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1 / 20. Dario. In addition to this, 15 per cent of parents said they would name a son Jeremy after the Labour politician – but only 4% would choose Theresa, the name of the current Conservative Prime minister. Rank. We can’t wait to see what exciting, unique names 2020 will bring up. Parents are opting toward more unique baby names now more than ever. Ramsay means "from Ram's island", a stretch of land located near Northern Ireland. A survey from parenting site ChannelMum revealed that more than half of expectant parents would consider calling their baby Corbyn. This charming name comes from China, and means “highly noble,” “of great principle,” or “highly virtuous.”. Aziel. We use your health information to make our site even more helpful. It’s the Spanish equivalent of Adam and became popular in the US between the 1930s and 1950s. Most unusual baby names in 2016 Baby name website, Nameberry, has just released the list of baby girl and baby boy names that have been considered most unusual last year. Meaning “the cool breeze” in Hawaiian, this boy's name is a poetic and unique name for a special little boy, especially if your family has Hawaiian ties. If you want a strong name for your little warrior, Achilles could be the perfect choice. So if you’re looking for a name that’s individual to your child, we’re here to help. 2 / 20. Choosing a name for your son is one of the most important and enjoyable decisions you’ll face when you’re about to become a parent. Ferris is linked to the name Fergus. Perhaps it’s time to bring it back? Tallie. You’ve probably been scouring the Internet and devouring baby name books to find uncommon names to suit your new baby. Some take their baby names from family members, their favourite books or even from their favourite television shows. Perhaps it’s time to bring it back? According to a recent report by parenting website Kidspot, parents are choosing names with spelling twists, combination names and random names that are pretty much made up. Pick one of these uncommon baby boy names. Shortening. That Latin variation Dario is an elegant name meaning “possessor of good.”. Achilles was one of the key characters in Homer's Iliad. Adan. They’re possibly not for more conservative parents, but it seems there’s a growing demand for more unusual names with a touch of extra magic – whether you choose one for your little one, however, is an entirely personal matter…. This creative name comes from the Roman name Hadrianus, meaning “from Hadria” in Latin. Unique baby names are more in-demand than ever, with new names appearing every year and more children receiving names outside the US Top 1000. This name is as cute as a teddy bear, but it’s also strong and dignified at the same time. This unisex name is a nice, nature-based option. The name may mean “the bearer of the heavens” in Greek, so it’s a name that’s noble as well as unique. Hughie is a more modern and unique-sounding version of Hugh. ‘If you’re looking for an unusual baby name, you don’t have to go to the extreme of inventing a new name or creating a novel spelling when there’s a whole world of unique international baby names out there to browse and choose from,’ said Linda Rosenkrantz of Nameberry to the Huffington Post. If you’re looking for a Hispanic name with a vintage twist, then perhaps Adan is a good choice. Flint could be an interesting choice. A cute, short version of Reginald, Reggie means “council power.” This old-time nickname is getting a fresh face with the next generation. 97) Carbry, meaning "charioteer". Hernan is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous little boy who loves knights and castles. It comes from England and means “trees.” It’s very rarely used, so if you want something unique, this name is a great choice. Dougal has Scottish origins and could be a great option for your baby boy. Alp, Daily, Diamond-Leigh, Egor, Kasper, Lake, Scout, and Sherlock were also registered, proving that television characters new and old continue to have an influence over what parents call their babies. Cree. Luckily, there’s plenty of inspiration out there. Unique and unusual Baby Names 2019 . Beckett is thought to be derived from the Old English word. You never know where you'll stumble upon the perfect name! Another name that came from a surname, Rush refers to a grassy plant that grows in a marsh. One of the following, almost unique Irish boy names could be just the name you've been looking for. Adan. Check out these baby boy names, and pick something less traditional. Information from The National Records of Scotland revealed that baby name choices are getting weirder and weirder. If you’re on your seventh child, and you’re having trouble finding a name, then Seven could be a playful solution. A rare name that comes from the name of a Native American tribe in Canada, North Dakota, and Montana may be a nice choice for your little one. Have the feeling your little one will stand out from the crowd? The baby naming experts have analysed their database of 10,000 names to pick out 12 unusual names for each gender that were used a minimum of five times. Kenji. We’ve got a grand collection of names to spark inspiration. Perhaps your baby will grow up to love the outdoors.


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