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Style Takes to the Road

A first for the industry – SJN to become the first licensed mass-production vehicle in Ford Motor Company history.

The Brand Strategy

Designed a campaign for Ford’s Sean Jean Urban SUV, a Ford Navigator limited edition custom-redesigned by music, media, fashion, and lifestyle entrepreneur extraordinaire Sean John Combs.

The Objective

This pioneering relationship joined two symbiotic brands to create a unique urban license product for Ford’s Lincoln Navigator line. Starting off with a stock Navigator, the truck was painted in an ominous monochromatic black paint scheme. All of the chrome pieces, from window trim to tow hooks, were redone in a subtle yet cool black chrome. The factory chrome grille was also given the blackout treatment and topped off with a custom Sean John/Lincoln emblem in sterling silver.

The Result

Sold out 1,000 units at $100,000 per unit in 6 months.

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