuth wrote a few years prior. Since the whole Bible is huge, he decided to take a sample of the Bible. About God. Can mathematical notions be used to enhance one's personal understanding of the Bible?" It deals with several new perspectives by which concepts of computer science help to shed light on many ancient and difficult questions previously addressed by scientists in other fields. On the surface, this is a fascinating pairing: as a newspaper headline quipped, it’s not often that "a computer god talks about God." Over the years, Donald E. Knuth has produced a slew of bestsellers on topics that might seem to have only limited appeal, most notably the arts of computer programming and mathematical typography. Be the first to ask a question about Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About. It's a very unpromising subject, but Knuth is a very good author. 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It turns out that this book of all things is about biblical text interpretation and his insights from doing a lot of work. Knuth's analysis of the verses is not deep and not particularly informed by a scientific sensibility. The lectures were broadcast live on the Internet and watched regularly by tens of thousands of people around the world, and they have remained popular many months after the event. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Having grown up as a Lutheran, he felt he had a general understanding of the Bible, but he felt he wanted a “depth” of knowledge as well. The book I just completed is titled: “Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About“, (2001©) and the original book was titled: “3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated” (1990©), both written by Donald E. Knuth. Talks About, Éléments pour une histoire de l'informatique, Practical Guide to Syntactic Analysis, 2nd Edition (No. Maybe someday I'll buy a copy. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (2001) is a book by Donald E. Knuth, published by CSLI Publications of Stanford, California.The book contains the annotated transcripts of six public lectures given by Donald E. Knuth at MIT on the subject of relations between religion and science (particularly computer science). “Creativity, Spirituality, and Computer Science.” The other faith and science. His latest book takes on a subject so challenging it has to hide behind a coy title: Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About (CSLI Publications, $35). Very glad I read it. The father of computer science discusses his faith and unique method of random sampling Bible verses in six lectures delivered at MIT. I just finished reading Donald Knuth’s “Things a computer scientist rarely talks about”; and thought it fits nicely into this series of literature-related posts. As Knuth himself writes, in discussing the purpose of life, “The important thing to me … is not the destination, but the journey.” But he is also a Lutheran Christian, occasional bible teacher and author of “3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated”, in which he writes about using a random sample of bible verses that he studied in depth in order to gain more insight into the scriptures. The book includes over 100 illustrations and photographs. This really isn't a 5-star book in many senses. You know the saying: There's no time like the present...unless you're looking for a distraction from the current moment. Too much religion... but there were some interesting thoughts throughout the book. What can probability theory teach us about free will? But I was pleasantly surprised -- I rarely, if ever, read about religion, even less so a book that is a first-person account of it. They're lectures by a man going outside of his field. You can still view the It was like pivoting on array element 316 in Quicksort: it does not guarantee that Quicksort doesn't become quadratic, but neither does pivoting on a random element. �G����f]k����*�c$��. “Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer; art is everything else.”, “In fact, my experiences as I was writing the 3:16 book weren't that different from writing computer books, although I wasn't using integral signs as much.”, Escape the Present with These 24 Historical Romances. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About is a unique book. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About. Search. The homepage of the book provides errata and further information. Knuth is  surely best-known to most of us for working on the ingenious “The Art of Computer Programming” volumes. of Carnegie Mellon University, and Mitch Kapor of Lotus Development


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