Revitalizing a World-
Famous Spirits Brand

Brought new, more youthful adult demographic relevance to a major, respected spirits brand through dynamic, disruptive marketing campaigns.

The Brand Strategy

Made the familiar Bacardi brand name excitingly new and different through such original initiatives as renaming an entire Midwestern city “Bacardi” for the weekend, with an extravaganza of related citywide events; and linking the new Bacardi Flavors product line to a multitiered range of promotions centered on MTV’s prestigious Video Music Awards (VMAs).

The Objective

Established for the Bacardi brand a vital link between high-profile visibility and aspirational exclusivity through its featured sponsorship of parties and other experiences hosted and attended by A-list celebrities.

The Result

The Bacardi brand received invaluable mentions in a wide-range of highly watched and widely distributed media outlets including US Weekly, In Touch, Star Magazine, NY Post Page Six, and Entertainment Tonight.

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