The yours! leadership team brings a broad range of industry experience and training from both energetic small firms and experienced industry leaders to multiple forms of paradigm-shifting and successful startups.

At our core, we are a branding and marketing agency with extensive technology capabilities. We are unique in that we have found a way to fuse these two disciplines to not only provide value-added services to our clients, but also to utilize our combined skills to create and market our own software applications.

Our key differentiators are clear:


Creative thinkers and problem solvers


Paradigm-shifting strategies and tactics

Intellectual Property

Proprietary software product development and solutions where software is combined with hardware

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Brad Mooberry

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of award-winning agency • visionary marketing campaigns for Amblin Entertainment, Sony Pictures, IGN, EA, GRAMMY.com, Pepsi, Hilton Hotels, Miller Brewing, Paramount Pictures, Bandai, Touchstone Pictures, 20th Century Fox.

Joshua Simons

Chief Strategy Officer

Marketing pioneer/co-founder of Rockbill/ EMCI • creative strategic lead on pre-launch of XM Satellite Radio and The WHAM Network • pioneered music artists and high-profile brand marketers forming strategic partnerships including Pepsi + Michael Jackson; Rolling Stones + Jovan, Journey + Budweiser, Earth Wind & Fire + Panasonic.

Anthony Iacono

Chief Product Officer

Leading software developer and expert in video gaming • skill set includes writing native application code for various operating systems • communicates fluently in literally hundreds of programming languages • clients include Nike, Google, Apple, Wolfgang Puck, Wells Fargo, and many more.

Norman Kolpas

Chief Content Officer

Electronic and print media creative specialist, writer, editor, and producer • top branded media experience, including Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Food Network, Classmates.com, Kellogg Company, JCPenney, Williams-Sonoma, PBS, AMA • published author of more than 40 nonfiction books and hundreds of magazine articles. • published author of more than 40 nonfiction books and hundreds of magazine articles.

Orfeas Zafeiris

Chief Technology Officer

Multi-talented software architect and engineer with a background in distributed systems, highly performant user interfaces, reverse engineering, and robotics • has worked with many top clients including Nike, Google, Wolfgang Puck, and Apple.

Lucas Kriebel

Chief Creative Officer

Expert creative designer with particular design experience in branding and corporate identity • skilled across multiple platforms • has worked with top companies including Nike, Google, KindaFunny, Samesurf, Pepperweb, and many more.

Aidan McArthur

Chief Information Officer

Highly versatile software developer with extensive experience in web development, app development, game development, systems engineering, and big-data analytics • clients include many top brands, among them including Nike, Google, and Wolfgang Puck.

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