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JointByte is continuously identifying problems and developing software solutions that solve these problems more efficiently and cost-effectively than other solutions – and in some cases where there is no solution from the start.

Unique Proposition

Based on our internal capabilities, yours! is uniquely positioned to develop our own technology-based intellectual property [IP].

JointByte Products

JointByte has a growing list of creative solutions that have been vetted and ready for the development phase. In addition, we are exploring all categories for new products, such as Augmented Reality [AR], Virtual Reality [VR], Internet of Things [IoT], Location-Based Services [LBS], and Artificial Intelligence [AI].


Every WordPress developer dreads updates. They can lead to plugin errors, theme incompatibilities, and the most vexing repercussion of all: The update process overwrites any custom changes already made to core, plugin, and theme files. WordPatch™, a new plugin for WordPress from JointByte, automatically manages custom modifications to core, theme, and plugin updates, saving time and money by replacing manually re-editing and re-uploading the files.

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Introducing WordPatch!

We are very excited to present WordPatch, a WordPress plugin that automatically manages and applies custom modifications during updates, eliminating

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