why do liverpool fans never mention heysel
"It made for a pretty gruesome spectacle. It was a horrible tragedy, but no reason the 2 fan bases can't get along. It's a match nobody wants to remember. From a selfish point of view, we knew where our family and friends were all sat and had identified they were safe. Tony Allen, who served a nine-month prison sentence, later became a born-again Christian and took up a job as a lifeguard. Domenico Russo From what I see on forums etc, "we" don't hate Liverpool fans. For Platini, who wheeled around in a state of jubilation wholly at odds with the tragic backcloth to this game, the recollections are dreadfully awkward. If justice was done in Heysel though, why were no Italian fans arrested? An average of just under 2 million viewers, a 19.4% share of the audience, tuned in to Sky Sports 1 between 12.30pm and 3.30pm, making it the most-watched channel for a large part of Sunday afternoon, beating both BBC1 and ITV. That time was finished. It’s as though deep down we do feel partly responsible for what happened. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. There was a jeweller whose shop windows had been stoved in by fans running wild. No game of football is worth that. In Brussels, a starkly minimalist In Memoriam plaque outside the remodelled Heysel Stadium, next to an old entrance to the infamous Section Z, might be festooned with a few more flowers than usual. As tempers became frayed inside the ground about an hour before kick off, both sets of fans baited each other through a segregating fence made from chicken wire. The two disasters, while polar opposites in terms of the Liverpool supporters' role at each, can no longer exist in isolation. Caremani, who has been sharply critical in his published work of Liverpool's limp-wristedness in the wake of Heysel, makes the incendiary contention that 96 deaths at Hillsborough could never … The swell of vitriol towards the English for their part in this, the hideous upshot of years of hooliganism across Europe, stirred an acute discomfiture among many of the players and onlookers who survived. Look closely at the memorial on the site itself, since rechristened the King Badouin Stadium, and one discovers the inscription of a WH Auden poem taught in every seventh-grade English class as an elegy to the shattering nature of loss: Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Thirty-nine football supporters died where they fell. Liverpool remain reticent, since the direct involvement of their supporters in the carnage that engulfed the European Cup final on May 29, 1985, led to all English clubs being banned from continental competition for five years. It was a moment in football so grotesque that the straightforward act of honouring the dead seems somehow banal and insufficient. Neutral eyewitnesses in Section Z attest that the provocation sprang from one source only. The decisive goal in Juventus' 1-0 victory came via Platini's spot-kick, awarded for a foul on Zbigniew Boniek, but the action was immaterial. Lawrenson's eye was caught, in particular, by the material deficiencies of Section Z. Juventus had agreed to play, and if we didn’t play the situation could have gone even further out of control. We all just wanted to get out of the country." It is staggering to me that a decision had been taken to sell a third of the tickets back to Juventus in the Liverpool end. The difficulty was that the hospital was also full of hysterical Juventus fans seeking news of friends or relatives, and demanding the blood of the perceived English perpetrators. 'I was given an armed guard for my own safety in hospital... and the game should never have been played', Stay up to date ahead of the Derby with the LFC newsletter. The initial reaction by Liverpool was pitifully lily-livered, with just two mentions in the official yearbook to launch the 1985/86 season that talked vapidly about "putting this behind us". Mark Lawrenson. I thought to myself, 'I hope he had a good time at the restaurant, because it was the last time for him. It was a tragedy, simple as. "At the airport the next day, we got spat upon. Juventus 1-0 Liverpool, 1985 European Cup Final, Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium, Wednesday 29th May 1985. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. One perverse irony is that the Liverpool dressing room was positioned beneath Section Z and yet the team remained none the wiser about the death toll mounting mere yards away. "I told myself I had to do this," she says, replaying in her mind her grisly assignment of identifying bodies. "It was a beautiful sunny day, and there was a newly-married couple there, being serenaded by the Italian fans. Francesco Galli Most had perished through lack of oxygen in the desperate jam of bodies, and the wall's disintegration acted instead as the release of a pressure valve. It was a very strange feeling. At a time when the sport is wedded to a culture of vicarious grief, where black armbands and minutes' applause are the norm rather than the exception, the failure to find any adequate means of marking a calamity where 39 fans were crushed or suffocated to death seems a troubling sin of omission. Some people were coming in saying people had died, others were popping in with different messages. It's irrelevant though, and here is what the Liverpool fans feel (this is what the Juve supporters are turning their back too.) A peak audience of more than 3 million viewers watched Liverpool's thrilling 3-2 Premier League win over Manchester City on Sky Sports 1 on Sunday. "It was impossible to forget it," she admits. The mourners will congregate, in an all too rare display of collective grief, at the church of Grande Madre di Dio, in Turin on Friday. The club had fears and voiced them. On May 29th 1985, 39 people died in the Heysel Stadium after Liverpool fans charged at a wall which collapsed. Antonio Ragnanese "I had been in the centre of town, around La Grand-Place, and there was a really lovely atmosphere," he recalls. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And if you really want to connect these two issues, Liverpool FC objected to both grounds being used, worried about safety issues in both cases. "There weren’t any doctors I could discuss it with, so I had to write it down. © Copyright 2020 The Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited. Alberto Guarini If justice was done in Heysel though, why were no Italian fans arrested? It was necessary. The rationale offered at the time by Uefa and the Brussels police, that they were simply pre-empting further chaos by giving the people what they wanted, sounds today like feeble self-justification. Loris Messore Back in London, as the desolating stories of human loss poured in from the Belgian capital, the reaction of one national newspaper sports editor reflected a widespread obliviousness to the gravity of what had happened. Lawrenson says: "In all the games that I played for Liverpool, all the European Cup finals, I never knew pressure like the kind we faced in our first game after Heysel, when Kenny Dalglish was player-manager. Indeed, the rush to forget in 1985 was as instantaneous as it was unseemly. "As soon as the draw paired us together for the first time in 20 years, memories of the Heysel Stadium disaster were naturally in people's minds, both in Turin and here on Merseyside. It wasn’t their fault that those fans died, it was the fault of the stadium. I think Juve fans resent the dirty Scousers.. Gianfranco Sarto The first link is one of the most offensive banners I have ever seen. I wasn't around for Heysel and missed Hillsborough by 4 months or so (nominally though, my newborn self wasn't a Kopite-in-absentia yet). 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