Music Meets Brands

Pioneered the first strategic, synergistic marriage between music and brand marketing, harnessing the power of popular culture celebrities to promote leading lifestyle brands while those brands supported ever-greater blockbuster tours.

The Brand Strategy

The Pepsi Generation already existed as a great positioning statement without promise or fulfillment. The strategy: Link that brand to celebrity endorsements and must-see entertainment, making irresistibly relevant to its target audience.

The Objective

To compete head-to-head with the leading soft drink brand for market share, specifically the desirable 18-to-35-year-old demographic. The competing brand owned the fountain business but Pepsi had a strong foothold in retail. Michael JacksonDavid BowieTina Turner, and other superstars spearheaded the campaign with their endorsements of Pepsi, which gained credibility through phenominal concert tours.

The Result

Doubled flagship brand sales to make Pepsi the #1 consumer-preferred retail point-of-purchase soft drink.

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