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Conceived and created a custom branded publishing program for America’s leading brand in gourmet cookware, appliance, and tableware stores.

The Brand Strategy

Extend the Willians-Sonoma brand into a multi-tiered, multi-price-point, long-term book-publishing program.

The Objective

Develop from initial concept to final printed books a strategically planned line of beautiful, collectible cookbooks produced at regular seasonal intervals and specifically tailored to cross-merchandise and add-on purchases to establish Williams-Sonoma as a major authority on fine home cooking.

The Result

In the first 10 years alone, the Williams-Sonoma Publishing Program grew to more than 110 individual books published in different collectible series and at various price points, with a total of more than 30 million copies in print. Its dominant publishing presence, in turn, transformed the Williams-Sonoma brand image from cookware store to leading culinary authority.

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